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scratchtools(sfnet) scratchtools Various tools, libraries, and other code for sc...
ccandy(sfnet) ccandy Ccandy DOWNLOAD
htpanel(sfnet) .htPanel .htPanel creates a secure and easy way to autom... DOWNLOAD
codedelta(sfnet) Code Delta Studios Code Delta Studios develops modifications for S...
papervisiontut(sfnet) PaperVision Tutorials A series of tutorials that demonstrate how to u...
wlaninfoproject(sfnet) wlaninfoproject WLAN info is an application for gathering infor... DOWNLOAD
r2172(sfnet) R2172Engine This is an attempt to build a open-source set o...
esyaalanlarspotesyaalinir(sfnet) 2el eşya alanlar spot eşya alanlar İstanbul Spot Sami DOWNLOAD
terramorphers(sfnet) terramorphers Explore the user-shared landscape as a robot an...
belgianbrewer(sfnet) Belgian Brewer Belgian Brewer is a webbased multiplayer game. ... DOWNLOAD
jformdesigner(freshmeat) JFormDesigner JFormDesigner is a professional GUI designer fo... DOWNLOAD
netams(sfnet) NeTAMS NeTAMS - Network Traffic Accounting and Monitor... DOWNLOAD
spaciousweb(sfnet) Spacious A Lightweight WebBrowser for Macintosh. Fast a ...
passwgenerator(sfnet) passwgenerator Password Generator is a free, opensource, easy ... DOWNLOAD
dulcewars(sfnet) DULCE WARS This is a Study on how Humans approach what is ...
ipaccount(sfnet) IPaccount IPaccount is web tool for internet resources ac... DOWNLOAD
quickhydro(sfnet) quickhydro The intention is to (eventually) create a simpl... DOWNLOAD
voiceman(sfnet) voiceman VoiceMan is the speech processing daemon design... DOWNLOAD
ritcraft(sfnet) ritcraft An open-source minecraft server written in C++.... DOWNLOAD
scii(sfnet) scii scii - Spreadsheet Calculator II - A fork of sc DOWNLOAD
smsprogramado(sfnet) smsprogramado DOWNLOAD
phploginsnehal(sfnet) phploginsnehal This is a Php Login Script DOWNLOAD
test201414(sfnet) test_2014_1_4 DOWNLOAD
kmagic(sfnet) kMagic CMS kMagic is an open source based content manageme... DOWNLOAD
panorama(sfnet) Panorama Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics product... DOWNLOAD
janethd(sfnet) janethd <h2><font color="#0033CC">... DOWNLOAD
netsharegui(sfnet) netsharegui Netsharegui provides a userfriendly way to let ...
caplet(sfnet) CAPLET Project CAPLET is a capacitance extraction tool... DOWNLOAD
osr(sfnet) osr OSR is an open source scan and read program. It... DOWNLOAD
whdate(sfnet) whdate whDate is a Javascript plugin which you can wat... DOWNLOAD
newproto(sfnet) newproto This project contains java-script prototype lib... DOWNLOAD
huahua145(sfnet) huahua145 web huahua145 huahua145huahua145 huahua145 DOWNLOAD
e-corretor(sfnet) e-corretor programa especialmente desenvolvido para corret... DOWNLOAD
irodsomega(sfnet) irods omega DOWNLOAD
hermidi(sfnet) HerMIDI This is essentially a hardware-release with tes... DOWNLOAD
erlangcing(sfnet) Erlang cing Easy Erlang IDE for developer and text editor, ... DOWNLOAD
tutikremix(sfnet) tutikremix Ubuntu Tutik Remix is a customized version of U...
lispstick(sfnet) lispstick DOWNLOAD
aspinfo(sfnet) System Information This project provides a web-based system info p... DOWNLOAD
mjustice(sfnet) mjustice Antitheft software for WM5 and WM6 phones with ... DOWNLOAD
osmq(sfnet) OSMQ Java based publish subscribe and point-to-point... DOWNLOAD
decimalconvert(sfnet) Decimal Converter Android app that converts from integer decimals... DOWNLOAD
gpmb(sfnet) gpmb Chuong trinh ho tro quan ly giai phong mat bang
dct(sfnet) DCT Diffraction contrast tomography code base, as d...
gudoku(sfnet) gudoku A sudoku implementation. It generates and solve... DOWNLOAD
rustycage(sfnet) RustyCage RustyCage is a Eclipse plugin IDE for the Rust ... DOWNLOAD
fastness(sfnet) Fastness_ DOWNLOAD
pascalrotations(sfnet) Rotations in Pascal A Pascal algorithm which is able to rotate lett... DOWNLOAD
zsilencer(sfnet) zsilencer DOWNLOAD
pamredirector(sfnet) pam_redirector Moved to github, DOWNLOAD
dynamicuigenapi(sfnet) Dynamic UI Generation API Dynamic UI Generation API, is a Java based API ...
mpg2cut2(sfnet) Mpg2Cut2 Very basic cutter for Mpeg-2 files. GNU GPL lic...
opengeneral(sfnet) Open General Evolution of SSI Panzer General II DOWNLOAD
sport-online(sfnet) Sports Center Course Management System SportONLINE is a management tool for university... DOWNLOAD
translato(sfnet) translato Translato is a mobile application that enables ...
flexdb(sfnet) FlexDB A flexible database system built in PHP which s... DOWNLOAD
gmde(sfnet) GMDE - the Gamemaker Desktop Enviroment GMDE is a Desktop Environment for your computer... DOWNLOAD
saotron(sfnet) saotron saotron news public symbol DOWNLOAD
nitrotech(sfnet) NitroTech NitroTech is a fully customisable web page syst... DOWNLOAD
epnm(sfnet) Easy PHP News Module Easy PHP News Module (EPNM), is a simple script...
zsokoban(sfnet) ZSokoban ZSokoban: An efficient Sokoban engine implement...
innerpowers(sfnet) Inner Powers Inner Powers - Keep your friends close but your... DOWNLOAD
yangjianbin1(sfnet) 0824 DOWNLOAD
burngine(sfnet) Burngine DOWNLOAD
rnaseqvariantbl(sfnet) BlackOPs: RNA-Seq Variant Blacklist Tool This page contains the necessary software to ch... DOWNLOAD
mediaframework(sfnet) Media Framework A multimedia framework written in C# that wraps...
customtunes(sfnet) CustomTunes for Skype CustomTunes for Skype is a Mac OS X tool that a...
haypiremakeproj(sfnet) Haypi Remake Project This is the source code for all of the Haypi Re...
chammerpascal(sfnet) Chammer pascal With Chammer you can write your Free Pascal and... DOWNLOAD
ploopi(sfnet) PLOOPI-Lib This library contains tools for representing cl... DOWNLOAD
willypic(sfnet) WillyPic Programmer A GTK2 programmer that checks, loads and reads ... DOWNLOAD
pipe-mp3(sfnet) mp3 search engine pipe-mp3 search engine DOWNLOAD
qjerry(sfnet) qJerry qJerry: write less, do more - now in PHP. qJerr...
avian(freshmeat) Avian Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and clas... DOWNLOAD
mainlandgreeces(sfnet) mainlandgreeces A trip around Mainland Greece through a screen ... DOWNLOAD
funplayer(sfnet) Fun Player Ein alternativer Musik und Video Player.
swt-xlayout(sfnet) XLayout for SWT XLayout is a layout system for Eclipse SWT that... DOWNLOAD
postgis(freshmeat) PostGIS PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to ... DOWNLOAD
doferim(sfnet) config.xml voici la config du serveur privé doferim
vowizard(sfnet) vowizard Value Object Wizard is useful to manage VOs in ...
proc2dox(sfnet) proc2dox Proc2Dox is a pre-processor addon for the Doxyg... DOWNLOAD
qsiproject(sfnet) QSI Projects This Project include all QSI International Scho... DOWNLOAD
simatome(sfnet) simatome Simulateur de réactions chimique utilisant la t...
architect1(sfnet) Architect I Gomoku (Engine with GUI) This is the first step of a board game engine d... DOWNLOAD
accelfeatextr(sfnet) Accelerated Feature Extraction Tool A fast feature extraction software tool for spe... DOWNLOAD
compile-deathar(sfnet) compile-deathar Toutes les compilations de deathart
sawfish-session-dialog(freshmeat) Sawfish Session Dialog SSD (Sawfish Session Dialog) is a small and fle... DOWNLOAD
powerbible(freshmeat) The Powered Access Bible The Powered Access Bible is a CGI script design... DOWNLOAD
jquerycountryse(sfnet) jQuery Country Selector This is a jQuery plugin which allows to create ... DOWNLOAD
raisingcostsforattackers(sfnet) Raising Costs for Attackers Files and scripts associated with the presentat... DOWNLOAD
conwa(sfnet) Conway's Game of Life DOWNLOAD
epicpankow(sfnet) EPIC Pankow Space Battle Shooter Space Battle Shooter. Our current project for E... DOWNLOAD
dashernet(sfnet) dashernet DOWNLOAD
jymini(sfnet) jymini Jymini is a JavaScript minifier and obfuscator....
vstring(freshmeat) VSTRING VSTRING is a C++ library which provides a large... DOWNLOAD
pwclean(sfnet) pwclean Windows app helping you to sort out the relevan...
jabble(sfnet) Jabble A framework to solve partial differential field... DOWNLOAD
pussh(sfnet) PuSSH PuSSH is Pythonic, Ubiquitous SSH, a Python wra... DOWNLOAD
subtitle-adjust(sfnet) subtitle-adjust With unpredictable reasons, subtitle of some mo...

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