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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
miasci(sfnet) MIASCI Although many millions of dollars have been spe... DOWNLOAD
stripbandunk(sfnet) stripbandunk OpenSource Project of StripBandunk DOWNLOAD
metabollique(sfnet) metabollique Site officiel du serveur metabollique DOWNLOAD
commlparser(sfnet) COM Markup Language Parser Create or parse ANY Mark-up Language (HTML XML ... DOWNLOAD
tccivonaldomdq(sfnet) TCC_Ivonaldo_MDQ DOWNLOAD
tacxfortiusread(sfnet) TacxFortiusReader This package can be used to read files from the... DOWNLOAD
vtgrep(sfnet) vtgrep Vtgrep stands for Visual Tree Grep and is a GUI... DOWNLOAD
jumpup(sfnet) jumpup Jump from stage to stage. DOWNLOAD
xrooms-ng(sfnet) xrooms-ng XRooms-ng is a project to produce the ultimate ... DOWNLOAD
s60radio(sfnet) s60radio Internet radio player for S60 3rd Edition, 5th ... DOWNLOAD
nclog(sfnet) Neocron Persistant R.P.O.S. Console Log ncLog is the only tool to save the information ... DOWNLOAD
fl-j2ee(sfnet) Novosoft FL for J2EE FL is OR mapper that generates code that is abl... DOWNLOAD
pypong(sfnet) Pypong Pypong is a (ICMP) ping detector which allow to... DOWNLOAD
sprelayd(sfnet) SMTPd POP Relay Daemon Provides pop before smtp for the SMTPd daemon. ... DOWNLOAD
siport(sfnet) SiPort Very basic 'portal' system written for Apache i... DOWNLOAD
testprojectaducation(sfnet) test project aducation DOWNLOAD
phpages(sfnet) PHPages PHPages will be a easy to use, CMS system writt... DOWNLOAD
fwboptimizer(sfnet) Firewall Builder Rule Optimizer The fwb-optimizer is and firewall rule optimize... DOWNLOAD
phppersonals1(sfnet) PHP-Personals Want to add personals to your website? Add PHP... DOWNLOAD
ldappassd(sfnet) Ldappassd, an LDAP poppassd. Ldappassd is a daemon to change the user's pass... DOWNLOAD
automapper-dn(sfnet) AutoMapper Simple ORM intended to simplify mundane data ac... DOWNLOAD
wxephe(sfnet) wxEphe wxEphe displays Astronomical Ephemeris for The ... DOWNLOAD
fluselinux(sfnet) FluSE Linux openSUSE with FluxBox and Xfce. DOWNLOAD
mylogger(sfnet) MyLogger This is an online Amateur radio logging softwar... DOWNLOAD
efconfig(sfnet) Easy Firewall Configuration Easy Firewall Configuration, sets up your firew... DOWNLOAD
hotwired(sfnet) hotwired hotwired is a Hotline server for Unix-like ope... DOWNLOAD
clanruby(sfnet) ClanRuby Use ClanLib from Ruby! ClanRuby is a set of bin... DOWNLOAD
phpftpwebclient(sfnet) phpftpwebclient A no non-sense web based FTP / download client.... DOWNLOAD
learnwords(sfnet) learnwords This program helps you to learn words of foreig... DOWNLOAD
timtam(sfnet) TIMTAM The TIMTAM (Target Information Management Track... DOWNLOAD
porfavoraguarde(sfnet) Carregando... DOWNLOAD
phpwebtracker(sfnet) does not exist DOWNLOAD
cultbooking(sfnet) CultBooking Hotel Booking System Open source hotel booking system. Via a central... DOWNLOAD
halods(sfnet) Halo NDS Halo Ds port There are no enemies yet but has a... DOWNLOAD
modularurl(sfnet) modularurl This a collection of java classes that can be u... DOWNLOAD
urmur(sfnet) urmur An open source multi protocol and multi platfor... DOWNLOAD
qqa0(sfnet) qqa0 qwwww.qqq.q.q.q.qq.qq DOWNLOAD
myfileftpserver(sfnet) myfileftpserver myfileftpserver allow user to create server DOWNLOAD
picogrib(sfnet) PicoGRIB: GRIB decoding software This software package was developed to supply a... DOWNLOAD
magallanes(sfnet) Magallanes Solar System Create an educative software where the user can... DOWNLOAD
lmsv10032bit(sfnet) Library management system Library Management System (LMS) V1.0.0 Library ... DOWNLOAD
creador-open(sfnet) creador-open A framework for developing multi device and tec... DOWNLOAD
gpsmanshp(sfnet) gpsmanshp A Tcl Package to read and write Shapefiles DOWNLOAD
wmshutdown(sfnet) wmshutdown This is a dock applications for Window Maker th... DOWNLOAD
moviereport(sfnet) MovieReport MovieReport lets you define your movie collecti... DOWNLOAD
variouscalcs(sfnet) variouscalcs A collection of calculators for speed, momentum... DOWNLOAD
pctdestiny(sfnet) PCT.DESTINY DOWNLOAD
eggdropgatafacu(sfnet) eggdrop gata facut eggdrop gata facut scripturi si altele DOWNLOAD
borg-proxy(sfnet) borg proxy Program is used for forward messages of Borg-ch... DOWNLOAD
checkmem(sfnet) checkMem DOWNLOAD
dmonkey(sfnet) dmonkey A turn based combat-oriented tactics RPG. This ... DOWNLOAD
bytecoin(sfnet) bytecoin No description DOWNLOAD
vndp(sfnet) VnDP VnDP is a Vietnamese dependency parsing toolkit... DOWNLOAD
deling(sfnet) Deling DOWNLOAD
cli-brary(sfnet) cli-brary Cli-Library is a command line interface library... DOWNLOAD
actstwo(sfnet) Acts Two Community Creator Acts Two Community Creator aims to build a high... DOWNLOAD
proffarobotti(sfnet) proffarobotti Program a robot to find out the direction to wh... DOWNLOAD
picturespack(sfnet) picturespack 64x64 Texturepack for Minecraft. Install with &... DOWNLOAD
coverflowportle(sfnet) Cover Flow Portlet This is a Liferay portlet to showcase cover flo... DOWNLOAD
recuperatorio(sfnet) Recuperatorio DOWNLOAD
hate(sfnet) hate DOWNLOAD
cpuandalgorithm(sfnet) CPU and algorithmic indexes DOWNLOAD
eng-builder(sfnet) eng-builder Scriptable tool to create a ENGDAT Abstract fil... DOWNLOAD
thundermailconnector(sfnet) ThunderMailConnector (주)앤드와이즈의 대량메일발송 솔루션인 썬더메일... DOWNLOAD
pythonwin(sfnet) Python for Windows The Python programming language, an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
ddaautoexclude(sfnet) DDA Auto Exclude Exclude list generator for Masslynx DDA data. C... DOWNLOAD
imbrium(sfnet) Imbrium Imbrium is a Java/J2EE based portal server with... DOWNLOAD
tonegodemitter(sfnet) tonegodemitter DOWNLOAD
siennaandava(sfnet) siennaandava Me & Ava. Messing around... DOWNLOAD
ssescanlibrary(sfnet) ssescanlibrary SSE Scan Library (SSESL) provides functions to ... DOWNLOAD
nspf(sfnet) Network Service Provision Framework The Network Service Provision Framework (NSPF) ... DOWNLOAD
nethack3d(sfnet) Nethack_3D Nethack is a complex hack and slay game, and is... DOWNLOAD
sectool-db(sfnet) Security-Tools Database Security-Tools Database is an easy to use tool ... DOWNLOAD
filecaddy(sfnet) FileCaddy for PalmOS FileCaddy is a general purpose file management ... DOWNLOAD
java-sfc(sfnet) Software Foundation Classes The Software Foundation Classes project publish... DOWNLOAD
xir(sfnet) XML Intermediate Representations XIR is a collection of tools for XML processing... DOWNLOAD
ketm-gg(sfnet) ketm-gg ketm-gg will be a new-school 2D shooter like Do... DOWNLOAD
cocoasyren(sfnet) CocoaSyren Native MacOSX realtime, Altivec powered sound ... DOWNLOAD
p2pmess(sfnet) P2P Messenger .NET P2P Messenger is secure Instant Messenging clie... DOWNLOAD
knapy(sfnet) knapy knapy DOWNLOAD
gretel(sfnet) Gretel Gretel is a tool for test coverage monitoring o... DOWNLOAD
grrr(sfnet) Reza´s Rio Receiver An open-source replacement for the client softw... DOWNLOAD
mddb(sfnet) Meta-Data Data Base (MDDB) An indispensable, efficient, highly portable, e... DOWNLOAD
empeg-vfdlib(sfnet) RioCar/Empeg Graphics Library vfdlib is a graphics library aimed at helping d... DOWNLOAD
aspforums(sfnet) ASPForums ASPForums is an ASP.Net application that runs o... DOWNLOAD
repleye(sfnet) Repleye It is an PHP and MySQL based forum with many op... DOWNLOAD
timehive(freshmeat) TimeHive TimeHive is a Web based and easy-to-use project... DOWNLOAD
phraw(freshmeat) Phraw Phraw is a micro-framework intended for small W... DOWNLOAD
yawf(freshmeat) Yawf Yawf is simple tool for creating WBFS files fro... DOWNLOAD
wmi(sfnet) WebMathematics Interactive WMI is an open web-based eLearning system in ma... DOWNLOAD
password-policies-manager(freshmeat) Password Policies Manager Password Policies Manager is a graphical Web-ba... DOWNLOAD
v-cast-media-manager(freshmeat) V CAST Media Manager V CAST Media Manager is an application to manag... DOWNLOAD
dynarray(freshmeat) DynArray DynArray is a C header full of X-Macros for eas... DOWNLOAD
wait-time(sfnet) wait-time This windows command line utility will wait a s... DOWNLOAD
zmaildrop(freshmeat) zmaildrop zmaildrop is a mail delivery agent (MDA) specif... DOWNLOAD
sphere-axis(sfnet) Axis for Sphere Axis is the most comprehensive Admin/GM Tool fo... DOWNLOAD
bisenybolg(sfnet) BisenyBolg This is Biseny Bolg. DOWNLOAD
usb4java(freshmeat) usb4java usb4java is a Java library for accessing USB de... DOWNLOAD
svartvinter(sfnet) Svart Vinter En adaptering och vidareutveckling utav standar... DOWNLOAD
ganjafarmer(sfnet) Ganja Farmer Ganja Farmer - Shot soldiers before they destro... DOWNLOAD

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