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praxissoftware(sfnet) Meine Praxis 2013 Praxisverwaltung ist eine Software für Therapeu...
robocodepythonwrapper(sfnet) Robocode Python Wrapper A wrapper to allow Robocode ( DOWNLOAD
pandora-fms(freshmeat) Pandora FMS Pandora FMS is a software-monitoring tool creat... DOWNLOAD
vta(sfnet) vta DOWNLOAD
java-grinder(freshmeat) Java Grinder Java Grinder takes Java byte-code from a class ... DOWNLOAD
jmc(freshmeat) jmc jmc is a dedicated pretty cover art viewer for ... DOWNLOAD
irpm(sfnet) Install RPMs irpm is a python code to simplify the RPM insta... DOWNLOAD
lensfun(sfnet) Lensfun Digital photographs are not ideal. Of course, t... DOWNLOAD
kbtin(sfnet) kbtin KBtin is a MUD/MUSH/MOO/telnet client, a heavil... DOWNLOAD
phpftp-net(sfnet) phpFTP is an open source php based web applicat... DOWNLOAD
rjclient(sfnet) rj_client : a radius client RJ_client: This is an RFC 2865 Radius client, f... DOWNLOAD
weathertkinter(sfnet) weathertkinter Weather Tkinter is a Python-desktop-app created... DOWNLOAD
frogma(sfnet) Frogma Frogma is a super mario-like platform game writ... DOWNLOAD
pyghostscript(sfnet) PyGhostscript PyGhostscript is a python extension module whic... DOWNLOAD
gikot(sfnet) Gikot, a desktop agent framework Gikot is a desktop agent framework for 2channel... DOWNLOAD
panoptes(sfnet) PHP Panoptes PHP Panoptes is a set of PHP utilities to manag... DOWNLOAD
amityheartblog(sfnet) AmiTyHeart blog DOWNLOAD
pv951(sfnet) Remote control for PV951-based TV-cards A Windows program to control the computer with ... DOWNLOAD
elfe(sfnet) elfe ELFE will allow you to edit *nix binary files s... DOWNLOAD
calendariobrasil2014android(sfnet) Calendario Brasil 2014 Android DOWNLOAD
redquerybuilder(freshmeat) RedQueryBuilder RedQueryBuilder fills the gap between a hand co... DOWNLOAD
txt2sdbdwds(sfnet) txt2sdbdwds Put your own text in Digimon World DS with this! DOWNLOAD
superconductor(sfnet) SuperConductor SuperConductor is an Open Source Multi-Platform... DOWNLOAD
thirtyone(sfnet) Thirty-One: The Game Thirty-One is a fun little game, where the user... DOWNLOAD
datamonkey(sfnet) DataMonkey data import/export utility Data monkey was to be a powerful windows data t... DOWNLOAD
theorajoiner(sfnet) Theora Joiner Theora Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to join mu... DOWNLOAD
autoreleasedeb(sfnet) cvs-autoreleasedeb Automatically release/upload debian packages fr... DOWNLOAD
physimage(sfnet) PhysImage PhysImage is a fork of the popular ImageJ softw... DOWNLOAD
mp3site(sfnet) MP3 Download Website Code for managing mp3 website. DOWNLOAD
composicionwssemanticos(sfnet) Composición autómatica WS semánticos Composición autómatica de Web Services semántic... DOWNLOAD
wapi(sfnet) wapi This program allows you to speed on an empty co... DOWNLOAD
clicksaver(sfnet) ClickSaver ClickSaver is a tool to automate Anarchy Online... DOWNLOAD
gaddressbook(sfnet) gAddressBook gAddressBook (a C/Gtk+ - MySQL addressbook) DOWNLOAD
freeclient(sfnet) FREEClient FREEClient stands for Feature-Rich Eshare Expre... DOWNLOAD
pstats(sfnet) Personal Website Statistics The package contain a set of cgi scripts which ... DOWNLOAD
solstice-mom(sfnet) Solstice Solstice is a lightweight, email-based Message-... DOWNLOAD
pasamuf(sfnet) HPI PaSaMuF Document-Sharing-Tool A SOAP-based Document/File-Sharing solution wri... DOWNLOAD
nirag(sfnet) nirag Application d'entrînement à la mémorisation de ... DOWNLOAD
ortalamahesapla(sfnet) ortalamahesapla Ağırlıklı yıl sonu ortalamanızı hesaplar. DOWNLOAD
openflap(freshmeat) openflap openflap is a game about bouncing balls through... DOWNLOAD
cabra(sfnet) Cabra Much more than plain old flashcards... smart st... DOWNLOAD
xenintranet(sfnet) Xen Intranet for Ampoliros Xen Intranet is a series of intranet modules fo... DOWNLOAD
geomspace(freshmeat) GeomSpace GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for ... DOWNLOAD
osclass-minifyer(sfnet) Minifyer for OsClass Minifyer compresses sources of content (usually... DOWNLOAD
tkinter(freshmeat) Tkinter Tkinter is Python's de facto standard GUI (Grap... DOWNLOAD
xenta(sfnet) xenta Extensible n-tier application with multilayered... DOWNLOAD
biocoder(sfnet) BioCoder DOWNLOAD
emailsepador(sfnet) Email Sepador Email Sepador e uma otiva forma separar seu ema... DOWNLOAD
foxspace(sfnet) FoxSpace This is a test project.
webnotesa(sfnet) WebNotes Make brief notes and keep uptodate DOWNLOAD
wristchallenge(sfnet) Wrist Challenge Students project simple game for school purpose... DOWNLOAD
npicexmlparser(sfnet) npicxmlparser it's a nice software.very good! DOWNLOAD
adms(sfnet) Aukyla Document Management System Easy to use and easy to maintain Document Manag... DOWNLOAD
bluetoothscanner(sfnet) bluetoothscanner Provides a remote display for Uniden BDCx96XT s... DOWNLOAD
oneclickkick(sfnet) OneClickKick (Network Boot & Kickstart) A web based GUI for managing PXE boot and optio... DOWNLOAD
pythondocumentation(freshmeat) Python Documentation This is the official documentation for the Pyth... DOWNLOAD
xmlreminder(sfnet) XMLReminder This XMLReminder can help people or anybody to... DOWNLOAD
pc-basic(freshmeat) PC-BASIC PC-BASIC is an interpreter for GW-BASIC files. ... DOWNLOAD
crimesourcenl(sfnet) Crime Source V2.1 Final Release Crime Source V2.1 Final Release Vind meer info ... DOWNLOAD
pdbdump(sfnet) PdbDump A PDB file dumper and C++ wrapper library for t... DOWNLOAD
manjarobyphoenix(sfnet) Manjaro by Phoenix Manjaro Linux by Phoenix — ориентированная на н... DOWNLOAD
sculptor(freshmeat) Sculptor Sculptor is a productivity tool that applies th... DOWNLOAD
yips(sfnet) yips This program is Java Application for batch or u... DOWNLOAD
testfirsttimeprid(sfnet) testFirstTimePrid DOWNLOAD
netfight(sfnet) NetFighter A fighting game that will allow users to create... DOWNLOAD
libstlstk(sfnet) File/CDRW JukeBox for NetWorker Backup to filesystems or CD R/Ws as a &#822... DOWNLOAD
imoose(sfnet) iMOOSE IMOOSE is intended as a general purpose applica... DOWNLOAD
wordnet2sql(sfnet) wordnet2sql If you are looking for a way to get WordNet® 's... DOWNLOAD
ip2010(sfnet) ip2010 Store Manneger : Project of IP(Introduction to ... DOWNLOAD
lightnews(sfnet) LNP: Lightweight news portal LNP is a really simple News portal made with PH... DOWNLOAD
simplefootie(freshmeat) SimpleFootie SimpleFootie is a text-based football match eng... DOWNLOAD
rc5p(sfnet) RC5 Proxy Statistics Generator A statistics generator (html, text, charts) for... DOWNLOAD
javacontroller(sfnet) Sourceless Java Profiler & Debugger Java class Debugger and Profiler without source... DOWNLOAD
mp3knife(sfnet) Mp3 Knife A (java swing) desktop utility for cutting and ... DOWNLOAD
mydns(sfnet) MyDNS MyDNS is a free DNS server for UNIX systems tha... DOWNLOAD
scofmb(sfnet) ScoFMB KDE Projects Homepage Here you will find all the stuff i'm doing for ... DOWNLOAD
vrs(sfnet) VrS VrS houses two versions. VrS2 the mIRC Script a... DOWNLOAD
hacktivismo(sfnet) Hacktivismo The Hacktivismo Project is a platform for devel... DOWNLOAD
xchatx(sfnet) x-kernoel-x.NET Chat Engine Chat Engine using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript wit... DOWNLOAD
mmfinder(sfnet) Master Mind Finder This program is based on a algorithm that solve... DOWNLOAD
j-hop(sfnet) J-Hop Gnutella System Modular Gnutella servent with GUI, text and bat... DOWNLOAD
gav(sfnet) GAV - Gpl Arcade Volleyball GAV (Gpl Arcade Volleyball) is an object-orient... DOWNLOAD
simpleassets(sfnet) SimpleAssets SimpleAssets is a web based asset management sy... DOWNLOAD
phpcookbook(sfnet) phpCookBook An extensive XML Recipe Book written in PHP. PH... DOWNLOAD
libswt(sfnet) libswt Libswt, an auto-tooled version of the eclipse p... DOWNLOAD
splitter(sfnet) Split Split Files DOWNLOAD
demofirst(sfnet) demo DOWNLOAD
sbs-kaiwan(sfnet) Search By Size (sbs) sbs is a comprehensive command-line utility tha... DOWNLOAD
raverrtf(sfnet) RAVER Rtf RAVERRtf is a PHP class to create RTF files fro... DOWNLOAD
lanscaper(sfnet) Z_ lanscaper LANscaper is an extensible SCAPY-based network ... DOWNLOAD
showorhide(sfnet) showorhide this is an app to show or hide hidden files in ...
jbud-image-host(sfnet) jbud-image-host This image host, powered by Chevereto, is a sim... DOWNLOAD
thecakeisalie(sfnet) thecakeisalie The cake is a lie, don't trust Aperture Science. DOWNLOAD
rakim(sfnet) RAKIM: A Knowledge Instant Messenger rakim is an attempt at providing a web-based re... DOWNLOAD
meta-backup(sfnet) meta-backup Meta Backup is a simple wizard that lets you ma... DOWNLOAD
sqlmaster(sfnet) sqlmaster SQL Master Tool is a MySQL GUI editor for manag... DOWNLOAD
phploginanydata(sfnet) phploginanydata PHP Login script. Supports multiple databases. ... DOWNLOAD
notepadsharp(sfnet) notepadsharp A small text editor made in C#. DOWNLOAD
vidatapipe(sfnet) vidatapipe Vida is a Visual Interactive Datapipe. It featu... DOWNLOAD
ffm(sfnet) The Featurific File Manager The aim of the Featurific File Manager is to al... DOWNLOAD

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