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phplogger(sfnet) phplogger I'm perl/php programmer (more perl-programmer).... DOWNLOAD
gqlplus(sfnet) gqlplus gqlplus is a front-end for Oracle program sqlpl... DOWNLOAD
mide3de2(sfnet) modula - 2 windows IDE Mide3de2 is a windows IDE for the FST modula-2 ... DOWNLOAD
jbgen(sfnet) JbGen JbGen is a frontend framework with main focus o... DOWNLOAD
jrecruiter(sfnet) jRecruiter UPDATE: We have MOVED. Our new home is: http://... DOWNLOAD
openscf(sfnet) OpenSCF OpenSCF is a GPL'd middle-ware or messaging sol... DOWNLOAD
hp4145disk(sfnet) HP4145 floppy disk data extraction This software allows you to read HP4145 Semicon... DOWNLOAD
efxmediateca(sfnet) EfxMediateca EfxMediateca is a software to manage different ... DOWNLOAD
obapps(freshmeat) OBApps OBApps is a graphical tool for configuring the ... DOWNLOAD
hackit(freshmeat) HackIt! HackIt! is a strategic game where your goal is ... DOWNLOAD
horosgam(sfnet) Horoscope Game DOWNLOAD
odd-island(freshmeat) Odd Island Odd Island is a 3D MORPG with a fantasy setting... DOWNLOAD
recursor94mod(sfnet) recursor94mod DOWNLOAD
ypaste(sfnet) ypaste YP è un NoPaste da linea di comando, leggero e ...
phprpc(sfnet) phpRPC phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use xmlRPC lib... DOWNLOAD
rsapubliccrypto(sfnet) rsapubliccrypto RSA Public cryptosystem with efficient scaling ... DOWNLOAD
defgpu(sfnet) def-gpu DOWNLOAD
sol3d(sfnet) SOL - Line Perspective System 3D System to make wireframe drawings. Main func... DOWNLOAD
hammondclone(sfnet) Softwaretechnik: HammondClone Ein Hammond-Clone, der im Rahmen einer Belegarb... DOWNLOAD
shapes5(sfnet) Shapes: Find Area and Perimeter Shapes is a simple utility for Mac OS X which a... DOWNLOAD
freebsd-daq(sfnet) FreeBSD Data Acquisition Framework The FreeBSD DAQ project develops open-source dr... DOWNLOAD
scruffrp(sfnet) scruffrp A modified version of DarkRP for Garry's Mod DOWNLOAD
testing-snoopy(sfnet) testing-snoopy testttttttttttttttttttt DOWNLOAD
vpnd(freshmeat) vpnd vpnd is a daemon which connects two networks on... DOWNLOAD
jtetris(sfnet) JCrackeTris Juego de Tetris escrito en java DOWNLOAD
ulternate(sfnet) Unofficial Alternate Installers DOWNLOAD
minitroopers(sfnet) minitroopers DOWNLOAD
josphuc(sfnet) josphuc DOWNLOAD
winchksum(sfnet) winchksum GUI tool for generating md5 and sha1 file hash ... DOWNLOAD
egbvirtuehorizo(sfnet) Horizontal virtuemart jcarousel scroller Horizontal virtuemart jcarousel scroller DOWNLOAD
fci-cu-desktop(sfnet) FCI-CU-Desktop tools a programe that include an advanced calculator ... DOWNLOAD
gemboy(sfnet) gemboy Gemboy is my first python game, it is a match-3... DOWNLOAD
jentsmultifunct(sfnet) Jent's Multifunctionele Programma JMP can diffferend thinks. DOWNLOAD
pdfpagecounter(sfnet) PdfPageCounter This C++ library contains a single PdfPageCount... DOWNLOAD
wikiquickprint(sfnet) WikiQuick-Print WikiQuick-Print is a Firefox extension was made... DOWNLOAD
tcmsjbase64(sfnet) thecodemonkey's JBase64 This is a completely free (as defined by the Fr... DOWNLOAD
nettestowen(sfnet) nettest DOWNLOAD
smartdictionary(sfnet) Smart-Dictionary An smart Android app which helps you find out m... DOWNLOAD
biubiubiu(sfnet) biubiubiu DOWNLOAD
lichhoctonghop(sfnet) LichHocTongHop DOWNLOAD
generateurmotsdepasse(sfnet) Generateur mots de passe Ce logiciel permet de créer des mots de passe. ... DOWNLOAD
litedit(sfnet) LitEdit Small Tcl/Tk text editor DOWNLOAD
phpbb-wap(sfnet) 中文phpBB-WAP 这是一个基于phpBB进行二次开发的WAP网页程序,程...
lawlietfox(sfnet) lawlietfox That's My Private Build of Mozilla Firefox, Pro... DOWNLOAD
rogetsthesaurus1911(sfnet) Roget's Thesaurus 1911 A hypertext version of 'Roget’s Thesaurus of En... DOWNLOAD
flvtomp3(sfnet) FlvToMp3 FlvToMp3 is a program which permit you to extra... DOWNLOAD
boolbyvolley(sfnet) Boolby Volley Boolby Volley is a quick and easy Volley Game a... DOWNLOAD
jamps(sfnet) Just_Annotate_My_Proteins DOWNLOAD
openeas(sfnet) OpenEAS Software Development Toolkit and Libraries to s... DOWNLOAD
odragon(sfnet) odragon DOWNLOAD
lobstr(sfnet) lobSTR lobSTR is a tool for profiling Short Tandem Rep... DOWNLOAD
lumen-render(sfnet) lumen-render Eventually will be a full-featured CPU ray trac... DOWNLOAD
utastarinjava(sfnet) utastarinjava A package of java classes for the implementatio... DOWNLOAD
elsitiodelosbogoss(sfnet) El sitio de los bogoss DOWNLOAD
lynxsightmobile(sfnet) LynxSight Mobile LynxSight mobile is an android application that... DOWNLOAD
muscatman(sfnet) Music Catalog Manager A music catalog reporting tool, It reports the ... DOWNLOAD
conferenceplan(sfnet) Conference Planner Web based collaborative planning tool for confe...
qlibusb(sfnet) QLibUsb Simple QT wrapper for libusb library with test ... DOWNLOAD
hiddendoor(sfnet) Hidden Door Hidden Door is a web based browser that gets ar... DOWNLOAD
fmj(sfnet) FMJ Freedom for Media in Java - an implementation o... DOWNLOAD
ppmake(sfnet) PVM Parallel Make (ppmake) Compiles your applications really fast on a clu... DOWNLOAD
openwebsite(sfnet) OpenWebsite OpenWebsite is a complete open source content m... DOWNLOAD
uterus(freshmeat) uterus uterus is a codec library for financial tick da... DOWNLOAD
hush(sfnet) The Hush Programming Language Hush is a full object-oriented programming lang... DOWNLOAD
vrjuggler(sfnet) VR Juggler VR Juggler is a virtual platform for virtual re... DOWNLOAD
megablog(sfnet) MegaBlog MegaBlog is a BLOGGER ( posting... DOWNLOAD
crawdad(sfnet) Crawdad: Python HTML and CGI support Crawdad generates HTML from a DOM-like, in-memo... DOWNLOAD
glang(sfnet) qasdf asdf DOWNLOAD
cv97java(sfnet) CyberVRML97 for Java CyberVRML97 for Java is a development package f... DOWNLOAD
httpservletbus(sfnet) httpservletbus Send request to servlet using post http. The co... DOWNLOAD
sptb(sfnet) sptb This project at NICTA implements a broadcast ro... DOWNLOAD
unufree(sfnet) Java HTML editor as applet & standalone HTML Editor in Java. Can be used as applet or s... DOWNLOAD
phptrans(sfnet) PHP output translation to many languages PHPTrans is PHP based library that allow transl... DOWNLOAD
mosxzope(sfnet) Zope installers for MacOSX MacOSX installers (including fully compiled ins... DOWNLOAD
snmptrapnotify(sfnet) SNMP Trap to CORBA Notify Service This program receives SNMP traps, converts them... DOWNLOAD
wallpaperswitcher(sfnet) Wallpaper Switcher Sets your background wallpaper to random images... DOWNLOAD
mmcsdspibasedriver(sfnet) MMC/SDSC/SDHC/SDXC card driver MMC/SDSC/SDHC/SDXC SPI based card driver with a... DOWNLOAD
rdfeditor(sfnet) RDF Editor in Java This is an RDF editor written in Java(Swing) an... DOWNLOAD
facetgroup(sfnet) Collaborative Classification Collaborative Classification of Large, Growing ... DOWNLOAD
lightweight-support-ticket-sys(freshmeat) Lightweight Support Ticket System Lightweight Support Ticket System is a ticket s... DOWNLOAD
unimodeling(freshmeat) UniModeling UniModeling is a big data analytics tool for un... DOWNLOAD
kameleon(sfnet) kameleon This project aims at producing an efficient P2P... DOWNLOAD
wearable(sfnet) wearable computing library General purpose programs developed specifically... DOWNLOAD
ranjan(sfnet) ranjan ranjan is a XML(SAX and DOM) API for Databases ... DOWNLOAD
rivernorth(sfnet) RiverNorth A Java Swing-based development environment to a... DOWNLOAD
htmlparselib(sfnet) HTML Parse Library for PHP applications HTML Parsing library for PHP applications. It l... DOWNLOAD
mgrep(sfnet) mgrep Command line utility for searching email stored... DOWNLOAD
instantbach(sfnet) Instant Bach Instant Bach is a program that uses artificial ... DOWNLOAD
macker(sfnet) macker Macker helps enforce architectural rules (layer... DOWNLOAD
netmate-netdude-clone(freshmeat) netmate (netdude clone) Netmate shows network protocols headers in 32-b... DOWNLOAD
jaggregate(sfnet) Jaggregate A J2SE 5.0-aware collections library modelled a... DOWNLOAD
k12thesis(sfnet) theSIS <img src="http://k12thesis.sourceforge.... DOWNLOAD
perky(freshmeat) PeRKy PeRKy is computer software dedicated to managem... DOWNLOAD
rolisteam(freshmeat) Rolisteam Rolisteam helps you to manage a role playing ga... DOWNLOAD
asmirc(sfnet) make a IRC client in 100% 32bit asm Goals: make a working IRC client in 100% 32bit ... DOWNLOAD
antijop(freshmeat) AntiJOP AntiJOP is an anti-malware solution that recode... DOWNLOAD
jhotcorner(freshmeat) JHotCorner JHotCorner is a Java library which gives the us... DOWNLOAD
yuck(freshmeat) yuck yuck is a command line option parser for C that... DOWNLOAD
xplusplus(sfnet) Superx++ (XML-Based OO Language) Compiler, Interpreter and Docs for Superx++: th... DOWNLOAD
linksos(sfnet) Links OS: Swift, Secure, Straightforward LinksOS is an effort to create a modern operati... DOWNLOAD

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