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xtas(sfnet) XTAS - XML Middleware This project aims at providing simple Java API ... DOWNLOAD
kantav(sfnet) Kant Anti-Virus - for JAVA Kant Anti-Virus for JVM Java Linux/Windows/Sola... DOWNLOAD
mobilegames(sfnet) Mobile Games Programming Mobile Phone Games Development DOWNLOAD
b-chat(sfnet) B-Chat B-Chat is a chat client for Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
content-builder(sfnet) Content*Builder Content*Builder is a powerful German PHP/MySQL-... DOWNLOAD
mytestx(sfnet) mytestx MyTest X - the system of programs to design and... DOWNLOAD
opie-ckeyboard(sfnet) opie-ckeyboard A Chinese keyboard for difference input method ... DOWNLOAD
moein-snake(sfnet) moein-snake I played snake game in my father nokia mobile f... DOWNLOAD
aurox-updater(sfnet) Aurox - Updater Aurox-Updater is a kde system tray application ... DOWNLOAD
panganwebserver(sfnet) panganwebserver This is a tiny Web server in Java. DOWNLOAD
rf-virtualbox-lib-py(sfnet) Robot Framework VirtualBox Library This library provides support for VirtualBox. ... DOWNLOAD
mkvextractgui2x(sfnet) MKVExtractGUI2x This is just a place holder for the modificatio... DOWNLOAD
jsrobot(sfnet) jsRobot jsRobot is an automation and testing tool for w... DOWNLOAD
jssaver(sfnet) JScreenSaver JScreenSaver is the middleware to make a screen... DOWNLOAD
mailreport(sfnet) mailreport Permits to parse a maillog file and save explic... DOWNLOAD
mob(sfnet) MoB Environment for video and multimedia installati... DOWNLOAD
psppc(sfnet) PSPPC DOWNLOAD
libsilt(sfnet) Silly Translation library The Silly Translation Library (Silt) provides f... DOWNLOAD
simplesynth(sfnet) Simple Synth Synthesises sound using 12 aliquots. Gradual ch... DOWNLOAD
powerpov(sfnet) The PowerPov rendering tool The PowerPov rendering tool is more than a grap... DOWNLOAD
ballz(sfnet) Project Ballz A funny little game based on the worms-concept.... DOWNLOAD
makinbakon(sfnet) Makin' Bakon Typing Tutor Makin' Bakon is a typing tutor game written in ... DOWNLOAD
find-mirror(sfnet) find-mirror find-mirror is a network utility to rank mirror... DOWNLOAD
rodinweb(sfnet) discontinued No longer supported. DOWNLOAD
jpalmdesktopfa(sfnet) java-palm-desktop-file-management Full Java source to classes enabling access (re... DOWNLOAD
dbconn(sfnet) dbconn dbconn - Java based connection and prepared sta... DOWNLOAD
php-linuxv(sfnet) PHP-LinuxV PHP-Linuxv Web Portal System DOWNLOAD
pythondirector(sfnet) pythondirector PythonDirector is a flexible fast TCP loadbalan... DOWNLOAD
jcvsfile(sfnet) jCVSFile jCVSFile is a CVS-client, written in Java. Whil... DOWNLOAD
focuspoint(sfnet) FocusPoint An ASP-based content management system with sea... DOWNLOAD
yajul(sfnet) Yet Another Java Utility Library A library of assorted Java utilities that provi... DOWNLOAD
cfgparse(sfnet) Python Configuration Parser Module Python configuration parser module which suppor... DOWNLOAD
pimd(freshmeat) pimd pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone implementati... DOWNLOAD
libtlen(sfnet) libtlen Libtlen is a (popular polish Instant Me... DOWNLOAD
kinterdev(sfnet) KInterDev - Advanced IDE for KDE KInterDev is an advanced IDE shell application ... DOWNLOAD
phpsquidpass(sfnet) PHP Squid Pass phpSquidPass is a utility to change user authen... DOWNLOAD
simpleappweb(sfnet) SimpleApp DOWNLOAD
pervis(sfnet) Pervis, The Performance Visualizer Pervis, the Performance Visualizer, is a tool d... DOWNLOAD
notepadzsetup(sfnet) NotepadZ_Setup advanced notepad supports tabs, you can encrypt... DOWNLOAD
jwizardapi(sfnet) Java Wizard API The purpose of this project is to create an eas... DOWNLOAD
smcompiler(sfnet) State Machine Compiler Our goal was to develop a very simple programmi... DOWNLOAD
lionxos(sfnet) Lionx OS DOWNLOAD
docom(sfnet) DocOM DocOM is an open source web application created... DOWNLOAD
fett(sfnet) FETT IRC Server A IRC Server for Win-32 written in Delphi. Targ... DOWNLOAD
tjdo(sfnet) TriActive Java Data Objects (TJDO) TriActive JDO (TJDO) is an open source implemen... DOWNLOAD
xlene(sfnet) x-Lene An php written IRC seen bot. DOWNLOAD
saveformdataqtw(sfnet) Save Form Data from Qt Widget Save from Qt Wdgets (QLineEdit, QSpinBox...) in... DOWNLOAD
less(sfnet) less A load sharing system (on Linux 2.6). A heavily...
saen3(sfnet) SAEN 3 DOWNLOAD
vgasim(sfnet) vgasim VgaSim simulates a VGA screen connected to your...
sak-game(sfnet) sak-game SAK is a online playable turn based game.
legendsofglory(sfnet) legendsofglory Fantasy RPG that I never finished, but fully pl... DOWNLOAD
meerkat-viewer.mirror(sfnet) Meerkat Viewer Meerkat is an open source viewer for Second Lif... DOWNLOAD
jtmapeditor(sfnet) JavaThis Map Editor Pure Java tile based map editor. A Cross platfo... DOWNLOAD
hrc(sfnet) Hyper Rabbit Cannon DOWNLOAD
mcb(sfnet) Mysql Class Builder (simple software) Build java class from mysql tables
nomrobotteach(sfnet) NomRobotTeach DOWNLOAD
iso-m2f1(sfnet) Iso to raw m2f1 images converter Didn't find required functionality in other pro... DOWNLOAD
fdmnespoweredbysparsesolvers(sfnet) FDMNES powered by sparse solvers It is non official fork of FDMNES project (http... DOWNLOAD
essentialsopf(sfnet) Essentials Osezno PHP Framework English: OPF Essentials is a collection of art ... DOWNLOAD
minecraftlamps(sfnet) Minecraft - LampsMod v1.0 DOWNLOAD
jiic(sfnet) JIIC: Java ISO Image Creator JIIC is a streaming-based Java implementation o... DOWNLOAD
removalvirus(sfnet) Removal MOW Virus SRC Removal tool for viruses source code, no proble... DOWNLOAD
serverlauncher(sfnet) ServerLauncher++ DOWNLOAD
programasportables(sfnet) Programas Portables Crear Programas portables (para levar a cualqui... DOWNLOAD
bin2coe(sfnet) Bin2Coe Small utility in C to convert from a binary ima... DOWNLOAD
partialletter(sfnet) partialletter Given partial letters of a word, this program i...
zuriel(sfnet) Zuriel This is a TinyOS application that allows to use...
qreversi(sfnet) Reversi Reversi - Othello game written in C++/Qt DOWNLOAD
bin2cpp(sfnet) Bin2Cpp - Binary 2 Cpp "bin2cpp" is a little Tool for conver... DOWNLOAD
freedownloadm(sfnet) Free Download Manager Fully functional Portable Free Download Manager...
pscdemu(sfnet) PlayStation CD Unit Emulator That is just a summary of what we can do with P... DOWNLOAD
pispacephysicssoftware(sfnet) Pi-Space Physics Software This is the Official Software of the Pi-Space P... DOWNLOAD
eps2emu(sfnet) experiemental playstation 2 emulator Experimental Sony Playstation 2 Emulator DOWNLOAD
bbproject(sfnet) Project PHP It's a new group who made some cool small softw... DOWNLOAD
traccar-synology(sfnet) traccar-synology This is a Installpackage for Synology Diskstati... DOWNLOAD
pescanner(sfnet) PE Scanner this is a tool,for hacking ms-pe (Microsoft Por... DOWNLOAD
freekeygenera(sfnet) Free Key Generator Very small and quick password generator.
merlin-pt(sfnet) Merlin Particle Tracker Merlin is a multi-threaded particle beam tracki...
cpuspy(sfnet) CPU-SPY CPU-SPY is a cpu monitoring application that &q... DOWNLOAD
hiovit-a(sfnet) hiovit-A hiovit-A, a higher order visualization tool for... DOWNLOAD
testingupa(sfnet) testingupa this is a test to describe a project registrati... DOWNLOAD
apollomusicplayer(sfnet) Apollo Music Player This is a developer preview of AMP.The project ... DOWNLOAD
tel.berlios(sfnet) tel Tel is a small address book application, that r... DOWNLOAD
dwedas(sfnet) DW Archivos Data WareHouse DOWNLOAD
steamsweep(sfnet) steamsweep Since there is an older unrelated project calle... DOWNLOAD
oneautomation(sfnet) oneautomation It Provides the overall college management syst... DOWNLOAD
libpdfjs(sfnet) libpdfjs libpdfjs is a C++ library that extracts JavaScr... DOWNLOAD
leetmod(sfnet) Leetmod Leetmod brings many new features and fixes upon... DOWNLOAD
alifennplasticity(sfnet) Alife-NN-Plasticity An artificial life simulation with a lot depth ... DOWNLOAD
ptmachine(sfnet) ptmachine Sample turing machine for educational purposes.
startvncpl(freshmeat) is a script to start VNC on a syste... DOWNLOAD
dxf2mod(sfnet) dxf2mod This program converts DXF line, circle, and arc... DOWNLOAD
lptlib(sfnet) lptlib This library allows to comunicate via LPT (IEEE...
logix-language(sfnet) logix-language Logix is a programming language where the synta...
pokerovernet(sfnet) Netpoker Poker played over a network i.e. internet. DOWNLOAD
cjq(sfnet) cjq CjQ (Complex Java Queries) is a library intende... DOWNLOAD
filecuter(sfnet) File Cuter Ce programme crée en python par moi même va vou... DOWNLOAD
freeusenettrail(sfnet) FreeUsenetTrail -- Entwicklung gestoppt, Programm funktioniert ... DOWNLOAD
vm-moonos(sfnet) vm-moonos MoonOS i386 - VMware image with preinstalled li... DOWNLOAD

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