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jackycms(sfnet) jackycms Hi, my name is Jacky Lee :) I am the creator of... DOWNLOAD
ag5(sfnet) AG5 DOWNLOAD
radiob(sfnet) radiob Der erste Radio von Blackpower jetzt zum Download DOWNLOAD
gwc(sfnet) Gnome Wave Cleaner Digital audio restoration of CD quality audio w... DOWNLOAD
twgroboter(sfnet) twgroboter Dieser Roboter ist in der Lage einen Kugel nach... DOWNLOAD
p-web-programming-language(freshmeat) P* Web Programming Language P* (P-star) is a Web programming language that ... DOWNLOAD
jalita(sfnet) Jalita >>>>>>>>>>>>...
furthurnet(sfnet) FurthurNet Furthur is a peer-to-peer cataloging and music ... DOWNLOAD
hopemap(sfnet) HopeMap A number of tools for the alignment of protein-... DOWNLOAD
odfp(sfnet) odfp Open-source CMD based non-GUI program. Designed... DOWNLOAD
bleedingcpu(sfnet) Bleeding CPU System Informations and benchmarking for Micros... DOWNLOAD
currconverter(sfnet) Currency converter QT currency converter for symbian that can work... DOWNLOAD
foicq(sfnet) FOicq Oicq clone can be used under FreeBSD,Linux plat... DOWNLOAD
comicbookwizard(sfnet) The Comic Book Wizard Note: If you get an access denied error you hav... DOWNLOAD
raw2vmdk(sfnet) raw2vmdk raw2vmdk is an OS independent Java utility that... DOWNLOAD
ls16(sfnet) ls16 ls16 is a convenience front-end to LinuxSampler... DOWNLOAD
hadronicgammara(sfnet) hadronic gamma rays Cosmic-ray hadronic interaction matrices for ga... DOWNLOAD
webcam-streamer(sfnet) Webcam Streamer Webcam-Streamer is a free, platform-independent... DOWNLOAD
htmlofuscador(sfnet) HTML ofuscador DOWNLOAD
passy(sfnet) Passy Password generator built on python, and convert... DOWNLOAD
rino(sfnet) RINO Software RINO software is a resource for secondary schoo... DOWNLOAD
tfsappstore(sfnet) TFS Marketplace Marketplace for Windows
erbs(sfnet) ERBS Erics Room Booking System - php/mysql classroom... DOWNLOAD
eightyeightpaws(sfnet) 88 Paws Miner Pauses when computer is in use, fires up when c... DOWNLOAD
xmlviewer(sfnet) XMLViewer A XML and XSL viewer with a tree display DOWNLOAD
file(sfnet) osFileManager PHP File Manager We have moved! Web Based PHP ... DOWNLOAD
refluxedit(sfnet) RefluxEdit RefluxEdit is a very small text editor written ... DOWNLOAD
marcximil(sfnet) MarcXimiL MarcXimiL is a flexible multi-platform bibliogr... DOWNLOAD
jforker(sfnet) Java Forker Java Forker aims at providing a solution to the... DOWNLOAD
rahmenwerk(freshmeat) rahmenwerk rahmenwerk is a small, yet powerful and full-st... DOWNLOAD
webfilecrawler(sfnet) WebFileCrawler Crawl and download images (or others) from the ... DOWNLOAD
goswainthadiary(sfnet) GoswainthaDiary software GoswainthaDiary - A freeware personal diary sof... DOWNLOAD
feedreader(sfnet) Feedreader - Extendable RSS/ATOM reader Feedreader is a freeware Windows application th... DOWNLOAD
fvwm95(sfnet) Fvwm95 Window Manager Fvwm95 is a window manager with Windows-95 look... DOWNLOAD
ctmmf(sfnet) ctmmf Monitoring Framework for CloudTM project DOWNLOAD
blackcom(sfnet) Black Lightweight file manager that enables you to pe... DOWNLOAD
gitforce(sfnet) GitForce Git is a popular source revision control system... DOWNLOAD
dariasluc(sfnet) DariasLuc AndRoid ROM - FirmWare Gg.gG/HW-01E DOWNLOAD
robbot(sfnet) robbot RoBBot is an MSN Bot. It is written in Java. Us... DOWNLOAD
cornelios(sfnet) cornelios The CorneliOS WebOS is an easy-to-use and cross... DOWNLOAD
wintxt(sfnet) wintxt Converts a Linux/Unix textfile into a Windows t... DOWNLOAD
kimchi(sfnet) kimchi Mobile phone application development project DOWNLOAD
sslang(sfnet) sslang fast & short script language on c++ see cod... DOWNLOAD
thehulk(sfnet) thehulk You are the Hulk! Smash up everything around yo... DOWNLOAD
onda(sfnet) Onda Onda is a Java application that performs lossle... DOWNLOAD
boce(sfnet) Boce DOWNLOAD
friendslinkwidget(sfnet) Friends Link Widget Simple method to add your friends website url t... DOWNLOAD
ntforum(sfnet) Open Source NTForum N-Tier Architecture VNPIS Forum (NTForum) is a Open Source discussi... DOWNLOAD
phoneid(sfnet) PhoneID Type no more passwords. Use PhoneID to store pa... DOWNLOAD
i3game(sfnet) i3game gameonline,gamenew,gameother DOWNLOAD
scadaproject(sfnet) scadaproject At the beginning, my teammate and I want to sim... DOWNLOAD
wlxcommon(sfnet) WLX.Common this project is my common code source. DOWNLOAD
xflatdb(sfnet) XFlat A lightweight embedded no-sql object DB persist... DOWNLOAD
weavedb(sfnet) weavedb A Weave is a navigatible object database, based... DOWNLOAD
sebbyminix(sfnet) Sebby_minix DOWNLOAD
killercalc(sfnet) KillerCalc KillerCalc is an equity research tool for calcu... DOWNLOAD
readwritespss(sfnet) ReadWriteSPSS A small project to make Python files to read an... DOWNLOAD
cloudingcrypt(sfnet) IDS CloudingCrypt Encriptador com envio automático para servidore... DOWNLOAD
oxsltext(sfnet) OXSLTExt This project contains some custom XSLT function... DOWNLOAD
corsolas(sfnet) Corsolas: AOP Attributed Framework Corsolas AOP Attributed Framework for .NET 2.0 ... DOWNLOAD
swfw(sfnet) Swfw Web File Browser Swfw is a Perl CGI Web generator project. It ge... DOWNLOAD
gaalet(sfnet) gaalet Gaalet - Geometric Algebra ALgorithms Expressio... DOWNLOAD
jtalker-system(sfnet) jtalker-system JTalker is an instant messenger system written ... DOWNLOAD
suggest(sfnet) Suggest Framework An easy-to-use JavaScript "class" tha... DOWNLOAD
xp2ts(sfnet) xp2ts XP2TS is an open-source project aimed to make p... DOWNLOAD
awara-panchi(sfnet) AwArA-pAnChi my website softweres DOWNLOAD
lpfw(sfnet) LPFW - Linux Personal Firewall LPFW aims to be a personal firewall for Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
open-php5-contactform(sfnet) OpenPHP5Contactform
kmon(sfnet) kmon a KDE front end to the 'mon' monitors. DOWNLOAD
hypercubegraphv(sfnet) Hypercube Hypercube is a tool for visualizing DOT (graphv... DOWNLOAD
colourcontrols(sfnet) ColourControls Sweep images and generate real-time MIDI messag... DOWNLOAD
eyetracking(sfnet) Eye Tracking System For HCI Eye Tracking System for Human computer interaction DOWNLOAD
entrefisse(sfnet) Entrefisse Entrefisse est un projet dont le but est d'util... DOWNLOAD
bootstrap-ultimate-wp(sfnet) Bootstrap Ultimate for WP A theme for WP packed with features DOWNLOAD
geanetweb(sfnet) Gea Net Web 2002 Gea.Net Web è l'estensione web di Gea.Net. Non ... DOWNLOAD
novars(sfnet) GNSS Reference Station NovaRS - software for control GNSS station equi... DOWNLOAD
qmaildb(sfnet) old closed closed DOWNLOAD
z4phreakertool132(sfnet) Z4 Phreaker Tool 1.3.2 Fitur : - Load config *.z4 - Reset ke default S... DOWNLOAD
svntestproject(sfnet) svntestproject My test SVN project =) DOWNLOAD
joserinfans(sfnet) joserinfans mantap gan sangat keren sekali mantap gan sanga... DOWNLOAD
emobile-blog(sfnet) eMobile Blog eMobile Blog adalah Generator Blog dalam versi ... DOWNLOAD
warpcore(sfnet) Warpcore A servlet-based CMS frontend environment for we... DOWNLOAD
demonio(sfnet) demonio Se trata de una herramienta de administración r... DOWNLOAD
catcoinapps(sfnet) Catcoin Apps Catcoin-related applications. DOWNLOAD
awbench(sfnet) Annotator's Workbench This is a Java based desktop application that a... DOWNLOAD
lamod4x4(sfnet) lamod4x4 Code and bugs for the LA Mod 4x4 project. DOWNLOAD
rhythmtools(sfnet) rhythmtools A lightweight program to edit and display rhyth... DOWNLOAD
h2pe(sfnet) h2pe Java library to convert FCK Editor XHTML into p... DOWNLOAD
opensourcepilot(sfnet) OpenSourcePilot Open Source Firmware and Tools for the Asctec.d... DOWNLOAD
svg4r(sfnet) SVG4R To create a DOM like interface of SVG for the R... DOWNLOAD
winfingerprint(sfnet) winfingerprint Winfingerprint is a Win32 MFC VC++ .NET based s... DOWNLOAD
phpslightbox(sfnet) php simple lightbox gallary This is a simple Php file that creates a gallar... DOWNLOAD
mondo-daemon(sfnet) Mondo health monitor A system health monitoring daemon based on lm_s... DOWNLOAD
roguelost(sfnet) roguelost Ok this a super duper alpha sandbox game, is no... DOWNLOAD
simplebackupscr(sfnet) simplebackupscr Simple Backup Script is a Bash script, that bac... DOWNLOAD
syst-reviewer(sfnet) syst-reviewer Systematic Reviewer DOWNLOAD
lscouchdb(sfnet) YALTools The YALTools is a set of command line tools wri... DOWNLOAD
gyt(sfnet) gyt java web template DOWNLOAD
ismobile(sfnet) isMobile isMobile is a tool to help PHP developers who n... DOWNLOAD

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