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linuxperf(sfnet) LTC Linux Kernel Performance Project Our mission is to make Linux better by improvin... DOWNLOAD
phpbb2(sfnet) phpBB2 Various Themes / Hacks / Mods & news Sytem... DOWNLOAD
urinel(sfnet) Urinel Urinel is a dynamic kernel-less operating syste... DOWNLOAD
wiki2html(sfnet) Wiki2HTML Windows Scripting Component (WSC) to convert Wi... DOWNLOAD
jesms(sfnet) JEsMS JEsMS is a Java porting of Eli Bendersky's ESMS... DOWNLOAD
gtk2-perl-ex(sfnet) Gtk2-Perl-Ex The Gtk2-Perl-Ex project brings together and ma... DOWNLOAD
openjogblog(sfnet) OpenJogBlog OpenJogBlog is a tool for blogging your jogging... DOWNLOAD
dvremoting(sfnet) DocsVision Remoting Custom .NET Remoting channels (Named Pipes, TCP... DOWNLOAD
webslider(sfnet) Web Slider WebSlider is a framework that allows you to cre... DOWNLOAD
xnee(sfnet) Xnee's not an event emulator Xnee can record, distribute and replay X (X11) ... DOWNLOAD
xoskope(sfnet) Xoskope: eXtended oscillOSKOPE Oscilloscope software for Linux and X11. It use... DOWNLOAD
cmusphinx(freshmeat) CMU Sphinx CMU Sphinx, a Speech Recognition System, is tra... DOWNLOAD
bluewho(freshmeat) BlueWho BlueWho provides information about and notifica... DOWNLOAD
piap(sfnet) pIap pIap is a tool written in PHP intended to handl... DOWNLOAD
emxml(sfnet) XML for Eye Movements emXML is a standard for archiving and processin... DOWNLOAD
bmp-rss-feeder(sfnet) Beep Media Player RSS feed provider bmp-rss-feeder is a general plugin for the Beep... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-moinmoin-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance is a server applianc... DOWNLOAD
jcfs(sfnet) Java Class File System A program that mounts java classes in your file... DOWNLOAD
sqlsniper(sfnet) SQLSniper SQLSniper is a lightweight library written in o... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-roundup-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Roundup Appliance TurnKey Roundup Appliance is a server appliance... DOWNLOAD
tw-cms(sfnet) TW-CMS TW-CMS is a content management system based on ... DOWNLOAD
newton-dotnet(sfnet) Newton Physics .NET Newton game dynamics is an enormously powerful,... DOWNLOAD
natak3d(sfnet) NATAK-3D NATAK-3D is a tool that lets you create awesome... DOWNLOAD
soge(sfnet) Simple Object Graphics Engine Simple Open Object-Oriented Graphics Engine aim... DOWNLOAD
flsmplback(sfnet) Simple File Backup Application Simple File Backup Application DOWNLOAD
downloada(sfnet) UIAA Astronomy This is software which can best teach UIAA Memb...
enviasms(sfnet) EnviaSMS DOWNLOAD
spinnet(sfnet) spinnet DOWNLOAD
divxtotalpack(sfnet) Divx Total Pack DivX Total Pack is an essential and useful pack... DOWNLOAD
libframegrabber(sfnet) The generic frame grabber library. A generic C++ frame grabbing abstraction librar... DOWNLOAD
marauder(sfnet) A.H.'s Marauder Marauder is a 2D space fighting/trade game orig... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-bugzilla-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey BugZilla Appliance TurnKey BugZilla Appliance is a server applianc... DOWNLOAD
mjpgalleg(sfnet) MJpgAlleg Provide a alternative to .FLC with Allegro. It ... DOWNLOAD
basicquery(sfnet) BasicQuery BasicQuery is a Java-based application used to ... DOWNLOAD
timeclock(sfnet) PHP Timeclock PHP Timeclock is a simple yet effective web-bas... DOWNLOAD
smartgpu2fullguidemo(sfnet) SmartGPU2 - FullGUI Demo SmartGPU2 - FullGUI Demo Arduino Source Code, b... DOWNLOAD
file-extattr(sfnet) File::ExtAttr File::ExtAttr is a Perl module providing access...
hessiancpp(sfnet) hessiancpp Client C++ library for the Hessian web services... DOWNLOAD
mp3splice(sfnet) MP3Splice This plugin for Winamp will remove gaps between... DOWNLOAD
jfreedbc-lib(sfnet) JFreedbClient JFreedbClient is a project devoted to implement... DOWNLOAD
logiccalculus(sfnet) LogicCalculus LogicCalculus is a logic IDE for the sentential... DOWNLOAD
dstar(sfnet) Dstar space wars game A 1986 classic returns. Originally written for... DOWNLOAD
scanbuttond(sfnet) Scanner Button Daemon A scanner button daemon for Linux (and possibly... DOWNLOAD
peklo(sfnet) Peklo Peklo is a graph editor and an environment for ... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-mantis-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Mantis Appliance TurnKey Mantis Appliance is a server appliance ... DOWNLOAD
kwotes(sfnet) Kwotes Kwotes is a chat quote database where users can... DOWNLOAD
faceit(sfnet) FaceIt Text Editor FaceIt is a multifunction Rich Client text edit... DOWNLOAD
xslt2processor(sfnet) PHP - XML_XSLT2Processor XML_XSLT2Processor is a PHP class that allows y... DOWNLOAD
mediaindexer(sfnet) mediaIndexer mediaIndex is a PHP5 application which creates ... DOWNLOAD
sipimp(sfnet) SIPimp This is a project to develop a SIP based SIMPLE... DOWNLOAD
geniconxp(sfnet) GenIconXP GenIconXP is an icon utility for Windows. It al... DOWNLOAD
mortgage(sfnet) Mortgage & Loan Calculator A mortgage calculator which computes payment, p... DOWNLOAD
jpspan(sfnet) JPSpan JPSPAN provides tools to "hook up" PH... DOWNLOAD
e-connector(sfnet) Enterprise Connector A web based instant messenger written in PHP + ... DOWNLOAD
ipsm(sfnet) The Iptables Script Maker IPSM is The Iptables Script Maker, a simple too... DOWNLOAD
sabpyth(sfnet) Sab-Pyth Python bindings for Sablotron (from Guenter Rad... DOWNLOAD
umber(sfnet) Umber Tools The Umber project provides simple, flexible, &q... DOWNLOAD
genext2fs(sfnet) genext2fs genext2fs is a mean to generate an ext2 filesys... DOWNLOAD
lansharp-search(sfnet) Lan# SearchEr Lan# SearchEr is a program made in C# .NET it f... DOWNLOAD
budgeter(sfnet) Budgeter A program designed to help families or individu...
lhcstats(sfnet) LHC@home-Counter This script allows you to host a LHC@home-Count... DOWNLOAD
owdatastructs(sfnet) Complex DataStructures for .NET This project provides you with a .NET assembly/... DOWNLOAD
dumpper(sfnet) Dumpper v.60.2 Dumpper es un software portable y gratuito enfo... DOWNLOAD
gloster(sfnet) Gloster Gloster is a secure and decentralized p2p progr... DOWNLOAD
genericdal(sfnet) Generic Data Access Layer Generic Data Access Layer is an approach to sol... DOWNLOAD
dnssec-tools(sfnet) dnssec-tools This project has moved away from sourceforge. P... DOWNLOAD
weaponclass(sfnet) Weapon identifying expers systems Weapon-classifying expert systems for melee wea... DOWNLOAD
bexee(sfnet) bexee BPEL Execution Engine bexee (BPEL Execution Engine) is an open source... DOWNLOAD
carbon-php(sfnet) Carbon PHP Framework A modular based VC PHP framework (We like to le... DOWNLOAD
interldap(sfnet) InterLDAP: advanced identity management InterLDAP is a middleware for identity manageme... DOWNLOAD
wxxcd(sfnet) XMPP Client Daemon Free c++ cross platform developing environment ... DOWNLOAD
cfagcms(sfnet) CFAGCMS CFAGCMS (Cant Find A Gaming CMS) is a gaming cm... DOWNLOAD
openmih(sfnet) Open MIH implementation Open MIH is an opensource implementation of IEE...
openfaq(sfnet) OpenFAQ OpenFAQ is a tool for webmasters who wish to ad... DOWNLOAD
blinkflash(sfnet) BlinkFlash -a winkflash client A command line utility for uploading images to ... DOWNLOAD
parkinpants(sfnet) amp3mythtv amp3mythtv is a new 'theme' for mythtv aimed at... DOWNLOAD
e00pg(sfnet) E00 to PostGIS An ESRI-E00 to PostgreSQL/PostGIS filter. DOWNLOAD
eoglass(sfnet) Extremal Optimization A package to provide primarily Extremal Optimiz... DOWNLOAD
bpmanager(sfnet) BPManager BPManager allows a closed network of users to m... DOWNLOAD
enyware(sfnet) EnyWare EnyWare is an integration platform for commodit... DOWNLOAD
adaptube(sfnet) Adaptube An Open Source Guitar Tube Amplifiers and effec...
plater(sfnet) Plater system DOWNLOAD
gbi(sfnet) GNU/Gtk BlowIT The GNU/Gtk BlowIt is a (E)EPROM programmer tha... DOWNLOAD
newscarrier(sfnet) NewsCarrier NewsCarrier is a new kind of newsgroup client d... DOWNLOAD
dbdiscos(sfnet) DBDiscos DBDiscos is a tool that helps in the task of ke... DOWNLOAD
wmldonkey(sfnet) wmldonkey wmldonkey is a WindowMaker dockapp that gives v... DOWNLOAD
futrasiteengine(sfnet) FSE - FutraSiteEngine FSE is "new-type" website engine (CMS... DOWNLOAD
subtitlemonster(sfnet) Subtitle Monster The idea is simple, download quality subtitles ... DOWNLOAD
log4f(sfnet) Log4F Log4F is a Log4j-style logging framework for Fl... DOWNLOAD
pegasususbmacx(sfnet) Mac OS X Pegasus USB-To-Ethernet Driver A Mac OS X Driver for USB-To-Etherenet devices ... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-app-engine-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey App Engine Appliance TurnKey App Engine Appliance is a server applia... DOWNLOAD
ixion-cms(sfnet) Ixion CMS Written initially in VB6, Ixion is an Access 97... DOWNLOAD
ibrowse(sfnet) ImageBrowser Image Browswer lets you browse through the dire... DOWNLOAD
castellansentry(sfnet) Castellan Sentry (IPTables) The Castellan Sentry detects login attempts, an... DOWNLOAD
fipp4l(sfnet) FIPP 4L FIPP 4L is to provide a linux kernel driver and... DOWNLOAD
rqmf(sfnet) Redqueen Mainframe PHP panel to allow other people to see what you... DOWNLOAD
gswiss(sfnet) GSwiss GSwiss is a chess tournament management softwar... DOWNLOAD
fffps(sfnet) Free Fantasy First Person Shooter 3FPS is a free FPS/RPG that allows players to b... DOWNLOAD
warrior(sfnet) Warrior MMOG A 2D, top-down multiplayer online shooter game,... DOWNLOAD
xdelimitarea(sfnet) xdelimitarea xdelimitarea is an X Windows program that provi... DOWNLOAD

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