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catspeed(sfnet) catspeed Catspeed is an easy to use java performance mon... DOWNLOAD
easycurelogs(sfnet) EasyCureLogs DOWNLOAD
netplace(sfnet) netplace Network Place Manager helps you save and connec... DOWNLOAD
makeajackson(sfnet) Make A Jackson Make A Jackson is a great tool to help you desi... DOWNLOAD
eatool(sfnet) Equity Analysis Tool The "Equity Analysis Tool" is a utili... DOWNLOAD
bluephone(sfnet) GNOME BluePhone BluePhone is a GNOME applet to allow you to rem... DOWNLOAD
jplan(sfnet) JPlan: Java GraphPlan Implementation JPlan is a java implementation of GraphPlan, a ... DOWNLOAD
slackins(sfnet) Slackware Installer SlackIns is a complete Qt-based ui with the des... DOWNLOAD
jsummit(sfnet) jSummit jSummit is a multi-platform, peer-to-peer confe... DOWNLOAD
concordia(sfnet) xtConcordia XtConcordia is a 'Content Management System' pa... DOWNLOAD
zsql(sfnet) Z-SQL for Microsoft SQL Server Z-SQL is a package-oriented SQL language design... DOWNLOAD
pagecount(sfnet) PageCount (a file-based webstatistic) PageCount is a kind of weblogger, logging eithe... DOWNLOAD
dctcd(sfnet) dctcd "GUI" for DCTC (Direct Connect Text C... DOWNLOAD
netsnmp(sfnet) Net_SNMP Net_SNMP is an object-oriented library written ... DOWNLOAD
pymusicpd(sfnet) pymusicpd A MPD client written in python and using Qt4 DOWNLOAD
xiexie(sfnet) XièXiè Compiler XièXiè is a language with a trans-compiler (or ... DOWNLOAD
asmprog(sfnet) ASMPROG Assembler Games and Programs enveloped with sup... DOWNLOAD
ultra-sdk(sfnet) Ultra.Sdk OS independent C++ multimedia sdk for developin... DOWNLOAD
sokath(sfnet) sokath This program will be designed in a way that it ... DOWNLOAD
h-racer(sfnet) H-Racer H-Racer: hover-craft racing simulation made in ... DOWNLOAD
kconstruct(sfnet) KConstruct Dead project. DOWNLOAD
redrevision(sfnet) RedRevision RedRevision is a Plone product for storing obje... DOWNLOAD
bcss(sfnet) Balance Comparison Scoring System The Balance Comparison Scoring System's unique ... DOWNLOAD
winpp(sfnet) winpp - C++ Wrapper for the Windows API winpp is a collection of C++ wrappers for the W... DOWNLOAD
omnisys(sfnet) omnisys Omni*sys - Open management and Network Intellig... DOWNLOAD
isqllibrary(sfnet) Internal SQL Library A tool to query arrays in memory using SQL. It ... DOWNLOAD
frename(sfnet) fRENAME A Win32 application for renaming multiple files... DOWNLOAD
gichat(sfnet) GIChatApp DOWNLOAD
arkanoidsupinfo(sfnet) Arkanoid Supinfo
modperlservice(sfnet) mod_perlservice mod_perlservice is a module for the apache http... DOWNLOAD
rosco(sfnet) Rosco Platform independant (pure Java) universal IM C... DOWNLOAD
featuretracker(sfnet) UserStory-FeatureTracker UserStory-FeatureTracker is an Access database ... DOWNLOAD
nxd(sfnet) Lightspoke Dbx: DBXML Server Lightspoke Dbx is a fast XML database web servi... DOWNLOAD
usrbac(sfnet) Userspace Role Based Access Control USRBAC is a kernel patch and userspace daemon t... DOWNLOAD
webquery(sfnet) Wifi Webquery Wifi Webquery consists of a php script that con... DOWNLOAD
mycollab(sfnet) MyCollab MyCollab is an open source Java business platfo... DOWNLOAD
voicino(sfnet) Voicino Voicino is a tool for formant-preserving pitch ... DOWNLOAD
grac(sfnet) Grac A spell and grammar checker. Support for differ... DOWNLOAD
downapk(sfnet) downapk DOWNLOAD
mycomic(sfnet) MyComic Allows you to administer a webcomic without nee... DOWNLOAD
irc-collective(sfnet) IRC Collective Providing solutions to archive, query and analy... DOWNLOAD
opendebug(sfnet) openDebug openDebug is a simple PHP debugger for use in s... DOWNLOAD
xshellwidgets(sfnet) xshell-widgets Xshell widgets are convenient popup windows tha... DOWNLOAD
mbeanconfig(sfnet) MBean Property Configurator The MBean Property Configurator was designed to... DOWNLOAD
athosframework(sfnet) AthosFW Persistence Athos Persistence is a open source object-relat... DOWNLOAD
statercoin(sfnet) Statercoin Statercoin, is the new peer-to-peer digital cry... DOWNLOAD
resourcepocket(sfnet) Resource Pocket - Java Caching Library Java library that enables efficient caching of ... DOWNLOAD
midp-emu(sfnet) MIDP Emulation Layer The aim of this project is to create an impleme... DOWNLOAD
jbutinet(sfnet) jButiNET A java graphical user interface and library for... DOWNLOAD
ftdi-usb-ft245(sfnet) FTDI FT245BM USB driver for Linux A high speed Linux kernel driver for the FTDI F... DOWNLOAD
walldrawer(sfnet) Walldrawer Walldrawer - an easy alternative to on-site wal... DOWNLOAD
free-host(sfnet) PureNet A peer-to-peer distributed webserver for either... DOWNLOAD
image-db-perl(sfnet) Image::DB A Perl module for query and update of image inf... DOWNLOAD
bitcoinphp(sfnet) Bitcoin PHP Bitcoin Market information using PHP DOWNLOAD
acbackaccountingsystem(sfnet) acback accounting system Acback accounting system, online vouchers, paym... DOWNLOAD
xpcomplus(sfnet) XPCOM+ C++ binding of XPCOM. DOWNLOAD
danadoc(sfnet) DanaDoc System to assist with the management of a local... DOWNLOAD
hm2jhelp(sfnet) HM2JHelp HM2JHelp is a utility application designed to a... DOWNLOAD
bigarithmetic(sfnet) BigArithmetic C++ This project has the aim to offer a highly effi... DOWNLOAD
spoken-bible(sfnet) A Bíblia Falada A Biblia Falada é um software para leitura e es... DOWNLOAD
robowar-editor(sfnet) Robowar-editor A tool to write Robot Arena robot codes. DOWNLOAD
firecops(sfnet) FIRECOPS++ FIRECOPS++ is a firewall, connection tracker an... DOWNLOAD
deleter(sfnet) Deleter New version of the Deleter - program with frein... DOWNLOAD
cbtree(sfnet) cbTree DOWNLOAD
six-vertex(sfnet) 6Vertex 6Vertex is an Objective C/Cocoa application (an... DOWNLOAD
dh256(sfnet) dh256 fast hash algorithm Fast 256 bit hash algorithm and simple command ... DOWNLOAD
go-gnvm(sfnet) gnvm GNVM: Node.exe version manager on Windows by GO DOWNLOAD
twit(sfnet) Tiny Webserver Integration Toolkit TWIT is a tiny webserver written in Java, which... DOWNLOAD
hpecs(sfnet) Hidden PHP eBay Counter System (HPECS) This software project aims to create an easy to... DOWNLOAD
pitsilemu(sfnet) pitsilemu Pitsilemu is an IRC bot originally designed by ... DOWNLOAD
ulmxmlview(sfnet) XML tree viewer component Universal java component to display content and... DOWNLOAD
shakespeer(sfnet) ShakesPeer Shakespeer is a Direct Connect implementation f... DOWNLOAD
winplayer(sfnet) WinPlayer I was bored one night so I decided to create my... DOWNLOAD
mingen(sfnet) mingen MinGen is a Minimalist generator, the logical o... DOWNLOAD
rasmusdsp(sfnet) RasmusDSP RasmusDSP is an embeddable Audio/MIDI processor... DOWNLOAD
objecthtml(sfnet) Object HTML Object HTML - create static HTML files, embed t... DOWNLOAD
laquetededouin(sfnet) La quête de Douin DOWNLOAD
coppeer(sfnet) Coppeer This is an Open Source Project for academic pur... DOWNLOAD
autobrightness(sfnet) AutoBrightness This is a small light-weight Linux-based applic... DOWNLOAD
jacareto(sfnet) Jacareto NOTE: This project is not actively maintained a... DOWNLOAD
devissimo(sfnet) devissimo teste tetetete tetet DOWNLOAD
myevalvid2(sfnet) My evaluation video version 2 DOWNLOAD
x-dev(sfnet) Cross-Dev X-Dev (cross-dev) is a collection of shell scri... DOWNLOAD
thefstool(sfnet) TheFSTool The FSTool shows the time Windows have been run... DOWNLOAD
png(sfnet) Prime Number Generator Generates prime numbers. This program finds pri... DOWNLOAD
combuilder(sfnet) COMBuilder COMBuilder is a VB6 app that will allow you to ... DOWNLOAD
toastmastertimerconnect(sfnet) ToastmasterTimerConnect A Program that helps Toastmasters Timer to time... DOWNLOAD
icmpfortune(sfnet) icmpfortune icmpfortune will provide you fortune cookies tu... DOWNLOAD
bolts(sfnet) Bolts Talker System This is a talker server (telnet chat) which is ... DOWNLOAD
spk(sfnet) spk Spk is a package manager aimed at handling pack... DOWNLOAD
riverock(sfnet) riverock Main project of riverock is Webmill portal. Web... DOWNLOAD
howwesurvive(sfnet) howwesurvive A must for every pc/laptop Survival needs can... DOWNLOAD
mscreen(sfnet) mScreen mScreen can capture your palm screen,and save a... DOWNLOAD
memosnaps(sfnet) MemoSnaps MemoSnaps is a free application developed for t... DOWNLOAD
mush(sfnet) Mush Mush is an sh compatible shell that is designed... DOWNLOAD
nss(sfnet) Network String Scanner Network String Scanner is a network discovery t... DOWNLOAD
heirloom(sfnet) Heirloom Project The Heirloom Project provides standard Unix uti... DOWNLOAD
javatail(sfnet) JTail JTail is a simply multiplatform application, wh... DOWNLOAD
ex-vi(sfnet) The traditional vi The traditional vi editor, ported to modern Uni... DOWNLOAD
shnoo(sfnet) shnoo shnoo is a GUI for shntool - a program used to ... DOWNLOAD

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