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reddevilscripts(sfnet) reddevilscripts Site for all of my scripts to be viewed.
id3sort(sfnet) id3sort A simple program I wrote that works. It scans a...
helloqtworld(sfnet) helloqtworld This is just a test project, I want to see how ...
pausethreads(sfnet) Pause Threads Pause Threads is a small library for creating t... DOWNLOAD
randomnamegenerator(sfnet) Random Name Generator This app will generate a random first, middle a... DOWNLOAD
pclc(sfnet) pclc DOWNLOAD
metube(sfnet) metube zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz DOWNLOAD
webhost(sfnet) WebHost DOWNLOAD
cost-project.berlios(sfnet) COST Development of a common “open source” tool for ... DOWNLOAD
deltaqt(freshmeat) DeltaQt DeltaQt is a cross-platform library of C++ clas... DOWNLOAD
supermariobrospythonfinal(sfnet) Super Mario Bros. Python Final This project has been discontinued for a while ... DOWNLOAD
tkn(sfnet) tkn Sách tự chữa bệnh bằng Thiên Khí Năng DOWNLOAD
uaeradio(sfnet) UAE Radio Developed in UAE for UAE ! UAE Radio is a simp... DOWNLOAD
file2radius(freshmeat) File2Radius File2Radius is a daemonized script that tails a... DOWNLOAD
ossec2splunk(sfnet) ossec2splunk Reads the OSSEC alerts.log and reformats into k... DOWNLOAD
binafluxmodel(sfnet) Flux Model Plugin for BiNA Flux Model Plugin for BiNA
secretsantr(sfnet) secretsantr This program is to be used by people that want ... DOWNLOAD
iometer(sfnet) Iometer I/O performance Analysis Tool DOWNLOAD
pcsetup(sfnet) pcsetup Used to setup computers by providing quick basi... DOWNLOAD
imagemosaic(sfnet) imagemosaic Code that performs image mosaicing. DOWNLOAD
bartenderprintconsole(sfnet) BartenderPrintConsole This is a custom print application for Seagull ... DOWNLOAD
recipebook-cat(sfnet) recipebook-cat A fan update to WoW API 4.0 of Ayradyss' World ... DOWNLOAD
datamine(freshmeat) The Data Mine The Data Mine is a search engine designed to ma... DOWNLOAD
mod_reserve(freshmeat) mod_reserve mod_reserve is an Apache2 module for Linux that... DOWNLOAD
blogunity(sfnet) blogunity Blogunity is a community blogging software writ... DOWNLOAD
gunicorn(freshmeat) Gunicorn Gunicorn (Green Unicorn) is an WSGI HTTP server... DOWNLOAD
stupa(freshmeat) Stupa Stupa is an associative search engine. It lets... DOWNLOAD
bindmaker(sfnet) bindmaker CZ Bind Maker is a custom buy script and config... DOWNLOAD
kactus2(sfnet) Kactus2 Kactus2 is the first graphical open source IP-X... DOWNLOAD
supermariopaint(sfnet) Super Mario Paint Inspired by * MarioSequencer (2002) * TrioSe... DOWNLOAD
aimcrypt(sfnet) Aimcrypt [Gaim log encryption] Gaim log encryption vie gpg. DOWNLOAD
wallads-info(sfnet) wallads-info Use Backlinks Generation and Submission Free PH... DOWNLOAD
domsoftstudio2(sfnet) DomSoft Studio 2 DomSoft Studio 2 web browser created in Visual ...
plataformaudap(sfnet) plataformaudap Software de recopilación de datos basado en Fil...
jibberish(sfnet) jibberish The tool is designed to use a logical schema (X...
projectoneclick(sfnet) projectoneclick Used for multi PC setups. Copies mouse movement... DOWNLOAD
qmediaman(sfnet) qmediaman Qt MediaManager is a managing program that allo... DOWNLOAD
rigmechanix(sfnet) RigMechanix RigMechanix is an tool for analytically assessi... DOWNLOAD
soavolution(sfnet) Darwin (SOA-Evolution) SOA Maturity assessment tool, inspired in the O... DOWNLOAD
quick-quake-network-copy(freshmeat) Quick Quake Network Copy Quick Quake Network Copy sends files and direct... DOWNLOAD
rotationninjas(sfnet) rotationninjas An educational game for teaching rotation. Prod...
sendreceive(sfnet) sendreceive Bash scripts for transfering files (and directi... DOWNLOAD
simpleinvoicer(sfnet) SimpleInvoicer SimpleInvoicer is an astonishingly simple and e... DOWNLOAD
data4voipbilling(sfnet) data4voip billing VoIP billing DOWNLOAD
yakimail(sfnet) yakimail A simple Gmail Notifier for GNU/Linux systems, ...
gfuwuhost(sfnet) gfuwuhost DOWNLOAD
jfreechart(freshmeat) JFreeChart JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java plat... DOWNLOAD
mt-whiteboard(sfnet) mt-whiteboard An application for use with a multi-touch scree... DOWNLOAD
horse5(sfnet) 5horse a language with 11 keyword its TL complete DOWNLOAD
nardino1513(sfnet) nardino1513 A TEI XML edition of a small corpus of Latin te... DOWNLOAD
joomlacaptcha(sfnet) joomlacaptcha Custom Form Captcha For all components This i...
stxxl(sfnet) STXXL STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard ... DOWNLOAD
ctctsampleforms(sfnet) ctctsampleforms Constant Contact PHP Sample Contact Forms DOWNLOAD
dpha(freshmeat) DPHA The DPHA tools help you migrate from one HP Dat... DOWNLOAD
infomationalsit(sfnet) infomationalsit This is a small website designed in Ruby on Rai... DOWNLOAD
prestashop-pl(sfnet) prestashop-pl Polski Projekt PrestaShop
fastpng(sfnet) fastpng Fast Java PNG Decoder originally written by Mat...
darkircd(sfnet) darkircd --- this project is discontinued; will be moved... DOWNLOAD
javamailclient(sfnet) JMail JMail is a mail client written in Java. It hand... DOWNLOAD
freedomforce(sfnet) Freedom Force Mod Project Freedom Force Mod Project DOWNLOAD
csopengl(sfnet) CSOpenGL A fully free simple OpenGL module for Microsoft... DOWNLOAD
melwinnotepad(sfnet) melwinnotepad NOTEPAD CREATED/BEING CREATED IN JAVA DOWNLOAD
cuitechat(sfnet) cuitechat Simple chat server for educational purposes DOWNLOAD
pin113355(sfnet) pin113355 DOWNLOAD
simutransgoods(sfnet) simutransgoods A program to calculate the amount of goods you ... DOWNLOAD
sharplogger(sfnet) sharplogger A very simple C# logger that can log to file an... DOWNLOAD
ctctphpcampaign(sfnet) ctctphpcampaign Constant Contact PHP Sample Campaign Forms DOWNLOAD
chubcraft-0-1(sfnet) Chub Craft DOWNLOAD
openc6project(sfnet) Open C6 Project This project want to make clients/servers fully... DOWNLOAD
free3(sfnet) 3-4-FREE This project is a pick 3 lottery desktop applic...
admin-page-finder-by-amir(sfnet) IRSec Admin Page Finder By Amir HIjack Hello world, This script is written in Python f... DOWNLOAD
winprinttools(sfnet) - DOWNLOAD
avidb(sfnet) aviDB (java divx mysql db) aviDB is a java program to manage your divx-mov... DOWNLOAD
jeusex(sfnet) JeusEx. HTTP 1.1/servlet 2.3 pure Java s JeusEx is pure Java HTTP 1.1/servlet 2.3 ? com... DOWNLOAD
fraise(sfnet) Fraise Fraise application Check for OS project. DOWNLOAD
fits(sfnet) Fill in the Site Fill in the Site allows anyone to create and ma... DOWNLOAD
picsorter(sfnet) PicSorter A small Java tool, that allows you to load imag... DOWNLOAD
pedagoschool(sfnet) PedaGoSchool WebApplication for manage a school, student, pr... DOWNLOAD
mtjunit(sfnet) MTJUnit Multithreaded JUnit Test Framework. An extensio... DOWNLOAD
bbooprevalence(sfnet) Bamboo.Prevalence Bamboo.Prevalence is a .NET implementation of t... DOWNLOAD
hesti(sfnet) Hardware Simulation Toolkit HESTI (hardware simulation toolkit) is intended... DOWNLOAD
bciserv(sfnet) BC ImageServer BC ImageServer is a PHP/Javascript frontend for... DOWNLOAD
nucos(sfnet) NucOS NucOS is a small command shell, that I have cre... DOWNLOAD
bus(sfnet) The Bus A Java based library for allowing asynchronous ... DOWNLOAD
dbstep(sfnet) dbstep DBStep is C++ library for database abstraction ... DOWNLOAD
sodscl(sfnet) SSL Open Domain Server Client A Simple ODS Client for use on most UNIX system... DOWNLOAD
abat(sfnet) Automated Basic Acceptance Test (ABAT) The Automated Basic Acceptance Test (ABAT) code... DOWNLOAD
telnetxb(sfnet) Telnet Client under Xbasic To create a telnet client for use with a progra... DOWNLOAD
changepassword(sfnet) Change passwd,samba and squid passwords ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd... DOWNLOAD
ogab(sfnet) OpenG Builder The OpenG Application Builder plugs into the Na... DOWNLOAD
gltext(sfnet) GLText GLText is a font rendering library for OpenGL a... DOWNLOAD
ch-quadratis(sfnet) Quadratis Quadratis is a Direct3D implementation of the c... DOWNLOAD
ledcounter(sfnet) ledcounter LED Counter is a general purpose counter implem... DOWNLOAD
rlplot(sfnet) RLPlot RLPlot is a scientific plotting program to prod... DOWNLOAD
phpprintadmin(sfnet) phpPrintAdmin (lprng version) phpPrintAdmin is a printing administration web ... DOWNLOAD
zerofps(sfnet) ZeroFps ZeroFps is a Game Engine that is used to create... DOWNLOAD
txnd(sfnet) txnd - Transaction Server Transaction Server (txnd) lets you invoke busin... DOWNLOAD
eimmunesys(sfnet) Ethernet Immune System EIS is an Intrusion detection system that gathe... DOWNLOAD
atomicboard(sfnet) Atomic Board An advanced template-based bulletin board frame... DOWNLOAD

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