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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
mapricsh13(sfnet) MapRicsh.1.3 DOWNLOAD
genigeni(sfnet) genigeni GeniGeni is a Addon for Garry's Mod 10... based... DOWNLOAD
appls(sfnet) APPLS Java processing software for Airborne LIDAR Data DOWNLOAD
q-shot(sfnet) Qshot DOWNLOAD
templatedparser(sfnet) templatedparser Converts a structured text into hierarchical tr... DOWNLOAD
sharexper(sfnet) sharexper share expertise PHP project DOWNLOAD
flashlinux(sfnet) Flash Linux Flash Linux is a compact distribution designed ... DOWNLOAD
testiranje1(sfnet) testiranje1 DOWNLOAD
rscradiostudenticazzulani(sfnet) rsc radio studenti cazzulani In questo primo epidosio alcuni ragazzi di un ... DOWNLOAD
jwru(sfnet) Java Web Remote Update Java Web Remote Update is a software that allow... DOWNLOAD
javapc(sfnet) java-pc !JustPyCurses非常に単純な、cursesアプリケーショ... DOWNLOAD
netcdftools(sfnet) netcdftools netcdf-tools is a set of tools for creating net... DOWNLOAD
lpod(sfnet) lpOD languages & platforms OpenDocument lpOD – languages & platforms OpenDocument, ... DOWNLOAD
mdrnav(sfnet) MDRN Total antivirus DOWNLOAD
newteco(sfnet) newteco The Text Editor and Corrector (TECO) is a progr... DOWNLOAD
csv2vcfconverter(sfnet) csv2vcf converter This software will help you to convert a .csv(C... DOWNLOAD
whippetcodgen(sfnet) Whippet CodGen A fast code generator for PHP. DOWNLOAD
mazeml(sfnet) MazeML MazeML est un logiciel de création et de résolu... DOWNLOAD
formula5proyect(sfnet) s0t4no proyecto sot development 1 DOWNLOAD
oddevensorting(sfnet) Odd-Even Sorting DOWNLOAD
intelligentloganalyser(sfnet) IALA-Intelligent Automated Log Analyser Tool that is under development will build dynam...
bearcat(sfnet) bearcat C++ framework on Linux
fftw(sfnet) FFTW A C subroutine library for computing the discre... DOWNLOAD
tapad(sfnet) tapad tapad is a quickly notes. DOWNLOAD
goagentpass(sfnet) GoagentPass Need a power tool overcross China's Great Fire ... DOWNLOAD
islamicprayertime(sfnet) Islamic prayer time Islamic Prayer Times is particularly useful for... DOWNLOAD
beautify(sfnet) beautify Beautify is a tool for beautification of source... DOWNLOAD
slimburningarch(sfnet) slim-theme-burning-arch DOWNLOAD
boohoo(sfnet) Boohoo Boohoo is an audio playback library based on Op... DOWNLOAD
sdkparse(sfnet) sdkparse DOWNLOAD
revenssis(sfnet) Revenssis Ethical Hacking Suite Nicknamed as the "Smartphone Version of Ba... DOWNLOAD
datatrack(sfnet) Data Track DataTrack is a program that displays the amount... DOWNLOAD
testmaxsync(sfnet) testmaxsync it will test tfor me the maxsync soft tht sync ... DOWNLOAD
brago(sfnet) Bundesrechtsanwaltsgebührenordnung Amtliche Rechtsanwalts- und Gerichtsgebühren fü... DOWNLOAD
multiflashgames(sfnet) Multi Flash Games Multi Flash Games is a Free Online Games Guide....
fichat(sfnet) fiChat Fast Integrated Chat (aka fiChat) is a web shou... DOWNLOAD
dictclient(sfnet) Dict client DOWNLOAD
notey-ubuntu(sfnet) Notey A fast, simple, and cutting-edge note-taking ap... DOWNLOAD
linuxroyal(sfnet) Other DOWNLOAD
edrepo(sfnet) EdRepo EdRepo (Education Repository) is a simple way f... DOWNLOAD
jflop(sfnet) Java Flow Profiler (Jflop) Java agent which recognizes "flows" a... DOWNLOAD
fantasybowl(sfnet) FantasyBowl FantasyBowl is a desktop game based on the famo... DOWNLOAD
ipstreamwebcam(sfnet) IpstreamWebCam make your web cam act like an Ip camera. the so... DOWNLOAD
jaulpfile(sfnet) jaulpfile The jaup.file project is a subproject from the ... DOWNLOAD
mimescan(freshmeat) mimescan mimescan searches for a file within another fil... DOWNLOAD
vettev(sfnet) VetteV vettev is an open source veterinary management ... DOWNLOAD
folder-locker(sfnet) MAK's Folder Locker MAK's Folder Locker v2.0 Now with advanced opti... DOWNLOAD
drivingcrm(sfnet) drivingcrm Customer Relationship Management project design... DOWNLOAD
webphotations(sfnet) webphotations DOWNLOAD
olivechess(sfnet) olivechess OliveChess is a simple chess engine compatible ... DOWNLOAD
ksyslog(sfnet) Killtrojan Syslog Killtrojan Syslog is a free application to crea... DOWNLOAD
pokemonlyman(sfnet) pokemonlyman Pokemon Lyman (Fire Red ROM hack) DOWNLOAD
stegoshare(sfnet) StegoShare A steganography tool. You can hide 2Gb file in ... DOWNLOAD
cssaoeas(sfnet) CS Self-Adapter Environment-Aware 面向组合服务自适应运行的环境感知系统(composite... DOWNLOAD
qspd(sfnet) QT Serial Port Driver QT driver class that supports serial port acces... DOWNLOAD
pyreversi(sfnet) PyReversi Simple and light-weighted Python implementation... DOWNLOAD
rcp100(freshmeat) RCP100 RCP100 is a modular router control plane for Li... DOWNLOAD
bingocardmaker(sfnet) BingoCardMaker BingoCardMaker automates the process of generat... DOWNLOAD
non-unicodetoun(sfnet) Non-Unicode to Unicode translator It is a non-Unicode to Unicode translator DOWNLOAD
iptables-crypt(sfnet) CRYPT Extension for Netfilter/Iptables CRYPT extension for Netfilter/Iptables allows y... DOWNLOAD
futureide(sfnet) Future IDE Future IDE is an Integrated Development Environ... DOWNLOAD
php-rpc(sfnet) PHPRPC PHPRPC is a Remote Procedure Calling (RPC) prot... DOWNLOAD
verbalchat(sfnet) verbal chat DOWNLOAD
ohtpbehavior(sfnet) ohtpbehavior This tool, designed with the OHT+ framework (ht... DOWNLOAD
jackycms(sfnet) jackycms Hi, my name is Jacky Lee :) I am the creator of... DOWNLOAD
ag5(sfnet) AG5 DOWNLOAD
radiob(sfnet) radiob Der erste Radio von Blackpower jetzt zum Download DOWNLOAD
gwc(sfnet) Gnome Wave Cleaner Digital audio restoration of CD quality audio w... DOWNLOAD
twgroboter(sfnet) twgroboter Dieser Roboter ist in der Lage einen Kugel nach... DOWNLOAD
p-web-programming-language(freshmeat) P* Web Programming Language P* (P-star) is a Web programming language that ... DOWNLOAD
jalita(sfnet) Jalita >>>>>>>>>>>>...
furthurnet(sfnet) FurthurNet Furthur is a peer-to-peer cataloging and music ... DOWNLOAD
hopemap(sfnet) HopeMap A number of tools for the alignment of protein-... DOWNLOAD
odfp(sfnet) odfp Open-source CMD based non-GUI program. Designed... DOWNLOAD
bleedingcpu(sfnet) Bleeding CPU System Informations and benchmarking for Micros... DOWNLOAD
currconverter(sfnet) Currency converter QT currency converter for symbian that can work... DOWNLOAD
foicq(sfnet) FOicq Oicq clone can be used under FreeBSD,Linux plat... DOWNLOAD
comicbookwizard(sfnet) The Comic Book Wizard Note: If you get an access denied error you hav... DOWNLOAD
raw2vmdk(sfnet) raw2vmdk raw2vmdk is an OS independent Java utility that... DOWNLOAD
ls16(sfnet) ls16 ls16 is a convenience front-end to LinuxSampler... DOWNLOAD
hadronicgammara(sfnet) hadronic gamma rays Cosmic-ray hadronic interaction matrices for ga... DOWNLOAD
webcam-streamer(sfnet) Webcam Streamer Webcam-Streamer is a free, platform-independent... DOWNLOAD
htmlofuscador(sfnet) HTML ofuscador DOWNLOAD
passy(sfnet) Passy Password generator built on python, and convert... DOWNLOAD
rino(sfnet) RINO Software RINO software is a resource for secondary schoo... DOWNLOAD
tfsappstore(sfnet) TFS Marketplace Marketplace for Windows
erbs(sfnet) ERBS Erics Room Booking System - php/mysql classroom... DOWNLOAD
eightyeightpaws(sfnet) 88 Paws Miner Pauses when computer is in use, fires up when c... DOWNLOAD
xmlviewer(sfnet) XMLViewer A XML and XSL viewer with a tree display DOWNLOAD
file(sfnet) osFileManager PHP File Manager We have moved! Web Based PHP ... DOWNLOAD
refluxedit(sfnet) RefluxEdit RefluxEdit is a very small text editor written ... DOWNLOAD
marcximil(sfnet) MarcXimiL MarcXimiL is a flexible multi-platform bibliogr... DOWNLOAD
jforker(sfnet) Java Forker Java Forker aims at providing a solution to the... DOWNLOAD
rahmenwerk(freshmeat) rahmenwerk rahmenwerk is a small, yet powerful and full-st... DOWNLOAD
webfilecrawler(sfnet) WebFileCrawler Crawl and download images (or others) from the ... DOWNLOAD
goswainthadiary(sfnet) GoswainthaDiary software GoswainthaDiary - A freeware personal diary sof... DOWNLOAD
feedreader(sfnet) Feedreader - Extendable RSS/ATOM reader Feedreader is a freeware Windows application th... DOWNLOAD
fvwm95(sfnet) Fvwm95 Window Manager Fvwm95 is a window manager with Windows-95 look... DOWNLOAD
ctmmf(sfnet) ctmmf Monitoring Framework for CloudTM project DOWNLOAD
blackcom(sfnet) Black Lightweight file manager that enables you to pe... DOWNLOAD

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