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cpanelapi(sfnet) cpanel E-mail API Enable you php scripts for automated cPanel ema... DOWNLOAD
tclrar(sfnet) Tclrar An extension to the Tcl scripting language whic... DOWNLOAD
obsrecordingnotifier(sfnet) OBS Recording Notifier I couldn't help but notice an irritating lack o... DOWNLOAD
jbgits(sfnet) Java Based Graphical Interface to Samba This project is a Java application that is bein... DOWNLOAD
silkdimmer(sfnet) SilkDimmer SilkDimmer allows the stepless adjustment of th... DOWNLOAD
sbdefinitions(sfnet) StockBrowser definitions Definition files for StockBrowser DOWNLOAD
ehttpd(sfnet) EasyHTTPD - Embedded HTTP Server/Parser EasyHTTPD is a drop in C++ class to implement a... DOWNLOAD
smewebapp(sfnet) SME Web Application Framework smewebapp intends to simplify the construction ... DOWNLOAD
landed-cost(sfnet) Landed Cost for Professional Series Landed Cost is an enhancement to SBT/ACCPAC/BES... DOWNLOAD
html-dwt(sfnet) HTML::DWT HTML::DWT is a series of Perl 5 modules designe... DOWNLOAD
k12wincd(sfnet) k12 ltsp windows companion CD k12wincd provides a CD image of software that p... DOWNLOAD
vncsessmgr(sfnet) VNC Session Manager VNC Session Manager adds the nessary glue code ... DOWNLOAD
xqengine(sfnet) XQEngine - XML Query Engine XQEngine is a Java component for searching coll... DOWNLOAD
dragonchart(sfnet) dragonchart Whole Features 1, Pure html5 and Javascript, cr... DOWNLOAD
i855crt(sfnet) intel 855GM crt video out driver i855crt is an userspace driver for linux that c... DOWNLOAD
keep(sfnet) Keep Keep is a Perl script that is intended to be th... DOWNLOAD
glade2php(sfnet) Glade2PHP-GTK This PHP script create php-gtk files using glad... DOWNLOAD
duplicatefilefinderr(sfnet) duplicate file finder this application finds duplicate file in your s... DOWNLOAD
modprismiq(sfnet) modprismiq modPrismiq -- open source implementations for ... DOWNLOAD
krpm2info(sfnet) Krpm2info Krpm2info is a small shell script that can be u... DOWNLOAD
sibsim4(sfnet) SIBsim4 SIBsim4: an extensive rewrite of the sim4 progr... DOWNLOAD
blu-linux(sfnet) Blu Linux Blu has evolved into Trenta OS. https://sourcef... DOWNLOAD
multigate(sfnet) MultiGate MultiGate is a multi-function security gateway ... DOWNLOAD
mightycal(sfnet) MightyCal: Zope/Cocoon Calendar Product MightyCal is a web-based calendaring system tha... DOWNLOAD
nasbackup(sfnet) NasBackup backup to network disks NasBackup is high-performance backup solotion f... DOWNLOAD
battlecocoa(sfnet) BattleCocoa BattleCocoa is Tetris clone game focusing on Ne... DOWNLOAD
sharpmud(sfnet) sharpmud SharpMud is a MUD server Framework written for ... DOWNLOAD
nolioreznews(sfnet) Nolior EZNews Nolior EZNews is a tool for presenting news, an... DOWNLOAD
jsf-spring(sfnet) JSF integration code for Spring This project provides glue code for comprehensi... DOWNLOAD
slave(sfnet) S.L.A.V.E. Project SLAVE is completely modulars set of scripts and... DOWNLOAD
pfgallery(sfnet) pfGallery A simple image gallery written in PHP. Supports... DOWNLOAD
hostingbackup(sfnet) HostingBackup Hosting Backup is a software to allow backing u... DOWNLOAD
openrpg-cms(sfnet) Open RPG-CMS Open Role-Playing Games Content/Campaign Manage... DOWNLOAD
fslurp(sfnet) fslurp fslurp is a program to pull the data from a Fro...
spiralizer(sfnet) Graphical spiral demo A simple 'gillion-lines-on-screen' style(as sta... DOWNLOAD
massrename(sfnet) massrename Massrename is general purpose utility for batch... DOWNLOAD
ftpcs(sfnet) Ftp Dot Net Ftp Dot Net is a Ftp Server written in C#. It r... DOWNLOAD
bluesync(sfnet) BlueSync BlueSync is a project that aims to seemlessly i... DOWNLOAD
juggalotis(sfnet) cKalc The cKalc project is a calculation program that... DOWNLOAD
phpfb4(sfnet) PHP Fusebox 4 Fusebox 4 Core Files - PHP OS Distribution DOWNLOAD
etherdam(sfnet) IPTables firewall configuration engine etherdam is an IPTables firewall configuration ... DOWNLOAD
cmysqlutils(sfnet) MySQLUtils This project was developed and will continue to... DOWNLOAD
tccc(sfnet) Travis's Cross Compiler Collection Travis's Cross Compiler Collection is a collect... DOWNLOAD
mrhyde(sfnet) Mr. Hyde Old DirectDraw games may pose color palette pro... DOWNLOAD
jacobie(sfnet) JACOBIE Java based API for use with Internet Explorer. ... DOWNLOAD
javavidwork(sfnet) Java workshop for beginners This workshop is for beginners who are learning... DOWNLOAD
objectimporterlibrary(sfnet) Object Importer Library Librarys to Import 3D Objects to your projects. DOWNLOAD
spikystorm(sfnet) Spiky Storm Life is not a bed of roses it is full of spike ... DOWNLOAD
opengoss(sfnet) OpenGoss=Open+NGOSS Open source NGOSS project that is devoted to bu... DOWNLOAD
ssra(sfnet) SemanticServiceRegistryAPI SemanticRegistryAPI is an API and a framework f... DOWNLOAD
javatraits(sfnet) Java Trait Language JTL is a compiler for Java extended with traits... DOWNLOAD
leela(sfnet) Leela Leela is a Web Service infrastructure for loose... DOWNLOAD
wfnm(sfnet) WebFlow Navigation Manager WebFlow Navigation Manager (WFNM) is a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
tmath(sfnet) GMath C++ geometry math library. GMath is a C++ templ... DOWNLOAD
testmaster(sfnet) Testmaster A testcase management, logging, reporting and t... DOWNLOAD
espcshutdownscheduler(sfnet) ES Shutdown Scheduler (ES) PC Shutdown Scheduler is a free app that a... DOWNLOAD
faqxml(sfnet) FAQ XML Project to create a unified FAQ XML format with... DOWNLOAD
cm-u8800(sfnet) CM-U8800 Port of the famous CyanogenMod for U8800. DOWNLOAD
cameloid(sfnet) CAMELOID Cameloid is a new TCP/UDP based P2P voice and v... DOWNLOAD
phplendme(sfnet) phpLendMe - ressource reservation system phpLendMe is a PHP/MySQL-based environment to a... DOWNLOAD
dig(sfnet) DIG Interface XML schemas, XMLBeans, and Java implementation ... DOWNLOAD
nmstats(sfnet) NM Stats NM Stats is a project aimed to produce a fully ...
codecrack(sfnet) CodeCrack This will containsome codes that i have created. DOWNLOAD
gumnut(freshmeat) gumnut gumnut is a program to find the most supported ... DOWNLOAD
evanblogresources(sfnet) evanblogresources DOWNLOAD
tweetpush(sfnet) TweetPush DOWNLOAD
inflog(sfnet) Infantry Log Parser Infantry Log Parser is a program written in Vis... DOWNLOAD
wireframeml(sfnet) aWireframeML Application Wireframe XML and reference softwar... DOWNLOAD
easyallegro(sfnet) EasyAllegro EasyAllegro is a distribution that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
autoservicemanual(sfnet) Automotive Service Manual Download Free Automotive Service Manual DOWNLOAD
keyboardhammer(sfnet) KeyboardHammer DOWNLOAD
umlapi(sfnet) UML API UML API is a Java library to manipulate UML mod... DOWNLOAD
domainkeys(sfnet) DomainKeys library and tools A general purpose set of tools, C library and C... DOWNLOAD
roachphp(sfnet) roach_php Roach is a light weight web based bug / change ... DOWNLOAD
asm2class(sfnet) Assembler JVM Compiler for java assembly to class file. This ... DOWNLOAD
solvent(sfnet) The Solvent The Solvent is a cross-browser AJAX application... DOWNLOAD
tth-texttohtml(sfnet) TTH - TextToHTML TTH is a Perl script, text-based preprocessor f...
blogware-php(sfnet) Blogware Reseller API PHP A PHP base class for use in communicating with ... DOWNLOAD
mobilestarchart(sfnet) Mobile Planetarium for Java Phones MobileStarChart is a MIDP1.0/2.0 midlet for Jav... DOWNLOAD
addressbar(sfnet) AddressBar AddressBar; A launchpad for windows, quickly ad... DOWNLOAD
indianbrain(sfnet) Href Parser It is a simple href parser which can edit the h... DOWNLOAD
mailsort(sfnet) Spamsort spam sorting daemon. Spamsort is a mail sorting application which sc... DOWNLOAD
yorick(sfnet) yorick Yorick is an interpreted programming language f... DOWNLOAD
pengusniff(sfnet) PenguHash Simple File Integrity Monitor. -Scan, Check, S... DOWNLOAD
scan(sfnet) SCAN SCAN (Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation)... DOWNLOAD
oopiclibs(sfnet) OOPic User Classes Reusable classes and libraries for the Savage I... DOWNLOAD
myreader(sfnet) myreader the news reader Open-source news reader for Windows. Special at... DOWNLOAD
jhid(sfnet) jhid This library provides a Java API to access Huma... DOWNLOAD
namd-lp(sfnet) NAMD Log Parser NAMD Log Parser sorts through the log file gene... DOWNLOAD
himeltrud(sfnet) Himeltrud DOWNLOAD
nuke-books(sfnet) Nuke Books Nuke Books is a php-nuke module to show a readi... DOWNLOAD
libdos9(sfnet) LibDos9 This is a little lib that a tiny and diversifie... DOWNLOAD
bswmath(sfnet) BSW_MATH This project uses PHP Code to programing mathem... DOWNLOAD
mixnmatch(sfnet) Mix n Match A block game in the style of tetris. Colored b... DOWNLOAD
svgplugin(sfnet) SVG Eclipse Plugin The project goal is to develop an Eclipse plugi... DOWNLOAD
joti(sfnet) joti joti - Java phOTo Index / Album, apply categori... DOWNLOAD
robotocode(sfnet) Roboto Code This project is to build, maintain and allow cr... DOWNLOAD
myorb(sfnet) MyORB An open source implementation of the complete O... DOWNLOAD
gpinch(sfnet) GnuPinch GnuPinch is a pinch analysis and supertargeting... DOWNLOAD
mdictionary(sfnet) MDictionary - mobile dictionary program Simple plugin based dictionary program for Symb... DOWNLOAD

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