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cellphonespy(sfnet) iSpyoo Cell Phone Spy DOWNLOAD
e-athena(sfnet) e-Athena eAthena is an open-source project, emulating a ... DOWNLOAD
ooo-shqip(sfnet) Shqip - Albanian Localization of in Albanian (sq) DOWNLOAD
libbbb(sfnet) libbbb The library groups common code used in some app... DOWNLOAD
vowlcounter(sfnet) VowlCounter As the short summary says, this program can be ... DOWNLOAD
siteannonce(sfnet) Site Annonce DOWNLOAD
itassist(sfnet) itassist this application is assist to help IT managemen...
magicjar(freshmeat) magic.jar magic.jar is a command line tool that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
ooprint(sfnet) ooPrint Delphi library for printing reports to OpenOffice. DOWNLOAD
vilaug(sfnet) VilAug - Framework for Visual Languages The VilAug framework for visual linguistics! Th... DOWNLOAD
gpm-clamantivirus(sfnet) GPM Clam AntiVirus A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... DOWNLOAD
biomechanical-toolkit(freshmeat) Biomechanical ToolKit Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK) is a cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
mp3tomidchung(sfnet) mp3tomid_chung mp3tomid chung is a realtime free mp3 to midi c... DOWNLOAD
dofuscodegen(sfnet) DofusCodeGen DofusCodeGen = Kamas !! DOWNLOAD
openalpr(freshmeat) OpenALPR OpenALPR is an automated license plate recognit... DOWNLOAD
instantclick(freshmeat) InstantClick InstantClick is a JavaScript library that makes... DOWNLOAD
beldi(sfnet) beldi BeLDi, the Belug (Linux) Distribution Burner, i... DOWNLOAD
toastmount(sfnet) ToastMount Mount ISO and other disk images on your desktop... DOWNLOAD
udop(sfnet) udop Unsupervised data-oriented parsing model put fo... DOWNLOAD
rsbuddyslayersc(sfnet) rsbuddyslayersc A public open source script for RSBuddy, feel f... DOWNLOAD
weightlossperio(sfnet) Weight Loss Period Calculator A Simple application to calculate your fat loss... DOWNLOAD
stm8samples(sfnet) stm8_samples This is some simple samples for STM8. Compile w...
furcharchlinuxguiinstaller(sfnet) Fu-rch Fu-rch has changed to Evo/Lution! NEW DOWNLOAD:...
labelkiwi(sfnet) kiwi PHP class for generate pdf labels : http://kiwi... DOWNLOAD
geoinvader(sfnet) GeoInvader Starting out as an attempt to clone space invad... DOWNLOAD
lsroot(sfnet) lsRoot Command Utility to dump contents of ROOT files ... DOWNLOAD
jtracer(freshmeat) jTracer jTracer is a visualization tool for libcsdbg. ... DOWNLOAD
paranoid-telnetd(freshmeat) Paranoid TelnetD Paranoid TelnetD is written in straight C with ... DOWNLOAD
egyptiansenet(sfnet) Egyptian Senet Senet is a game found in many Ancient Egyptian ... DOWNLOAD
task-crunsher(freshmeat) Task Crunsher Task Crunsher is a simple tool to execute multi... DOWNLOAD
phpfileutils(sfnet) PHP file utils Friendly php unix command-line file utils like ... DOWNLOAD
vb6mousewheelfix(sfnet) VB6MouseWheelFix VB6 Addon that fixes VB6 Code Window IDE to pro... DOWNLOAD
ttt-with-ai(sfnet) ttt-with-ai Another project based on the famous Tic-Tac-Toe... DOWNLOAD
yasm3d(sfnet) YASM3D, Yet Another Simple Modeler 3D YASM3D : Yet Another Simple Modeler 3D is an Op... DOWNLOAD
timevault(sfnet) TimeVault Backup and Snapshot TimeVault is a simple GUI for making automated ... DOWNLOAD
atex(sfnet) Atex Atex takes text as input, checks it using so-ca... DOWNLOAD
vitabrowser(sfnet) Vita Browser The Vita Browser is a non-commercial Chromium w... DOWNLOAD
ghaggis(sfnet) ghaggis This is a compiler for the 'pseudocode' Haggis ... DOWNLOAD
appgs(sfnet) AppGS application de gestion de stocke developper ave... DOWNLOAD
loopmaker(sfnet) loopmaker This Program plays any looping metronome file w... DOWNLOAD
jeff2edb(sfnet) Jeff_EDB DOWNLOAD
sokobano(sfnet) Sokobano An entertaining Sokoban game with nice 3D graph... DOWNLOAD
simbus(sfnet) Simbus A C# written application that simulates MODBUS ... DOWNLOAD
rtk(sfnet) RTK GUI ToolKit RTK is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit - optim... DOWNLOAD
miniw0rm(sfnet) miniw0rm Miniw0rm CMS adalah Content Managemen System ya... DOWNLOAD
atao(sfnet) Alternating Timed Automata Solver Our goal is to develop a full working solver fo... DOWNLOAD
kvazar(sfnet) kvazar Kvazar's project. DOWNLOAD
privateer(sfnet) Privateer Gemini Gold Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of the classi... DOWNLOAD
android-metadata(freshmeat) android-metadata android-metadata is a utility library for Andro... DOWNLOAD
evssimplegraph(sfnet) EvsSimpleGraph Port of the delphiarea TSimpleGraph for delphi ... DOWNLOAD
sws-goal-matchmaker(sfnet) Sharifi-Bayram SWS Goals Matchmaker Logic based discovery agent-logical inference f... DOWNLOAD
pratima(sfnet) Asynchronous Remote Volume Replicator PRATIMA, an Asynchronous Remote Volume Replicat... DOWNLOAD
solmap(sfnet) solmap Sol Map is a open source model for the solar sy... DOWNLOAD
teflon(sfnet) teflon Have to tunnel your web traffic to a certain IP... DOWNLOAD
opengamma(sfnet) OpenGamma OpenGamma is a tool for gamma-ray spectrometry.... DOWNLOAD
enlightenment4fedora(sfnet) Enlightenment for Fedora GNU/Linux Enlightenment window manager is a lean, fast, m... DOWNLOAD
ualbot(sfnet) ualbot Open source SLAM robot with HRI DOWNLOAD
xclientforlinux(sfnet) 802.1x client for Linux and Mac As we know, in hign school, you need to login i... DOWNLOAD
newzclipse(sfnet) NewzClipse Eclipse Plugin to access newsgroups and integra... DOWNLOAD
r3akt0ross(sfnet) r3Akt0r OSS r3Akt0r Os is an Open Source Linux based on: Op... DOWNLOAD
puhdu(sfnet) puhdu TV Streaming recorder. Frontend made with Flex,... DOWNLOAD
ftpserver-rwa(sfnet) FTP server for me sait by x3mal for server css ftp server DOWNLOAD
e107wowsite(sfnet) e107wowsite Plugin for e107 CMS engine that adds many featu... DOWNLOAD
lalp(sfnet) Language for Aggressive Loop Pipelining Language for Aggressive Loop Pipelining Compile... DOWNLOAD
hanndol(sfnet) Hanndol Hanndol: Another Neat Database Organization Lay... DOWNLOAD
gprowl(sfnet) Gprowl A Python script that connects to Gmail in IMAP'... DOWNLOAD
jupiter(sfnet) Jupiter Simple, easy to use hardware and power manageme... DOWNLOAD
jletwolfpack(sfnet) JL Wolf Enemy Territory Pack Pack Completo do jogo Enemy Territory, gratuito... DOWNLOAD
inagmon(sfnet) iNagMon The NAGIOS network monitoring system is well kn... DOWNLOAD
ispice(sfnet) iSpice The main goal of the project, is to build a GUI... DOWNLOAD
greenmap(sfnet) Green Map "Green Map System is a global eco-cultural... DOWNLOAD
junitdoc(sfnet) junitdoc Goal of the project is to provide a JavaDoc doc... DOWNLOAD
logsentinel(sfnet) LogSentinel LogSentinel is a log monitoring and alerting sy... DOWNLOAD
fus(sfnet) FUS++ Highly configurable and easy-to-use enhancement... DOWNLOAD
magnetic(sfnet) Magnetic Magnetic is an interpreter for the games writte... DOWNLOAD
myclip(sfnet) MyClip MyClip is not yet another Clipboard Manager, bu... DOWNLOAD
pentaho5changepassword(sfnet) Pentaho5 Change Password DOWNLOAD
insenvim(sfnet) Intellisense for Vim Enabling intellisense(also called CodeInsight o... DOWNLOAD
lincue(sfnet) LinCue aka xmmsCue Clone of WinCue for Winamp. Medialibrary for ex... DOWNLOAD
menschrgeredichnicht(sfnet) Schul Projekt Hier entsteht ein Spiel "Mensch-ärgere-dic... DOWNLOAD
mini2440imgup(sfnet) mini2440imgup This is a program running on FriendlyARM Mini24... DOWNLOAD
math-net(sfnet) .NET Math Library A .NET Library written in C# 2.0 for doing some... DOWNLOAD
faceval(sfnet) J2EE Faculty Evaluations Application This J2EE application, developed at Eastern Mic... DOWNLOAD
and2mirrors(sfnet) and2_mirrors DOWNLOAD
libcue(sfnet) CUE Sheet Parser Library Libcue is intended to parse a so called cue she... DOWNLOAD
c-boot(sfnet) C-Boot Crescent Bootloader is designed to be quick and... DOWNLOAD
agendatel(sfnet) Petty Book Phone DOWNLOAD
gtchat(sfnet) GTChat GTChat is not under GPL, synie who has register... DOWNLOAD
bpws(sfnet) Bash Personal Wireless Script Simple script to allow connecting to various wi... DOWNLOAD
javaserver(sfnet) JavaServer Provides a remotely (or locally) scriptable JVM... DOWNLOAD
khydra(sfnet) khydra GUI for hydra khydra is a GUI for van Hauser / THC hydra. DOWNLOAD
fcf-win7-ubuntu(sfnet) FCoFix Win7 Ubuntu Theme Windows 7 Theme for Ubuntu 10.04 or new. It's a... DOWNLOAD
fkktextcounter(sfnet) fkkTextCounter This is a textcounter wich only need one file t... DOWNLOAD
edb-studio(sfnet) EDB-Studio EDB Studio is a commercial-quality developer an... DOWNLOAD
classingjs(freshmeat) Classing{js} Classing{js} creates a classical-like OOP inter... DOWNLOAD
ungdmsgrupen(sfnet) ungdmsgrupen ungdomsgruppen, länkar till filmer m.m. // marcus DOWNLOAD
golauncher(sfnet) Launcher
mlmac(sfnet) mlMac Popular mlnet GUI for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD
geobonsailims(sfnet) GeoBonsaiLIMS Bonsai LIMS (Labratory Information Management S... DOWNLOAD
netvision2010(sfnet) Netvision 2010 Netvision 2010 is a Bittorrent Tracker Source P... DOWNLOAD

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