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expectit(sfnet) ExpectIt Yet another pure Java 1.6+ implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
smscompuhouse(sfnet) S.M.S CompuHouse stores management system made in java mainly JS... DOWNLOAD
inform-warez(sfnet) Inform Warehouse A warehouse of utilities and story source-code ... DOWNLOAD
spaceaction3000(sfnet) Space Action 3000 Space Action 3000 is a shoot 'em up with weapon... DOWNLOAD
citroen(sfnet) Citroen DOWNLOAD
rhpfinance(sfnet) RHP Finance Just some school task, spare us from "stup... DOWNLOAD
twitlog(sfnet) twitlog twitlog are a few scripts that are able to log ...
conifer(sfnet) CoNIFER CoNIFER uses exome sequencing data to find copy... DOWNLOAD
voovi(sfnet) voovi Voovi - an open source Social Networking Script... DOWNLOAD
ezpx-photoblog(sfnet) EZPX photoblog EZPX is a free lightweight photoblog engine hav...
cnvoffseq(sfnet) cnvOffSeq cnvOffSeq is a set of Java-based command-line t... DOWNLOAD
enbid(sfnet) EnBiD A code for fast multi-dimensional density estim... DOWNLOAD
bluerun(sfnet) BlueRun - A GTK based launcher BlueRun is a small launcher application written... DOWNLOAD
ptllinux(sfnet) PTLLinux PTLLinux - Pico to large Linux. Script suite wh... DOWNLOAD
cli-parallel(sfnet) Experimental System.Threading.Parallel Experimental implementation of ECMA 335 (3rd Ed... DOWNLOAD
openvip(sfnet) OpenVIP OpenVIP (Open Video Processor) is a cross-platf... DOWNLOAD
multicom(sfnet) MultiCom Webpage System MultiCom Webpage System's aim is to provide a G... DOWNLOAD
funkyou(sfnet) Funkyou - dj equipment for the future mp3 ogg mixer, dj solution with integrated ligh... DOWNLOAD
lfred(sfnet) LFReD LFReD. One of the most powerful conversational ... DOWNLOAD
iakt-krysalis(sfnet) Krysalis For a web applications programmer who has to de... DOWNLOAD
legorcx(sfnet) lego mindstorm Project using visual c++, perl active video ser... DOWNLOAD
phpgogear(sfnet) phpGogear PHP script to load the GOGEAR mp3 reader and ad... DOWNLOAD
vmusic(sfnet) Visual Music Why: Visual Music is an attempt to fill the str... DOWNLOAD
clipsgen(sfnet) ClipsGen ClipsGen is a Lightweight Eclipse plugin for ea... DOWNLOAD
outlookquote(sfnet) Outlook Quote Unix users have taken for granted automatic ins... DOWNLOAD
earn(sfnet) earn earn: a C console program to calculate the mont... DOWNLOAD
builderssilveredition(sfnet) builders-silver-edition Settlers is a droid and building game for old t... DOWNLOAD
pvmpov(sfnet) PVM patch for POV-Ray POV-Ray raytracing in a parallel environment. DOWNLOAD
acxp(sfnet) ACXP - The Asheron's Call eXPerience The Asheron's Call eXPerience, ACXP for short, ... DOWNLOAD
power2010(sfnet) power2010 Software written in Visual Studio to automate s...
habject-creator(sfnet) habject-creator Tool permettant de creer son serveur privé dofu...
cbsd(sfnet) cbsd Used to automatic login and stage 2 run command... DOWNLOAD
networkanalysis(sfnet) pPromotif pPromotif is a tool to find most significant tr... DOWNLOAD
zorin-os(sfnet) Zorin OS Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system... DOWNLOAD
virtualpet(sfnet) virtualpet Get a virtual pet on your ipod touch or iphone!
entwjne(sfnet) entwjne entwjne (reads entwjne) is a java utility for c...
mingle-wp(sfnet) mingle-wp DOWNLOAD
boekenkast(sfnet) boekenkast "Boekenkast" is a dutch word for book... DOWNLOAD
simcol(sfnet) Simple Concurrent Library - SimCoL The SimCoL project - Scl in short - is a very s... DOWNLOAD
mmud-beta(sfnet) MmUD MmUD is a client designed to work with muds tha... DOWNLOAD
ecsystem(sfnet) ecsystem It is a commericial project for Chris
i740fb(sfnet) i740 framebuffer i740 framebuffer for linux DOWNLOAD
ddstools(sfnet) DDS Tools DOWNLOAD
quakeircd(sfnet) QuakeIRCd IRC Daemon based on UnrealIRCd with added featu... DOWNLOAD
bdmd(sfnet) Big Daddy's Math Drills Big Daddy's Math Drills is a cross platform set... DOWNLOAD
sudokuv1(sfnet) sudoku This a sudoku game using java like the on foun... DOWNLOAD
threshsig(sfnet) Java Threshold Signature Package An implementation of Shoup's "Practical Th... DOWNLOAD
cday(sfnet) CDAY Calendar Almanac What happened on this day in history? Lists eve... DOWNLOAD
prologdejavu(sfnet) prologdejavu Working and tested Implementation of a Prolog I...
dhpm(sfnet) A Tribute:Dr. House MD "Pain Management" A silly game loosly based off the Tv series Hou...
brickos(sfnet) brickos BrickOS is an alternative software environment ... DOWNLOAD
tgeg(sfnet) the Great Equation Graph The Great Equation Graph is a mathematical tool... DOWNLOAD
evl(sfnet) Nodezilla Clients Nodezilla is a secured, distributed, and fault ... DOWNLOAD
emf2gv(sfnet) EMF To GraphViz This tool allows to generate a graphical repres... DOWNLOAD
avr1wire(sfnet) AVR/1wire DOWNLOAD
saic491(sfnet) SAIC ISD (Div 491) Java Framework Java framework and utilities developed and used... DOWNLOAD
xotmid(sfnet) Xotmid Xotmid is a web-content system: that sports a T... DOWNLOAD
ios-ad-remover(sfnet) ios-ad-remover A simple bash script run in terminal on jailbro... DOWNLOAD
ctl(sfnet) C Template Library The C Template Library Project (short CTL) is t... DOWNLOAD
freereprintables(sfnet) Free Article Directory CMS Script System A free article directory and content directory ... DOWNLOAD
greich(sfnet) Gefallenes Reich Gefallenes Reich is a web-based multiplayer gam... DOWNLOAD
nunitasp(sfnet) NUnitAsp NUnitAsp extends the popular NUnit testing fram... DOWNLOAD
simpleclock5(sfnet) simpleclock5 Simple Clock for HTML5 DOWNLOAD
pocmin(sfnet) ZPoC Christian Music Network This project is for It will be u... DOWNLOAD
rcc(sfnet) RCC Client/Server based tools to manage QoS on Linu... DOWNLOAD
gamstools(sfnet) GAMS Development Environment The intentions of this project are as follows: ... DOWNLOAD
vxml(sfnet) PHP Voice PHP Classes to generate voice application. The ... DOWNLOAD
lazy-x(sfnet) Lazy - Hypertext Views on Databases Lazy is a language and a system to publish data... DOWNLOAD
timothydocs(sfnet) TimothyDocs Timothy is a cloud based documentation system. ... DOWNLOAD
dothelp(sfnet) dothelp dothelp is a MySQL-PHP generic documentation ed... DOWNLOAD
glduke3d(sfnet) GlDuke GlDuke is a opengl Recreation of Duke Nukem 3d.... DOWNLOAD
jatcsimdata(sfnet) Java ATC Simulation Data Framework A framework of Java components for building app... DOWNLOAD
aynhtml(sfnet) aynHTML A wysiwyg HTML editor for use with IE 6 and abo... DOWNLOAD
morg(sfnet) MORG - Music ORGanizer Web based browsing and playlist generation of m... DOWNLOAD
darkbattle(sfnet) dark battle ein tolles rollen spiel dark battle DOWNLOAD
guavaeclipse(sfnet) guavaeclipse "Guava Eclipse plugin" is an eclipse ... DOWNLOAD
bqp(sfnet) BQP solver Open source binary quadratic program approximat... DOWNLOAD
html5flashvideo(sfnet) HTML5 Flash Video Fallback There are many alledged and real solutions to e... DOWNLOAD
syspatch(sfnet) SPMS - syspatch syspatch is a useful tool to apply OpenBSD patc... DOWNLOAD
cnvcapseq(sfnet) cnvCapSeq cvnCapSeq is a set of Java-based command-line t... DOWNLOAD
osticketru(sfnet) osticketru OsTicket.Ru HelpDesk
flanger(sfnet) Flanger Intuitive flow-chart style sound editing for Li...
projectanalyzer(sfnet) ProjectAnalyzer This project is a little project analyzer to se... DOWNLOAD
amzngldbxgadget(sfnet) Amazon Goldbox Windows Sidebar Gadget Covers Deal of the Day, and Lightning Deals VE... DOWNLOAD
simplewebbrowse(sfnet) simplewebbrowse A simple web browser for low spec computers.
metric-incr(sfnet) Metric increments Metric increments source code. DOWNLOAD
cosmicraydataba(sfnet) cosmic ray database An extensive compilation of data from the liter... DOWNLOAD
webstrana-hakeri(sfnet) webstrana-hakeri DOWNLOAD
ngplant(sfnet) ngPlant ngPlant is a plant modeling software package. n... DOWNLOAD
netfludi(freshmeat) NetFluid NetFluid is a high performance C# Web framework... DOWNLOAD
hardeningmoodle(sfnet) hardeningmoodle Hardening Moodle Project of Fachhochschule Gieß...
sanatcitntm(sfnet) sanatcitntm Troypc Sanatci Tanitim Scriti
gloid(freshmeat) GLoid GLoid is a 3D block game inspired by Arkanoid. ... DOWNLOAD
oh-jasmin-dynamic-dns(freshmeat) Oh Jasmin Dynamic DNS ohjasmindns is a set of scripts which, together... DOWNLOAD
fluxbbspanish(sfnet) FluxBB Spanish Language Traducción al español de los foros de FluxBB
tuxaator(sfnet) Tuxaator A lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set u... DOWNLOAD
my-xp(sfnet) My XP My XP is a virtual learning environment (VLE) f... DOWNLOAD
brago2(sfnet) Bundesrechtsanwaltsgebührenordnung 2 BRAGO 2 dient zum Ermitteln der amtlichen Rech... DOWNLOAD
rsync-smart(sfnet) rsync-smart A smart tool for program for synchronizing file...
dmonkey(sfnet) dmonkey A turn based combat-oriented tactics RPG. This ...

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