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filelist(sfnet) Bobb's PHP File List An easy to use PHP system, requires no database... DOWNLOAD
ha-javamail(sfnet) HA-JavaMail High-Availability JavaMail - A JavaMail transpo... DOWNLOAD
portup(sfnet) portup PortUp is a ports tree updating tool for OpenBS... DOWNLOAD
autoinst(sfnet) autoinstall Uses wget, configure, make and checkinstall/sla...
ofxexportcafe(sfnet) OFX Export Cafe Export OFX (Money) packets from on-line banking... DOWNLOAD
simancil(sfnet) SiMancil Sistem Informasi Manajemen Usaha Kecil ( SiManc...
wordlist-tool(sfnet) wordlist-tool It's an easy and fast "wordlist-tool"...
ard-core13(sfnet) Core13 An Arduino core for the Attiny13 processors. ...
guitarstudio(sfnet) GuitarStudio GuitarStudio aims similar to the commercial Gui... DOWNLOAD
blueducksrc(sfnet) BlueDuck Selenium Remote Control Simplifies management of Selenium Remote Contro...
kthtimetable(sfnet) KTH TimeTable A course timetable application for students at ... DOWNLOAD
imho10(sfnet) IMHO Instant Blogger IMHO Instant Blogger IMHO is a Windows Forms a... DOWNLOAD
jicengine(sfnet) JICE Java Instance Configuration Engine (JICE) is an... DOWNLOAD
php-ms-demangle(sfnet) PHP UnDecorateSymbolName A PHP Script that demangles Microsoft C++ Names... DOWNLOAD
phynd(sfnet) The Phynd Project The Phynd Project is a local area network (LAN)... DOWNLOAD
xtiff-jai(sfnet) Extensible-TIFF-JAI An extensible TIFF codec for Java 1.2 Advanced... DOWNLOAD
sfxmaker(sfnet) sfxmaker sfxmaker is a Open Source SFX maker for Windows... DOWNLOAD
osdbattery(sfnet) OSD battery monitor osdbatery is a simple application which shows b... DOWNLOAD
ballsmacker(sfnet) Ballsmacker Ballsmacker is a Pool game rendered using OpenGL. DOWNLOAD
irc-clogger(sfnet) Clogger IR Clogger is an IRC bot that logs IRC conversatio... DOWNLOAD
mono-readline(sfnet) Mono-Readline A mono assembly that provides support for GNU R... DOWNLOAD
cdautorun(sfnet) CD autorun, Automatic launch assoc. file Small utility to facilitate automatically to op...
berrybootmod(sfnet) berryboot Mod
jisc-grouplog(sfnet) GroupLog GroupLog - a php/mysql e-learning web applicati... DOWNLOAD
ebgal(sfnet) Element Based Geometric Algebra Library EBgal is a C++ template library that implements... DOWNLOAD
interpascal07(sfnet) pascalInter2007 Interpreter of PASCAL language.
jmathtools(sfnet) jmathtools jmathtools, mathematical / scientific java stuf... DOWNLOAD
werken-xpath(sfnet) werken.xpath W3C XPath-Rec implementation for DOM4J DOWNLOAD
adventure(sfnet) ZETA ZETA stands for ZETA's an Extensible Text Adven...
phpring(sfnet) PHPRing It's a simple Webring Script written in PHP DOWNLOAD
cflib.berlios(sfnet) Flexible Configuration Library Flexible ConFiguration LIBrary is a small, simp...
novaxhas(sfnet) NovaX Home Application System NovaX is a set of programs that is being devlop... DOWNLOAD
debpatch(sfnet) debpatch debpatch is a perl script which can help a user... DOWNLOAD
ledos(sfnet) leDos - JDK for 8088 DOS machines leDos is a tiny Java virtual machine and a set ... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-domain-controller-appl(freshmeat) TurnKey Domain Controller Appliance TurnKey Domain Controller Appliance is a Samba-... DOWNLOAD
versionsysversionsys(sfnet) versionsys
turnkey-tracks-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Tracks Appliance TurnKey Tracks Appliance is a server appliance ... DOWNLOAD
kacl(sfnet) Kacl Kacl is a graphical programm to edit ACLs (Acce... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-trac-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Trac Appliance TurnKey Trac Appliance is a server appliance fo... DOWNLOAD
bigyo(sfnet) Bigyo component framework Bigyo is a minimalistic, compact container fram... DOWNLOAD
sdc-xp-devel(sfnet) SDC-XP Stillinger's Dosage Calculator-XP is for the ve... DOWNLOAD
hptalx(sfnet) HPTalx A program to communicate with your HP calculato... DOWNLOAD
tracs(sfnet) TRACS Authorization system Trivial Rolebased Authorisation Context Statema... DOWNLOAD
commonbot(sfnet) CommonBot CommonBot is a auto-trading bot for Magic: The ... DOWNLOAD
ubimarks(sfnet) Annotea Ubimarks Annotea Ubimarks is an application of Annotea s... DOWNLOAD
dvdhomevid(sfnet) Deprecated! This project is deprecated and has been replace... DOWNLOAD
allpairs(sfnet) AllPairs AllPairs is an open source test combinations ge...
seq541(sfnet) SEQ541 SEQ541 is a MIDI pattern sequencer for Mac OS X... DOWNLOAD
mp4free(sfnet) MP4Free The MP4Free project provides a simulation, anal... DOWNLOAD
dynpopdns(sfnet) DynPopDns This is a bash script that provides to a Linux ... DOWNLOAD
mootag(sfnet) MooTag Advanced user-friendly MP3 and Ogg Vorbis tagge... DOWNLOAD
visgame(sfnet) VisGame This Project is a Rapid Game Development/Design... DOWNLOAD
pyrad(sfnet) Python Rapid Application Development A Python module designed to facilitate rapid ap... DOWNLOAD
sinapse(sfnet) SINAPSE SINAPSE is an open source PHP portal framework.... DOWNLOAD
sensation(sfnet) Sensation Sensation project is a quick start for people w...
tcmtool(sfnet) TCM The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling is a collec... DOWNLOAD
torocredit(sfnet) Toro System Toro System is a financial transaction processi... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-moodle-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey Moodle Appliance TurnKey Moodle Appliance is a server appliance ... DOWNLOAD
palmtopen(sfnet) palmTopen A unified open source software platform based o... DOWNLOAD
ocamlplot(sfnet) OCaml libplot interface OCaml Interface for the libplot plotting librar... DOWNLOAD
mikrokosmos(sfnet) mikrokosmos mk is an application framework written in php f... DOWNLOAD
cfmximgateways(sfnet) CFMX IM Event Gateways These ColdFusion MX 7+ event gateways that allo... DOWNLOAD
txtbb(sfnet) Netsoft Text Bulletin Board A PHP bulletin board based on flat files. It ha... DOWNLOAD
htpwdut(sfnet) HT-Utility HTPasswd Utility lets you easily create 'on-the... DOWNLOAD
boxshot.berlios(sfnet) ConnectCode Software Box Shot ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker creates rea...
hawron(sfnet) Hawron A GUI interface for the XML Web Development Fr... DOWNLOAD
bmejavatar(sfnet) Javatar - The Software Laboratory 4 Team This project is created as a part of the Softwa...
kanbanik(sfnet) kanbanik
agendaclientes(sfnet) Agenda de Clientes "Agenda de Clientes" is a customers d... DOWNLOAD
ign(sfnet) Inter Guild Networks Inter Guild Networks (IGN) is a robot written i... DOWNLOAD
mistdo(sfnet) MistDo MistDo is automatic eventlist updater, with Mis... DOWNLOAD
cydiapm(sfnet) Cydia Package Maker Cydia Package Maker (CPM) lets you create appli...
adventures(sfnet) The Adventures Of Ever miss the days of Zelda? Ever thought about... DOWNLOAD
adventurerpg(sfnet) Geminum Orbis An exciting new roguelike in development by Dar...
baras(sfnet) baras baras is an updated version of "SaraB"...
softnewproject(sfnet) Project Management Software SProject (SoftnewProject) è il software per la ...
meditphp(sfnet) mEdit mEdit is a web-based php editor. It runs on the... DOWNLOAD
sfhl(sfnet) SuperStats SuperStats for STHS v2.
newmod(sfnet) New Mod
turnkey-otrs-appliance(freshmeat) TurnKey OTRS Appliance TurnKey OTRS Appliance is a server appliance fo... DOWNLOAD
javapm(sfnet) Java Password Manager A simple Java Password Manager DOWNLOAD
pontifex(sfnet) Pontifex Pontifex ( the abbreviation for Phoenix to IPX ...
miachat(sfnet) Cybiko AIM - MiaChat MIACHAT is a system for the Cybiko Handheld Com... DOWNLOAD
wordbreaker(sfnet) WordBreaker WordBreaker is a fun iPhone game where you atte...
pjwhv(sfnet) Project Warhammer V A mod based on GW's Warhammer and Warhammer 40,... DOWNLOAD
pyncview(sfnet) PyNcView PyNcView is a cross-platform NetCDF viewer writ...
as-currency(freshmeat) Austinsmoke Currency Converter Austinsmoke Currency Converter is a currency co... DOWNLOAD
bncpro(sfnet) BN+ Converter Pro An open source .Net converter utilities applica...
visualplasm(sfnet) VisualPLaSM Visual PLaSM is an editor to write code in PLaS... DOWNLOAD
urg(sfnet) Ultima Resurrection Ultima Resurrection is a open source 2D RPG / A...
mp3gr(sfnet) mp3gr MP3 Greeklish Renamer is a small program to ren... DOWNLOAD
dota2pingchecker(sfnet) Dota 2 Ping Checker This is a tiny program that checks the latency ...
cigiprocessinguserdata(sfnet) cigi processing userdata No description
adventurephpfra(sfnet) Adventure PHP Framework (APF) The adventure php framework understands itself ...
wikit(sfnet) wikit wikit is another wiki engine suited for small t...
bino(sfnet) BINO In BINO (Bino Is Not Oxyd), your objective is t... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-mindtouch-core-applian(freshmeat) TurnKey MindTouch Core Appliance TurnKey MindTouch Core Appliance is a server ap... DOWNLOAD
monsterjournal(sfnet) The Monster Journal The Monster Journal - An electronic journall... DOWNLOAD
shrubxery(sfnet) Shrubxery A python implementation of the blosxom blogger. DOWNLOAD
psximager(freshmeat) PSXImager PSXImager is a collection of tools for dumping ... DOWNLOAD

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