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chironcalendar(sfnet) chiron calendar minimalistic webcalendar to manage plannings of... DOWNLOAD
phpstat(sfnet) phpStat phpStat is a set of PHP scripts that can analyz... DOWNLOAD
ppmtotv(sfnet) PPM to TV Converts a PPM picture to a PAL or NTSC encoded... DOWNLOAD
cvschangelog(sfnet) CVS Change Log for Eclipse CVS ChangeLog View Eclipse Plugin. DOWNLOAD
lolipop(sfnet) Enemy Beyond Project Lolipop was a C++ development of a true... DOWNLOAD
ncrypto(sfnet) NCrypto Fully managed classes that wraps the common pri... DOWNLOAD
dmp4x(sfnet) DMP4X DMP4X is a manager software to configure and ea... DOWNLOAD
fbsuite(sfnet) xfbsuite xfbsuite, is a litle benchmark suite for HDD, F... DOWNLOAD
mojoman(sfnet) Mojoman Mojoman is a weblogging application that is des... DOWNLOAD
fractalator(sfnet) Fractalator Fractalator is a flexible, java based fractal g... DOWNLOAD
webofpatterns(sfnet) Web of Patterns Web of Patterns - Formal Descriptions of design... DOWNLOAD
cue2toc(sfnet) cue2toc Cue2toc is a program to convert CUE files to cd... DOWNLOAD
realslim(sfnet) RealSlim RealSlim is a software project that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
vbaircd(sfnet) VBA IRC Daemon VBA IRC Daemon (IRC Server) - Language: VBA in ... DOWNLOAD
webtst(sfnet) WebTst WebTst is a perl/Apache Web development test in... DOWNLOAD
thicky(sfnet) Thicky Thicky is a client side web technology that all... DOWNLOAD
fizmezwebserver(sfnet) Fizmez Web Server A webserver written entirely in Java. Useful f... DOWNLOAD
cottagies(sfnet) ScreenOff A script to turn off your computer's screen. It... DOWNLOAD
fucf(sfnet) fucf fucf is library of functions for Macromedia Col... DOWNLOAD
the-agency(sfnet) The Agency The Agency provides the public with open source... DOWNLOAD
gstmaster(sfnet) GPL Skulltag Master This software provides a stable fully free and ...
gontact(sfnet) Gontact GTK+ contact manager A contact management software. Maintains a data... DOWNLOAD
timeeffect(sfnet) TIMEEFFECT TIMEEFFECT is a PHP4 based, multi user system f... DOWNLOAD
phptraverse(sfnet) PHP Traverser A PHP script that allows you to browse a direct... DOWNLOAD
xml-htb(sfnet) xml-HTB xml-HTB is a tool for automatic generation of b... DOWNLOAD
portage-sql(sfnet) Portage SQL A Gentoo Portage Package Management System Libr... DOWNLOAD
tregstore(sfnet) TRegStore TRegStore is a non-visual VCL component written... DOWNLOAD
elps(sfnet) ELPS ELPS is a small linux distro aimed to became a ... DOWNLOAD
burrokeet(sfnet) Burrokeet This project aims to develop a standards based... DOWNLOAD
esr-backup(sfnet) ESR Backup ESR Backup (Easy, Secure, Remote) is a backup s... DOWNLOAD
webgate(sfnet) WebGate WebGate is a web application that aggregates fr... DOWNLOAD
redpos(sfnet) Redpos A simple and rock solid Point Of Sale (POS) app... DOWNLOAD
codecz(sfnet) CoDeCZ CoDeCZ derives copy number state from targeted ... DOWNLOAD
aptsatdemoduler(sfnet) APTSatDemoduler ATPSatDemoduler is an open source application, ... DOWNLOAD
noor(sfnet) Noor A small Quran viewer DOWNLOAD
scan4dots(sfnet) scan4dots Web portal design for students or employers eva... DOWNLOAD
wnd(sfnet) wnd wnd is a python only win32 api framework focuss... DOWNLOAD
smallftpd(sfnet) Smallftpd Smallftpd is a simple, small and free FTP serve... DOWNLOAD
dheronao(sfnet) ReinosOlvidadosAO DOWNLOAD
mapmintvm(sfnet) mapmint-vm DOWNLOAD
brainlink(sfnet) Brainlink Brainlink is a collaborative text editor that u... DOWNLOAD
libgutenfetch(sfnet) libgutenfetch libgutenfetch is a library which provides a cle... DOWNLOAD
btqueue(sfnet) BitTorrent Queue Manager A Console-based BitTorrent Client with built-in... DOWNLOAD
cyclecnt(sfnet) CycleCnt CycleCnt is a client/server application that tr... DOWNLOAD
amh(sfnet) AMH DOWNLOAD
blarg(sfnet) Blarg, Blarg, will be a top down shooter that will fea...
easylog(sfnet) EasyLog python logging wrapper EasyLog wraps logging and logging.handlers from... DOWNLOAD
phpjspoll(sfnet) Simple Polling System A challenge from a colleague inspired me into t... DOWNLOAD
cheesypy(sfnet) CheesyPy CheesyPy - a library for creating websites some... DOWNLOAD
bdbplusplus(sfnet) BDB++ BDB++ is a C++ Standard Library style API built... DOWNLOAD
auctiongallery(sfnet) AuctionGallery AuctionGallery is a terminal script that create... DOWNLOAD
sxb(sfnet) .:sXb:. Slackware on Xbox sXb is a Slackware distribution that runs on th... DOWNLOAD
halog(sfnet) Halog Simple news and blogging system made by PHP and... DOWNLOAD
xamppaddon(sfnet) XAMPP-AddOns XAMPP AddOns DOWNLOAD
idea-rsa-crypt(sfnet) IDEA-RSA Encrypter Aplicacinデcifradoイdescifradoデアーカイブutili... DOWNLOAD
jegg(sfnet) jegg JEgg is a Java application framework that facil... DOWNLOAD
cdtar(sfnet) CDTAR Graphical Backup Utility for use with CD Writer... DOWNLOAD
open-realtyorg(sfnet) open-realty Open-Realty is a content mangament software sy... DOWNLOAD
freedom(sfnet) freedom Freedom Project is a software suite that enhanc... DOWNLOAD
geekcredit(sfnet) Geek Credit Geek Credit is a digital compelmentary currency... DOWNLOAD
bitos(sfnet) bitOS A small shell-like Operating System DOWNLOAD
lyrician(sfnet) Lyrician A lyrics display software for WinAmp. Written i... DOWNLOAD
ionengine(sfnet) The ion 3D engine The ion engine is a portable 3D graphics engine... DOWNLOAD
forecastlab(sfnet) Forecast Lab Desktop Edition This is a software project to create a desktop ... DOWNLOAD
ctx-webcore(sfnet) core-tx WebEngine コア- TXのWebengineにはcode.Core - TXのWebEngin... DOWNLOAD
aabrowse(sfnet) AABrowse AABrowse is a server browser for America's Army... DOWNLOAD
phpbackupmysql(sfnet) MySQL differential backup into XML files phpBackupMySQLdiff is a Web Application to do M... DOWNLOAD
batavia(sfnet) Batavia file manager Batavia is an extensible platfrom independent f... DOWNLOAD
kearefinery(sfnet) kearefinery The Kea (Nestor notabilis) is a large species o... DOWNLOAD
hd44780(sfnet) HD44780 Driver A general driver for controlling a HD44780 (and... DOWNLOAD
hamcannon(sfnet) hamcannon NOTE: This project has MOVED to http://projects... DOWNLOAD
anyservice(sfnet) AnyService free apptoservice DOWNLOAD
gtk-sharp(sfnet) gtk-sharp Gtk# is a .Net language binding for the Gtk+ to... DOWNLOAD
msmeter(sfnet) Media storage meter An application for the testing of network attac... DOWNLOAD
phpsqlview(sfnet) SQLView SQLView, a web browser interface for viewing an... DOWNLOAD
mavericklite(sfnet) MaverickLite A web presentation layer MVC based framework fo... DOWNLOAD
buntu(sfnet) Buntu Currently the Buntu project is a set of deb pac... DOWNLOAD
zadig(sfnet) Zadig DOWNLOAD
echongl(sfnet) EGL A Quake2 client modified from the original Quak... DOWNLOAD
netphone(sfnet) Net Phone Simple command line IP telephonly application f... DOWNLOAD
rsslib4j(sfnet) RSSLib for J RSSLib4J.<br> RSSLib4J is a set of Java A... DOWNLOAD
gnome-pkgtool(sfnet) GNOME Slackware Package Manager gnome-pkgtool is a GTK+/GNOME package manager f... DOWNLOAD
testcard(sfnet) Testcard Testcard is a SDL/SDL_gfx based monitor test pa... DOWNLOAD
feedthing(sfnet) FeedThing A windows aggregator (RSS & Atom) with an u... DOWNLOAD
normaproject(sfnet) Norma Everyone is writing shell scripts with his own ...
lawshare(sfnet) Law-Share Network A hybrid peer-to-peer/client-server system to a... DOWNLOAD
pyme(sfnet) PyMe PyMe is a Python interface to GnuPG functions. ... DOWNLOAD
ihptool(sfnet) iRiver IHP toolkit ihptool is a utility for the iRiver IHP series ... DOWNLOAD
ledes-1998b(sfnet) TABs To Ledes Conversion LEDES 1998(b) Conversion program for accounting... DOWNLOAD
spacetraderwin(sfnet) Space Trader for Windows Space Trader for Windows. A port to C# (.NET) ... DOWNLOAD
kovt2014(sfnet) kovt2014 Berekening kinderopvangtoeslag 2014 1) Pak all...
cubeengine3(sfnet) Cube engine 3 New Cube engine, based upon the Cube engine fro... DOWNLOAD
openbroad(sfnet) OpenBroad OpenBroad is a streaming client/server system, ... DOWNLOAD
glurp(sfnet) Glurp Glurp is a GTK+-2.x based graphical client for ... DOWNLOAD
fwcontrib(sfnet) flexwiki-contrib A collection of utilities for enhancing FlexWiki. DOWNLOAD
gfastfile(sfnet) gFastFile gFastFile is a fast and useful file manager wri... DOWNLOAD
webcraft(sfnet) phpWebcraft phpWebcraft is a PHP Framework for Portals/Site... DOWNLOAD
boshiemail(sfnet) GuiEmlAttachmentConversion For Email Attachments Conversion DOWNLOAD
enigmagpg(sfnet) EnigmaGPG Community Enigma GPG Community allows you to encrypt / si... DOWNLOAD
libxls(sfnet) libxls Library for parsing Excel (XLS) files, with a s... DOWNLOAD

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