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conferenceplan(sfnet) Conference Planner Web based collaborative planning tool for confe...
qlibusb(sfnet) QLibUsb Simple QT wrapper for libusb library with test ... DOWNLOAD
hiddendoor(sfnet) Hidden Door Hidden Door is a web based browser that gets ar... DOWNLOAD
fmj(sfnet) FMJ Freedom for Media in Java - an implementation o... DOWNLOAD
ppmake(sfnet) PVM Parallel Make (ppmake) Compiles your applications really fast on a clu... DOWNLOAD
openwebsite(sfnet) OpenWebsite OpenWebsite is a complete open source content m... DOWNLOAD
uterus(freshmeat) uterus uterus is a codec library for financial tick da... DOWNLOAD
hush(sfnet) The Hush Programming Language Hush is a full object-oriented programming lang... DOWNLOAD
vrjuggler(sfnet) VR Juggler VR Juggler is a virtual platform for virtual re... DOWNLOAD
megablog(sfnet) MegaBlog MegaBlog is a BLOGGER ( posting... DOWNLOAD
crawdad(sfnet) Crawdad: Python HTML and CGI support Crawdad generates HTML from a DOM-like, in-memo... DOWNLOAD
glang(sfnet) qasdf asdf DOWNLOAD
cv97java(sfnet) CyberVRML97 for Java CyberVRML97 for Java is a development package f... DOWNLOAD
httpservletbus(sfnet) httpservletbus Send request to servlet using post http. The co... DOWNLOAD
sptb(sfnet) sptb This project at NICTA implements a broadcast ro... DOWNLOAD
unufree(sfnet) Java HTML editor as applet & standalone HTML Editor in Java. Can be used as applet or s... DOWNLOAD
phptrans(sfnet) PHP output translation to many languages PHPTrans is PHP based library that allow transl... DOWNLOAD
mosxzope(sfnet) Zope installers for MacOSX MacOSX installers (including fully compiled ins... DOWNLOAD
snmptrapnotify(sfnet) SNMP Trap to CORBA Notify Service This program receives SNMP traps, converts them... DOWNLOAD
wallpaperswitcher(sfnet) Wallpaper Switcher Sets your background wallpaper to random images... DOWNLOAD
mmcsdspibasedriver(sfnet) MMC/SDSC/SDHC/SDXC card driver MMC/SDSC/SDHC/SDXC SPI based card driver with a... DOWNLOAD
rdfeditor(sfnet) RDF Editor in Java This is an RDF editor written in Java(Swing) an... DOWNLOAD
facetgroup(sfnet) Collaborative Classification Collaborative Classification of Large, Growing ... DOWNLOAD
lightweight-support-ticket-sys(freshmeat) Lightweight Support Ticket System Lightweight Support Ticket System is a ticket s... DOWNLOAD
unimodeling(freshmeat) UniModeling UniModeling is a big data analytics tool for un... DOWNLOAD
kameleon(sfnet) kameleon This project aims at producing an efficient P2P... DOWNLOAD
wearable(sfnet) wearable computing library General purpose programs developed specifically... DOWNLOAD
ranjan(sfnet) ranjan ranjan is a XML(SAX and DOM) API for Databases ... DOWNLOAD
rivernorth(sfnet) RiverNorth A Java Swing-based development environment to a... DOWNLOAD
htmlparselib(sfnet) HTML Parse Library for PHP applications HTML Parsing library for PHP applications. It l... DOWNLOAD
mgrep(sfnet) mgrep Command line utility for searching email stored... DOWNLOAD
instantbach(sfnet) Instant Bach Instant Bach is a program that uses artificial ... DOWNLOAD
macker(sfnet) macker Macker helps enforce architectural rules (layer... DOWNLOAD
netmate-netdude-clone(freshmeat) netmate (netdude clone) Netmate shows network protocols headers in 32-b... DOWNLOAD
jaggregate(sfnet) Jaggregate A J2SE 5.0-aware collections library modelled a... DOWNLOAD
k12thesis(sfnet) theSIS <img src="http://k12thesis.sourceforge.... DOWNLOAD
perky(freshmeat) PeRKy PeRKy is computer software dedicated to managem... DOWNLOAD
rolisteam(freshmeat) Rolisteam Rolisteam helps you to manage a role playing ga... DOWNLOAD
asmirc(sfnet) make a IRC client in 100% 32bit asm Goals: make a working IRC client in 100% 32bit ... DOWNLOAD
antijop(freshmeat) AntiJOP AntiJOP is an anti-malware solution that recode... DOWNLOAD
jhotcorner(freshmeat) JHotCorner JHotCorner is a Java library which gives the us... DOWNLOAD
yuck(freshmeat) yuck yuck is a command line option parser for C that... DOWNLOAD
xplusplus(sfnet) Superx++ (XML-Based OO Language) Compiler, Interpreter and Docs for Superx++: th... DOWNLOAD
linksos(sfnet) Links OS: Swift, Secure, Straightforward LinksOS is an effort to create a modern operati... DOWNLOAD
quake2delphi(sfnet) Quake2 to Delphi conversion Purpose of the project is to port GPL:ed Quake2... DOWNLOAD
jbluez(sfnet) JBlueZ -- Java API for BlueZ JBlueZ exposes the Bluetooth functionality prov... DOWNLOAD
halfstats2(sfnet) halfStats v2.0 halfStats v2.0 is a complete re-write of the po... DOWNLOAD
apr(sfnet) apr Swiss knife Java library DOWNLOAD
webfolio-cms(sfnet) Webfolio CMS Simple and intuitive content management system,... DOWNLOAD
gadvent(sfnet) General Adventure Game Engine(Old) The General Adventure Game Engine is a generic ... DOWNLOAD
lol-lightport(sfnet) lol lightport It is a java based webapplication, which can pr... DOWNLOAD
norqualizer(sfnet) NorQualizer NorQualizer is a smart audio equalizer/normaliz... DOWNLOAD
riofs(freshmeat) RioFS RioFS is a userspace filesystem for Amazon S3 b... DOWNLOAD
pcwebapp(sfnet) The Physical Climatology Web Application The University of Tehran Presents: Physical Cl... DOWNLOAD
scalpel(sfnet) scalpel Bioinformatics pipeline for discovery of geneti... DOWNLOAD
cloudsimusingnetbeans(sfnet) cloudsim using netbeans DOWNLOAD
mitmshaper(sfnet) mitm-shaper Man-in-the-middle traffic shaper bridge DOWNLOAD
ghotidigital(sfnet) Ghoti Digital First site of GhotiTrain. Control your model ra... DOWNLOAD
gdisio(sfnet) Gestion des incidents DOWNLOAD
gnu-doc-ru(sfnet) Russian translations of GNU Manuals This project intended to make russian translati... DOWNLOAD
tigefa(sfnet) tigefa forum repository for hosting with mybb eng... DOWNLOAD
dynamicgradient(sfnet) dynamicgradient A JavaScript class to render dynamic gradients,... DOWNLOAD
flexxi-image-resizer(sfnet) Flexxi - The flexible Image Resizer Flexxi Image Resizer can resize, rotate, rename... DOWNLOAD
hikingelte(sfnet) hikingelte
simplexen(sfnet) SimpleXen Having been not fully satisfied by the state of... DOWNLOAD
penman(sfnet) penman This project endeavors to be a framework for us... DOWNLOAD
galen(sfnet) Galen No description DOWNLOAD
gpstracking(sfnet) GPS Tracking system using Traccar Server Web based Tracking System Successfully Tested w...
osgcat(sfnet) OSGC - OpenSource Geospatial Catalogue OSGC is an Open Source implementation of an Ope... DOWNLOAD
qfslibs(sfnet) QFSLibs QFSLibs is a collection of libraries for flight... DOWNLOAD
poktower(sfnet) PokéTower The program-environment version of the online P... DOWNLOAD
yesng(sfnet) yesng An embedded TOPAZ module project DOWNLOAD
nanosoftsk(sfnet) nanosoftsk NanoSoft Slovakia vytvára freeware programy. DOWNLOAD
ytsrt(sfnet) YouTube Bulk Subtitle Downloader ytsrt is a command line tool for Linux and Wind... DOWNLOAD
porur(sfnet) porur DOWNLOAD
thumbstrips(sfnet) ThumbStrips ThumbStrips is a Firefox extension that creates... DOWNLOAD
kbotobf-b690(sfnet) kbotobf-b690 Kbot for tortoiseSVN. Please visit fo... DOWNLOAD
infoesporte(sfnet) infoesporte Projeto de Java para ADS 3º Semestre, Sistema d... DOWNLOAD
hebrewverbs(sfnet) hebrewverbs An open source program that conjugates Hebrew v... DOWNLOAD
mobilemaps(sfnet) Mobilemaps Mobilemaps is a Nearby Engine which allows user... DOWNLOAD
pilot-qof(sfnet) pilot-qof pilot-qof provides a query interface to data on... DOWNLOAD
panoct(sfnet) PanOCT PanOCT, Pan-genome Ortholog Clustering Tool, is... DOWNLOAD
sinonimi(sfnet) sinonimi - thesaurus PHP thesaurus software to search for synonyms i... DOWNLOAD
hotelmanageme(sfnet) hotelmanageme this system is a management system for hotel it... DOWNLOAD
torrentloader(sfnet) Torrent Loader Torrent Loader, an improved TorrentSpy - Like p... DOWNLOAD
drawap(sfnet) drawap Drawing plan with hands simulator C.a.R.– Compa... DOWNLOAD
testprojectnsk(sfnet) testprojectnsk This is just test the project hosting. DOWNLOAD
msky(sfnet) msky 图形图像的交流论坛,完全共享的地方,中文语言,... DOWNLOAD
tpl2info2012(sfnet) TP L2 info 2012 uvhc DOWNLOAD
threedmapviewer(sfnet) 3D Map Viewer 3D map Viewer is an application which releases ... DOWNLOAD
excearulo(sfnet) excearulo This is out of the blue. DOWNLOAD
elf4j(sfnet) elf4j Adapted from eclipse cde elf tools, enables jav... DOWNLOAD
alicetvliste(sfnet) ALICE.TV.Liste Eine Playlist für das AliceTV-Angebot im m3u-Fo... DOWNLOAD
pascalmutants(sfnet) pascalmutants Pascal Mutants automates features related to th... DOWNLOAD
augcyl(sfnet) AUGCyL Asociación de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Castilla... DOWNLOAD
chameleon-problem-solving-envi(freshmeat) Chameleon - Problem Solving Environment The Chameleon Problem Solving Environment is ba... DOWNLOAD
perl-sedna(freshmeat) perl-Sedna perl-Sedna is a Perl driver to connect to the S... DOWNLOAD
date-manip(freshmeat) Date::Manip Date::Manip is a Perl module for handling Grego... DOWNLOAD
jcblock(freshmeat) jcblock The jcblock program uses a modem to detect call... DOWNLOAD
jfrecorddesktop(sfnet) jfRecordDesktop Records your desktop to a video file. Build wit... DOWNLOAD

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