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flr(sfnet) FLR A library of R packages for use in fisheries mo... DOWNLOAD
textwiz(sfnet) TextWiz This is an easy to use tool for the manipulatio... DOWNLOAD
aquilla(sfnet) Aquila Search for torrents around the world with this ... DOWNLOAD
ioncube-dl(sfnet) ioncube-dl he ionCube Loader is a free application that ru... DOWNLOAD
expreval(sfnet) ExprEval ExprEval pre-3.0 is a C based expression evalua... DOWNLOAD
intrasol(sfnet) Intranet Solution Modulerized intranet solution, written in PHP5.... DOWNLOAD
chryzodus(sfnet) Chryzodus, a chryzode explorer Chryzodus is a chryzode renderer using Allegro ... DOWNLOAD
magmi(freshmeat) Magmi Magmi is a mass importer for the Magento e-comm... DOWNLOAD
bitvector4j(sfnet) BitVector4J BitVector4Jは、標準のJava BitSetクラスの一般的... DOWNLOAD
renmod(sfnet) renmod renmod is a software written in C language allo... DOWNLOAD
phptags(sfnet) phptags The phptags utility makes a tags file from the ... DOWNLOAD
gwagam(sfnet) GWA Global Address Management Address and User database module Written in Bor... DOWNLOAD
mobilebroadband(sfnet) mobilebroadband Fork of DOWNLOAD
pfp-studio(sfnet) PfP Studio PfP Studio is a visual programming system for R... DOWNLOAD
infogrep(sfnet) InfoGrep Components A collection of software to implement search en... DOWNLOAD
moras(sfnet) Moras A character equipment planing tool for the MMOR... DOWNLOAD
cgi-scanner-9(sfnet) scanner CGI with access 97 Software for detecting CGI and configuration vu... DOWNLOAD
grivoc(sfnet) GriVoc GriVoc is a small vocabulary trainer for the sh... DOWNLOAD
pjer-cm(sfnet) PjEr-CM PjEr-CM is a content management framework based... DOWNLOAD
rexx-gci(sfnet) REXX GCI GCI is the Generic Call Interface for REXX inte... DOWNLOAD
schoolmedia(sfnet) SchoolMedia SchoolMedia is a simple yet powerful wiki-based... DOWNLOAD
farefetch(sfnet) farefetch Fetches British rail fares information from brf... DOWNLOAD
monetaverde(sfnet) monetaverde Moneta Verde is the first cryptocoin with block... DOWNLOAD
pah(sfnet) pah DOWNLOAD
mnbotmolitor(sfnet) Maas-Neotek TinyMUD bot+converse mode This is the Maas-Neotek Robot, sixth experiment... DOWNLOAD
t33nymud(sfnet) T33nyMUD T33nyMUD. A TinyMUD compatible mud server, with... DOWNLOAD
oradump(sfnet) oradump oradump is a cli table dumping and sql executio... DOWNLOAD
wikiviz(sfnet) WikiViz Wikiviz is an open-source wiki processing appli... DOWNLOAD
openamp(sfnet) Open-Amp Open-Amp/Lati-Player is an open source audio pl... DOWNLOAD
newage(sfnet) NewAge Proyect Newage datapack dev. DOWNLOAD
chemgame(sfnet) Chemathon Jeopardy ChemGame is the framework for the Chemical Jeop... DOWNLOAD
xmlhelper(sfnet) Java XML Helper This utility is used to creates Java object mod... DOWNLOAD
yabt(sfnet) Yet another backup tool Yet Another Backup Tool is a directory backup t... DOWNLOAD
bitquant(sfnet) bitquant This is the sourceforge site for Bitquant Resea... DOWNLOAD
cdfind(sfnet) cdfind Command line CD catalog utility with the possib... DOWNLOAD
wxextended(sfnet) wxExtended Libraries wxExtended is an collection of 'add-on' librari... DOWNLOAD
easygame(sfnet) easygame really simpe python library for graphics output... DOWNLOAD
uranium-irc(sfnet) Uranium -IRC Client Uranium -IRC Client is a IRC -Client written in... DOWNLOAD
eight(sfnet) Eight Java SCHIP-8 Emulator DOWNLOAD
rubixus(sfnet) Rubixus A 3D Rubik's cube game for 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5... DOWNLOAD
skynetservers(sfnet) SkyNet Servers DOWNLOAD
jakin(sfnet) Jakin OS JakinOS simple linux distribution for code deve... DOWNLOAD
rvautoheader(sfnet) AutoHeader A simple commandline tool to add and remove hea... DOWNLOAD
ipx10(sfnet) IP X10 X10 powerline <-> UDP/IP gateway server, ... DOWNLOAD
extract-xiso(sfnet) extract-xiso Extract-xiso is the premier backup tool for cre... DOWNLOAD
sehomework(sfnet) sehomework DOWNLOAD
checkroot(sfnet) checkroot A cracker intruding your system can hide his tr... DOWNLOAD
sharecd(sfnet) ShareCD A linux console application which rips CDs to M... DOWNLOAD
tracemarkers(sfnet) Tracemarkers DOWNLOAD
quitcount(sfnet) QuitCount A simple counter showing how much you spared si... DOWNLOAD
aisoccer(sfnet) AI Soccer Project Network gaming environment for AI warriors. Off... DOWNLOAD
filewatcher-ax(sfnet) FileWatcher AX Product Description: FileWatcher AX integrates... DOWNLOAD
isoj2me(sfnet) J2ME Isometric Engine An engine/framework for isometric games (like j... DOWNLOAD
quixplorer(sfnet) QuiXplorer - web-based file-management The QuiXplorer project has been moved to github... DOWNLOAD
speechtunez(sfnet) SpeechTunez SpeechTunez: let your iPod tell you what you're... DOWNLOAD
openebase(sfnet) openebase OPENEBASE è un software pensato per aiutare le ... DOWNLOAD
nicememe(sfnet) nicememe DOWNLOAD
mas-pic16c84(sfnet) 'Mas' PICxxx Generic assembly PICxxx Genric assembler (support for script lan... DOWNLOAD
onejar(sfnet) 1Jar This software allows you to package a *.jar fil... DOWNLOAD
dionysos(sfnet) Dionysos MediaServer to manage MP3 files and other media... DOWNLOAD
yukatan(sfnet) Yukatan Advanced email management system DOWNLOAD
quaneko(sfnet) quaneko quaneko is a tool that allows you to quickly se... DOWNLOAD
cgintelligence(sfnet) intelligence This Project will make the attempt to cross art... DOWNLOAD
javacrpg(sfnet) jClassicRPG Developing classic RPG framework with Java &... DOWNLOAD
tuxhatlinux(sfnet) tuxhatlinux IRC: #... DOWNLOAD
miscmhmodel(sfnet) MiscMHModel Misc makehuman models for nexuiz and xonotic. O... DOWNLOAD
jalarmer(sfnet) jalarmer
ntvdm64(sfnet) deprecated Deprecated homepage for NTVDM64. Please visit: ... DOWNLOAD
vdowall(sfnet) Video Displaying On Wall Software to create real-time videos to be displ... DOWNLOAD
libxmlconf(sfnet) Simple XML Configuration Library An xml library for parsing a simple configurati... DOWNLOAD
flightthrill(sfnet) FlightThrill A console game based on an existing online Java... DOWNLOAD
drinkmix(sfnet) DrinkMix A program that will show you what drinks you ca... DOWNLOAD
personaldb(sfnet) PersonalDB A web services application that provides an SQL... DOWNLOAD
mupssystem(sfnet) Millikin University ePortfolio System What is MUPS? MUPS stands for "Millikin Un... DOWNLOAD
jdstream(sfnet) JDStream Reader Client Library Java Library used to connect and read data from... DOWNLOAD
alquraan(sfnet) AlQuraan This software is main objective is to give the ... DOWNLOAD
autograf(sfnet) AutoGraf AutoGraf is an automatic class visualization to... DOWNLOAD
wbpa(sfnet) wbpa All Blacklight Downloads Here. DOWNLOAD
apt-move(sfnet) APT-Move Maintain Debian packages in a package pool DOWNLOAD
phpbrowserbox3(sfnet) PHPBrowserBox3 This is a standalone windows browser that allo... DOWNLOAD
crazycar(sfnet) CrazyCar fuzzyControl Embedded uC software for a CrazyCar (see crazyc... DOWNLOAD
kaoticworld(sfnet) KaoticWorld A Portable 2D Role Playing Game Engine designed... DOWNLOAD
webnailer(sfnet) Webnailer Webnailer is a CGI script that generates a Web ... DOWNLOAD
winzoom(sfnet) Winzoom Magnification Tool Winzoom Magnification Tool DOWNLOAD
m2300w(sfnet) m2300w The m2300w driver is a Linux printer driver for... DOWNLOAD
syncronize(sfnet) Syncronize A script to automatically backup the primary di... DOWNLOAD
jants(sfnet) Jants Jants is a set of Java libraries for the artifi... DOWNLOAD
contegosoftware(sfnet) Contego Software Tool "Contego" for encryption to plai... DOWNLOAD
twainx(sfnet) TwainX TWAIN Scanner Control wrapped as an ActiveX Obj... DOWNLOAD
jvs-vfs(sfnet) Java Virtual System Java Virtual System (JVS) is built around a vir... DOWNLOAD
mod-cas(sfnet) mod_cas Apache module that integrates CAS into the famo... DOWNLOAD
traj(sfnet) traj This program plots the solutions or approximati... DOWNLOAD
daakumataa(sfnet) DaakuMataa Image manipulation framework architecture for W... DOWNLOAD
porting2gpe(sfnet) Porting2GPE Porting weather application to the grid environ... DOWNLOAD
mavencron(sfnet) Maven Cron A cron server for Jakarta Maven to automate goa... DOWNLOAD
wikyblog(sfnet) WikyBlog : Wiki / Blog CMS WikyBlog is a CMS/Groupware application written... DOWNLOAD
trinculo(sfnet) Trinculo An efficient toolkit for carrying out genetic a... DOWNLOAD
syndetector(sfnet) syndetector syndetector is a software which can detect and ... DOWNLOAD
tokratan(sfnet) Tokratan Tokratan is an open source free multiplayer gra... DOWNLOAD
mantrawallet(sfnet) MartraWallet Mantra Wallet is an online and offline determin... DOWNLOAD

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