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quadraticapplet(sfnet) QuadraticApplet No description DOWNLOAD
musedotnetsdk(sfnet) Muse.Net .NET SDK Muse.Net is the universal remote control to you... DOWNLOAD
guidedog(sfnet) GuideDog Editor for Windows This is a fully-featured, WYSIWYG GuideML edito... DOWNLOAD
darwinfiles(sfnet) The Darwin Files The Darwin Files is a collection of up to date ... DOWNLOAD
swasbot(sfnet) SwAsBot Application for robotic development and image p...
appwrap(sfnet) AppWrap web frontend to workgroup data AppWrap is a web GUI front end to DB back end, ... DOWNLOAD
ldap2passwd(sfnet) ldap2passwd Users synchronization from LDAP server to local... DOWNLOAD
openlv(sfnet) OpenLV OpenLV helps first responders quickly and safel... DOWNLOAD
soccer(sfnet) The Tao of Soccer TOS is a multi-player soccer simulation game an... DOWNLOAD
oscfacil(sfnet) oscfacil Loja viurtual oscommerce de codigo fonte aberto...
paperchanger(sfnet) PaperChanger A Wallpaper changing program. select a folder w...
phpshelve(sfnet) PHP Shelve PHP Shelve, simple persistence mechanism for ph... DOWNLOAD
canaveral-ocd(sfnet) Canaveral/OCD An open-source alternative to Apple Mac OS X. I...
libiqxmlrpc(freshmeat) Libiqxmlrpc Libiqxmlrpc is an object-oriented library that ... DOWNLOAD
shipform(sfnet) PHP Class for copy data between forms With this class you can copy all data between f... DOWNLOAD
loki-exp(sfnet) Loki Experimental This is a repository for experimental code (bot... DOWNLOAD
projectory(sfnet) Projectory Projectory is a platform-independent, web-enabl... DOWNLOAD
xelem(sfnet) Java to SpreadsheetML Xelem is a compact Java-library to read and wri... DOWNLOAD
qesitemanager(sfnet) Quick and Easy Site Manager A Fast and Easy to use FULL site manager. Every... DOWNLOAD
pyrite(sfnet) Pyrite Pyrite Publisher is a powerful, extensible tool... DOWNLOAD
prngcollection(sfnet) PRNG Collection Collection of pseudorandom number generators (P... DOWNLOAD
diomwebmail(sfnet) Diom Webmail Diom Webmail is a webmail client written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
cavepaint(sfnet) CavePaint CavePaint is a small 3D-Paint program especiall... DOWNLOAD
netstreams(sfnet) NetStreams This project is an attempt to create a class li... DOWNLOAD
snortlogtix(sfnet) Snort Log Monitor and Ticketing System PHP based log monitoring and ticketing system f... DOWNLOAD
quikdic(sfnet) QuikDic A user-friendly Java-based DICT client. That me... DOWNLOAD
pam-scp(sfnet) pam_scp This module makes it easier for administrators ... DOWNLOAD
passman(sfnet) P DOWNLOAD
humane(sfnet) Jef Raskin's Humane Environment If you've read Jef Raskin's book "The Huma... DOWNLOAD
e-bible-app(sfnet) e-Bible Bible application with jQuery and XML. DOWNLOAD
projetsoleil(sfnet) Projet Soleil Un jeu en Point and Click où on doit rallumer l... DOWNLOAD
oneclickkick(sfnet) OneClickKick (Network Boot & Kickstart) A web based GUI for managing PXE boot and optio...
eyed3(sfnet) eyeD3 eyeD3 is a Python module that provides the abi... DOWNLOAD
modorganizer-autoinstaller(sfnet) mod DNA-Based Installer (modDNA) Mod Organizer (MO) provides a very solid way of... DOWNLOAD
sfilehandler(sfnet) Secure File Handler A simple java library (1.5.* and higher version... DOWNLOAD
bolsadecomercio(sfnet) Bolsa de Comercio - Distribuidos I Trabajo Practico de la materia Sistemas Distrib... DOWNLOAD
foxdownloader(sfnet) FoxDownloader FoxDownloader downloads files from the internet...
queryfish(sfnet) Queryfish Queryfish is a thin layer on top of JDBC. It ai... DOWNLOAD
sgrillonet(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
kdgconvert(sfnet) KdGConvert KdGConvert is a video converter for VTech's Kid... DOWNLOAD
opensmart(sfnet) OpenSMART OpenSMART, the Open (System|Source) Monitoring ... DOWNLOAD
bcglyph(sfnet) BC Glyphgenerator This program will enable you to generate HTML c... DOWNLOAD
abtpportal(sfnet) Abtp Portal Project Abtp Portal es un diseño de portal bajo PHP y M... DOWNLOAD
crfdecoder(sfnet) crf decoder CRF decoder is the simplified version of CRF++,...
webcomicviewers(sfnet) webcomicviewers Online WebComic Viewers
donkeyspy(sfnet) Donkey Spy Donkey Spy is a small tool helping you to keep ... DOWNLOAD
svg(sfnet) jQuery iSVG Import SVG image(s) into the HTML DOM, and atta... DOWNLOAD
quantizedcorrel(sfnet) quantizedcorrel To measure reproducibility of ChIP-chip data co...
jsgf(sfnet) Java Scrollable Game Framework jSGF is a framework for creating full-featured ... DOWNLOAD
xshop(sfnet) XShop - eXtended phpShop. Rewrite of phpShop. Features include a fully te... DOWNLOAD
winio32(sfnet) winio32 The purposre of the winio32 project is to simpi... DOWNLOAD
cyclop(sfnet) Cyclop Providing a generic NSIS installation script fo... DOWNLOAD
dataset(sfnet) DataSet library DataSet library is Java based library which is ... DOWNLOAD
lippj(sfnet) LiPPJ LiPPJ is a pretty-printing library in Java. It ... DOWNLOAD
p4delta(sfnet) p4delta - summarize Perforce changes p4delta is an application that summarizes the d... DOWNLOAD
opengallery(sfnet) opengallery opengallery takes a dirtree of image files and ... DOWNLOAD
jglib(sfnet) jgLib jgLib is a collection of objects and scripts th... DOWNLOAD
covest(sfnet) Covest Sistema Open Source para Gerenciamento de Concu...
fin(sfnet) Fin Fin is a unit test application for Java program... DOWNLOAD
gen-album(sfnet) HTML photo album generator Generate a nice photo album to be viewed with (... DOWNLOAD
lesitedejeux(sfnet) lesitedejeux jeux en ligne en devlopement DOWNLOAD
jicetabset(sfnet) jIceTabSet jIceTabset is a tabset jQuery plugin DOWNLOAD
dhsindex(sfnet) DHSIndex This piece of Software allows to create arbitra... DOWNLOAD
adxmldll(sfnet) OAS API Connector DLL wrapper to facilitate access OAS API. DOWNLOAD
umova.berlios(sfnet) umova Terminal-based modular dictionary program for p... DOWNLOAD
files-opx(sfnet) Operate files on EPOC That project provides an interface for opening ... DOWNLOAD
grabinfo(sfnet) grabinfo Display information about your Linux server usi... DOWNLOAD
superbtest(sfnet) Superb Test test test DOWNLOAD
kolumns(sfnet) Kolumns Kolumns is inspired by Sega's Columns. The gam... DOWNLOAD
commnetplus(sfnet) Community PLUS Community PLUS will be a community developement... DOWNLOAD
libsoft(sfnet) Library Management Software Library Management Program is for managing your... DOWNLOAD
leeber(sfnet) Leeber Leeber is a RDF-powered web portal. Leeber main... DOWNLOAD
ksetinux(sfnet) KSetiNux KSetiNux , un gestionnaire de cache avancé pour... DOWNLOAD
itjc-10key(sfnet) itjc-10key This program provides exercise material to prac...
bankomanager(sfnet) Banko Manager Keeps track of as many game boards you wish and...
winresourcer(sfnet) Resourcer Resourcer is an open-source resource viewer an... DOWNLOAD
cloudexport(sfnet) Cloud Export Cloud Export is a tool to automatically extract...
v4l-net.berlios(sfnet) Video4Linux.Net Video4Linux.Net is a interface to Video4Linux u... DOWNLOAD
frameworkmmx(sfnet) frameworkmmx MultiModal Framework
diskimagetools(sfnet) Disk Image Tools ====== About: ====== This utility may be used t... DOWNLOAD
sportmanagement(sfnet) sportmanagement modele de site de gestion d'une fédération spor...
thediceroller(sfnet) thediceroller A simple command line dice roller. You can choo...
aim2linux(sfnet) aim2linux The purpose of this program is to let people se... DOWNLOAD
photocubes(sfnet) 3D Photo Cubes Using something I've made?
libdbi(sfnet) Database Independent Abstraction Layer libdbi implements a database-independent abstra... DOWNLOAD
sagliknet(sfnet) sagliknet sağlı turkey saglik hakkinda hersey.
pyprocessing.berlios(sfnet) Python processing package processing is a package for the Python langauge... DOWNLOAD
lfi(sfnet) LFI (Library-level Fault Injector) Easy-to-use fault injection tool for testing ro...
fci-cu-question(sfnet) fci-cu-question game it's like a small question game that u can play...
fallingsquares(sfnet) Falling squares So this is my first game (using allegro library...
increasing-dot-plot(sfnet) Increasing Dot Plot DOWNLOAD
zhmono(sfnet) zhmono a monospaced font covering Inscriptional Pahlav...
molly-cool(sfnet) molly-cool The Fortran program MOLLY generates atomic posi...
dptpileg2014majalengka(sfnet) DPT Pileg 2014 Majalengka DOWNLOAD
briefmarkenautomat(sfnet) BriefmarkenAutomat DOWNLOAD
swingjcalendar(sfnet) JCalendar A graphical calendar using swing components . I... DOWNLOAD
qhtml(sfnet) qhtml A Quick HTML editor is easy to use and takes up...
bat2(sfnet) BAT2EXE Converts batch files into exe with ease. Writte... DOWNLOAD
jackass-botchx(freshmeat) jackass-botchx jackass-botchx is an X11 window client which ca... DOWNLOAD
candy4job(sfnet) candy Candy is a job application manager. Users can a... DOWNLOAD

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