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openmiracle(sfnet) OpenMiracle Miracle I The next stepping ston... DOWNLOAD
unfalcon(sfnet) UnFalcon(UnOfficialFalcon)HP-TouchPadROM This is a project which is developing ROMs for ... DOWNLOAD
raveover(sfnet) Rave Over - 2053 Race Over é um jogo de Corridas em 3D, o Jogo é... DOWNLOAD
chttpd(sfnet) chttpd This is a tiny stand alone http server daemon w... DOWNLOAD
winftpservice(sfnet) WindowsFtpService This application allows you to download any fil... DOWNLOAD
quetelet(sfnet) Quetelet tools Tools for documentation and public access to so... DOWNLOAD
qtx64(sfnet) Qt-x64 Qt framework builds for Windows 64-bit DOWNLOAD
slidhex(sfnet) slidhex A sliding block puzzle game on a hex grid featu... DOWNLOAD
justtestingsome(sfnet) justtestingsome Trying something with svn DOWNLOAD
opencpnplugins(sfnet) opencpnplugins This project hosts various plugins for the Open... DOWNLOAD
recupnews(sfnet) RecupNews RecupNews is a utility to easily retrieve infor... DOWNLOAD
timstimetracker(sfnet) Tim's Time Tracker Tim's Time Tracker is a simple way of keeping t... DOWNLOAD
abill(sfnet) Simple Billing System abill is a simple billing system for small ISPs... DOWNLOAD
webextreme(sfnet) Webextreme Webextreme is a webbased multilanguage configur... DOWNLOAD
java4autocad(sfnet) Java for Autocad A Java API for accessing Autocad. A thin JACOB ... DOWNLOAD
netregadmin(sfnet) NetReg Web Based Administration Administration page for NetReg v 1.3 CIDR . Pro... DOWNLOAD
calua(sfnet) CaLua The easiest way to seamlessly integrate the Lua... DOWNLOAD
ftpat(sfnet) FTP ADDRESS TOOLS Organize your ftp address, Save to text or copy... DOWNLOAD
libframe(sfnet) the libframe c++ toolkit The libframe toolkit contains various tools use... DOWNLOAD
udbat(sfnet) JInspector JInspector is a platform independant administra... DOWNLOAD
bolt-browser(sfnet) bolt browser No description DOWNLOAD
epgsukapa(sfnet) EPG downloader of sukapa EPG downloader of S k y p e r f e c T V. Downlo... DOWNLOAD
winbackup(sfnet) WinBackup Stupid prof backup program. To user that don\'... DOWNLOAD
swiftui(sfnet) SwiftUI Tag Library SwiftUI is a custom tag library which provides ... DOWNLOAD
jseu(sfnet) JSEU Java AS400 RPG source code editor, debugger, IDE. DOWNLOAD
phpwebmasters(sfnet) phpwebmasters PHPWebmasters MX, CMS Portal for programmers, ... DOWNLOAD
msrv(sfnet) msrv little server for executing GT.M mumps function... DOWNLOAD
raidplaner(sfnet) Y.A.R.P. Y.A.R.P. (Yet Another Raid Planer) is a german ... DOWNLOAD
openpnl(sfnet) PNL The Open Source Probabilistic Networks Library ... DOWNLOAD
grcrt(sfnet) GRCRTools DOWNLOAD
mould(sfnet) Mould A Java based compatibility adapter/transformer ... DOWNLOAD
jdrew(sfnet) jDREW jDREW (Java Deductive Reasoning Engine for the ... DOWNLOAD
ekosim(sfnet) EKoSim EKoSim - An ecological simulation game for the ... DOWNLOAD
cppchan(sfnet) cppchan An IRC Bot currently in early stage. Its develo... DOWNLOAD
swinggestures(sfnet) Swing Gestures Swing Gestures is an extension for the Java Swi... DOWNLOAD
joepaint(sfnet) JoePaint JoePaint is everyone's drawing and painting sof... DOWNLOAD
controlpersonal(sfnet) CONTROL DE PERSONAL CONTROL DE PERSONAL. It is desired individually... DOWNLOAD
deltasolver(sfnet) Delta Code The Delta code is an nonlinear aeroelastic solv... DOWNLOAD
graphicexplorer(sfnet) GraphicExplorer Browse and manage your graphics collection in W... DOWNLOAD
hylawebclient(sfnet) HylaFax-WebClient A web - interface for sending faxes, showing an... DOWNLOAD
winapps(sfnet) Win-Apps I needed an app that shows me a selection of im... DOWNLOAD
padpaper(sfnet) PadPaper Editor A simple text editor. Nice Notepad replacement.... DOWNLOAD
onlinecustomersupporttool(sfnet) Online Customer Support Tool for Website Live chat software will help in all type of bus... DOWNLOAD
trac(freshmeat) Trac Trac is a minimalistic but highly useful issue ... DOWNLOAD
dtd2cpp(sfnet) XML C++ binding generator C++ classes are generated from an XML DTD to lo... DOWNLOAD
addanc(sfnet) Addanc Addanc is a distributed/scalable system for str... DOWNLOAD
phpcomplet(sfnet) PhpCompletion This is a jEdit completion-code plugin for php.... DOWNLOAD
phpvcs(sfnet) phpVcs A minimal Version Control System that can be ho... DOWNLOAD
ktray(sfnet) ktray KTray is a system tray which holds dock icons o... DOWNLOAD
jqbridge(sfnet) JQBridge Lightweight, fast and extensible message queue ... DOWNLOAD
libmng(sfnet) libmng libmng -THE reference library for reading, disp... DOWNLOAD
decoder(sfnet) Decoder No description DOWNLOAD
webbedv10(sfnet) webbedv1.0 DOWNLOAD
ruls-test(sfnet) ruls-test The purpose of Ruls-Test is to recognize dyslex... DOWNLOAD
jewellerymanagementsystem(sfnet) Jewellery Management System Jewellery Management System is developed in Vis... DOWNLOAD
sagittarius142857(sfnet) Sagittarius 142857 Shoot robot now no macosx, windows, 8,and ubuntu. DOWNLOAD
clydeapp(sfnet) clyde A lightweight code, document or file retention ... DOWNLOAD
taskbar(sfnet) taskbar taskbar is a small taskbar utility for X11. It ... DOWNLOAD
ac-archive(freshmeat) GNU Autoconf Macro Archive The GNU Autoconf Archive is a collection of mor... DOWNLOAD
jbeginner(sfnet) JBeginner JBeginner is for teaching and learning the Java... DOWNLOAD
weeno(sfnet) weeno Weeno is an software-only extension of Wiring /... DOWNLOAD
linqt(sfnet) LinQ LinQ is an instant messaging system based on th... DOWNLOAD
tpm-secserver(sfnet) ThePacketMaster Linux Security Server Live Security/Forensics Linux Distribution, bui... DOWNLOAD
jeclipse(sfnet) jEclipse Java Based Cryptographic P2P Messaging Client, ... DOWNLOAD
oona(sfnet) Oona Saves the World Oona Saves the World is a game in defense of na... DOWNLOAD
tao-ocean-dcrf(sfnet) The TAO Ocean DCRF The Ocean Distributed Component Reference Frame... DOWNLOAD
nedengine(sfnet) NedEngine NedEngine is modular approach to web based cont... DOWNLOAD
wifimon(sfnet) WiFiMon WiFiMon is a GUI-utility, based on the output o... DOWNLOAD
wincert(sfnet) wincert Wincert is a linux shell script which converts ... DOWNLOAD
datetimestamp(sfnet) DateTimeStamp DateTimeStamp is program what allows to get EXI... DOWNLOAD
addieland(sfnet) AddieLand A small game engine. DOWNLOAD
guile-raptor(sfnet) Guile Raptor Guile bindings for Dave Beckett\'s Raptor RDF P... DOWNLOAD
mcdb(sfnet) MCDb Java Database Record Manager MCDb is a database record manager written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
ova(sfnet) ova ova is a convenient console frontend for rippin... DOWNLOAD
wapmon(sfnet) Wireless Access Point Monitor The Wireless Access Point Monitor (wapmon) will... DOWNLOAD
kadnode(sfnet) KadNode KadNode has moved to DOWNLOAD
sawu(sfnet) sawu アグリーメントUtilitaireデジュールデサイトstati... DOWNLOAD
jprofviewer(sfnet) JProf viewer A viewer to view and analyze the old Java profi... DOWNLOAD
eversight(sfnet) EverSight EverSight is an open-source cross-platform vers... DOWNLOAD
jlwizard(sfnet) JLWizard JLWizard is a class library, written in Java, f... DOWNLOAD
mms-qt(sfnet) MMS Downloader A QT GUI for the mms_client (http://www.geociti... DOWNLOAD
sforce(sfnet) sforce Utilties and samples for use with sforce, the s... DOWNLOAD
extreme-fusion(sfnet) eXtreme-Fusion Impressive fusions in polish developers ... eXt... DOWNLOAD
udrecsuite(sfnet) udrec_suite Udrec_suite provides a networked video recorder... DOWNLOAD
opath(sfnet) OPath OPath is a physically based rendering system. ... DOWNLOAD
tmv(sfnet) tmv Renames files/directories according to sed scri... DOWNLOAD
hackhack(sfnet) Hack Hack A multiplayer mini-roguelike game containing li... DOWNLOAD
pconvert(sfnet) PC Units Conversion Tool Pocket Convert is an application for Pocket PC ... DOWNLOAD
kaffeecos(sfnet) Kaffe/eCos Kaffe/eCos is an open source Java implementatio... DOWNLOAD
sqldatabasefilerecovery(sfnet) SQL Database File Recovery The imperfect circumstances of inaccessibility ... DOWNLOAD
karmalib(sfnet) Karma Lib Open source, cross platform libraries for contr... DOWNLOAD
winwar(sfnet) WinWar: WarCraft for Windows (Please refer to the Wiki for updated informati... DOWNLOAD
simplimath(sfnet) SimpliMath SimpliMath includes SimpliCalc, a simple, easy ... DOWNLOAD
dijkstra(sfnet) Dijkstra shortest path algorithm Simple Dijkstra shortest path implementation - ... DOWNLOAD
winavrloader(sfnet) AVR Loader WinAVRLoader is a software that allows to use t... DOWNLOAD
protoscribe(sfnet) Protoscribe Protoscribe converts pseudo English sentences i... DOWNLOAD
xmlsports(sfnet) XMLSPORTS XMLSPORTS is a utility that outputs live sports... DOWNLOAD
cgd-linux(sfnet) Cryptographic Disk Driver in Linux Cryptographic Disk Driver for Linux DOWNLOAD
l1394(sfnet) L1394 L1394 is a object oriented high-level library t... DOWNLOAD
dmoz2mysql(sfnet) DMOZ to MySQL using PHP This is a PHP script that is used to parse the ... DOWNLOAD

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