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cartelle(sfnet) Cartelle Tombola A java program to create cartelle (sheets) for ... DOWNLOAD
telephonyxscode(sfnet) Telephony::CountryDialingCodes for Perl Perl module / class Telephony::CountryDialingCo... DOWNLOAD
umlinuxcc(sfnet) UMLinuxControlCenter UMLinuxControlCenter lets you create virtual ne... DOWNLOAD
abc-shell(sfnet) Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell abc shell - Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell. This... DOWNLOAD
cs-framework(sfnet) CS-Framework Distributed, object-oriented and event-driven L... DOWNLOAD
jdatev(sfnet) JDatev JDatev 、スイング財務会計は、 Javaアプリケーシ... DOWNLOAD
netcl(sfnet) Networking .NET Class Library A Networking Class Library written in C#. It ca... DOWNLOAD
balgaltzwc3(sfnet) Balgaltz WC3 Files to patch and compile wine, for Warcraft 3... DOWNLOAD
obrt(sfnet) OpenSource Backup Report Tool OBRT (Opensource Backup Report Tool), LAMP proj... DOWNLOAD
libputio(sfnet) libputio libputio provides a Java API to access the put.... DOWNLOAD
majorspot(sfnet) MajorSpot AI SDK An Java artificial intelligence platform compri... DOWNLOAD
stuwis(sfnet) STUWIS STUWIS is a tool to organize and administrate y... DOWNLOAD
hessiancsharp(sfnet) HessianCsharp "HessianCsharp" is a C# library for t... DOWNLOAD
beancomponents(sfnet) BeanComponents Java classes developed at MERL for building and... DOWNLOAD
trychess(sfnet) TryChess A multiplayer online chess game. Simple but alm... DOWNLOAD
fmdb(sfnet) fmDB fmDB is a web tool to configure HTML forms incl... DOWNLOAD
jengineering(sfnet) JEngineering JEngineering will hopefully be an expanded calc... DOWNLOAD
faticalabsxmled(sfnet) faticalabsxmled An xml editor with tag completion, syntax highl... DOWNLOAD
jbnt(sfnet) Java Backus-Naur Test API A Java based Backus-Naur test API DOWNLOAD
embossgui(sfnet) EMBOSS explorer EMBOSS explorer is a web-based graphical user i... DOWNLOAD
enumerations(sfnet) Enumerations Enumerations is a collection of C, C++ and Pyth... DOWNLOAD
bookdb(sfnet) BooKDB This is a project to create a simple system to ... DOWNLOAD
mptbox(sfnet) MPT MPT is a toolbox that supplies cross-platform l... DOWNLOAD
sih(sfnet) Silent Install Helper Silent Install Helper define the type of instal... DOWNLOAD
emeraldforums(sfnet) Emerald Forums Bulletin Board module for SLAED Content Managem... DOWNLOAD
blogoommer(sfnet) Blogoommer Blogommer is a desktop software application wri... DOWNLOAD
morepalmos(sfnet) MorePalmOS MorePalmOS is a library of common functions wri... DOWNLOAD
projectpegasus(sfnet) Project Pegasus A Modular Communications Suite developed in Vis... DOWNLOAD
gvpn-dialer(sfnet) Gnome VPN Dialer Gnome2 GUI for the Cisco vpnclient. DOWNLOAD
octopus-javacap(sfnet) octopus Octopus - A JAVA-base and ethereal-like tool fo... DOWNLOAD
vitrack(sfnet) Virus and Trojan Tracker ViTrack is a Virus Track Framework in Linux Ker... DOWNLOAD
libidle(sfnet) libIDLE (Io Driven Loop of Events) libIDLE (Io Driven Loop of Events) is simple (b... DOWNLOAD
fpviewer(sfnet) Viewer for Mailsweepers filtered message Tool written in php to make the headers of mail... DOWNLOAD
indrajithftpmanager(sfnet) Indrajith FTP Manager It allows to connect your Server to FTP Server.... DOWNLOAD
ibackoffice(sfnet) iBackOffice iBackOffice is an CMS with following options: f... DOWNLOAD
plla(sfnet) PHP Library for location applications PLLA, PHP Library for Location Applications usi... DOWNLOAD
mod-accounting(sfnet) mod-accounting An Apache DSO module written in "C" t... DOWNLOAD
gestiondeagenciasdeviajes(sfnet) Gestión de Agencias de Viajes Un Open Source CMS en PHP y MySql para gestiona... DOWNLOAD
doggone(sfnet) Doggone Notification System A notification and control plugin for Eclipse t... DOWNLOAD
employeecontrol(sfnet) Control de horario del personal Working hours control, implementing Dallas iBut... DOWNLOAD
onsetsds(sfnet) OnsetsDS - onset detection library Onset detector for musical signals, with an emp... DOWNLOAD
sdalias(sfnet) A Lexeme Is A Sound ALIAS is a Text-To-Speech based on phonems pros... DOWNLOAD
dllcapture(sfnet) OpenCV DLLCapture Project The OpenCV DLLCapture project goal is to provid... DOWNLOAD
kjaks-mu(sfnet) kjaks-mu mu is a minimal Mandelbrot fractal generator. T... DOWNLOAD
bootchart(sfnet) Bootchart Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis an... DOWNLOAD
dotchat(sfnet) DotChat DotChat is a client/server chat application whi... DOWNLOAD
probe(sfnet) Probe -website usage tracker- Probe is a website-usage analysis tool. It 'pro... DOWNLOAD
jsonframework(sfnet) JSON Framework for Objective C The JSON Framework is an framework which gives ... DOWNLOAD
efinger(sfnet) eFinger - A FingerPrint Matching System languages - c++, VC++, Matlab. Platform - Win32... DOWNLOAD
tm2autorotate(sfnet) tm2-autorotate This application handles the automatic screen r... DOWNLOAD
registery(sfnet) Registery The REGISTERY is an infrastructure in which app... DOWNLOAD
kboinc(sfnet) KBoinc a KDE Application showing all BOINC projects an... DOWNLOAD
telefon-defteri(sfnet) telefon-defteri telefon_defteri is a basic "phone book&quo... DOWNLOAD
fendi(sfnet) Fendi Free Electricity Network Drawing Interface is a... DOWNLOAD
jidvolo(sfnet) jidVolo This is a flight simulator, based on JSBSim and... DOWNLOAD
monikaftpd(sfnet) Monika FTP Server Monika FTP Server is a platform independent (wr... DOWNLOAD
worldsapart(sfnet) The Worlds Apart Project Site for my mod, worlds apart. Worlds apart is ... DOWNLOAD
phpnukefrance(sfnet) PHPNuke Francophone PHPNuke France, tout PHPNuke pour la communauté... DOWNLOAD
ekspos(sfnet) ekspos Ekspos is a cross platform Image Viewer program... DOWNLOAD
tzilla(sfnet) Testzilla This software is a "drop-in" addition... DOWNLOAD
tslogparser(sfnet) Test Suites Results Parser and Browser This project aims to provide a web interface (b... DOWNLOAD
jirrm(sfnet) JIRRM An Iris Recognition system written in Java. Acq... DOWNLOAD
gmebpm(sfnet) eBPM An Enterprise Best Practice Management (eBPM) w... DOWNLOAD
notetakerpen(sfnet) NoteTakerPen This python application allows you to download ... DOWNLOAD
resfork(sfnet) ResFork ResFork is a new ResEdit-like resource editor f...
delirium-saver(sfnet) Delirium Delirium is a screensaver control and configura... DOWNLOAD
fca(sfnet) Feather cache featherCache is an lightweigth java cache, impl... DOWNLOAD
kanatrain(sfnet) kanatrain This Program helps you to train and learn Hirag... DOWNLOAD
survivalhorror(sfnet) SurvivalHorror Working on object interaction mechanics inspire... DOWNLOAD
meta-treedb(sfnet) meta-treedb meta-treedb can implement malloc functionality,... DOWNLOAD
hsctermlearn(sfnet) hsctermlearn A simple program for Windows to help NSW Higher... DOWNLOAD
ocamldap(sfnet) ldap server and client library for Ocaml An implementation of the Light Weight Directory... DOWNLOAD
land(sfnet) FreeLand FreeLand: Land development tools add-on suite f... DOWNLOAD
agileflow(sfnet) AgileFlow AgileFlow is an agile workflow engine DOWNLOAD
gpilots(sfnet) GPilotS GPilotS is for GPS and Palm users. It is a wayp... DOWNLOAD
thing(sfnet) ThinG ThinG is a visual GUI design editor for Thinlet... DOWNLOAD
lan2phone(sfnet) lan2phone Home LAN CGI based dial-up application DOWNLOAD
mrimage(sfnet) MrImage MrImage is a win32 raster image editing applica... DOWNLOAD
utoac(sfnet) Utopia Attack Calculator This is an program to assist players of the web... DOWNLOAD
packmanwinkit(sfnet) Packmans Winkit A Net Admin's toolkit for Win. VB6. Runs on Win... DOWNLOAD
nutj(sfnet) NutJ User Interface Toolkit An extension of the java swing toolkit. Current... DOWNLOAD
frogspawn(sfnet) Frogspawn Geometric Analysis A toolbox for quantitative morphometric analysi... DOWNLOAD
flosgwindow(sfnet) FLTKOSGWindow FLTKOSGWindow is a small library that provides ... DOWNLOAD
xface(sfnet) xface Xface is a set of open source tools for creatio... DOWNLOAD
novimundi(sfnet) NoviMundi MMOG library NoviMundi is a PHP class library making the dev... DOWNLOAD
gbpvrwidgets(sfnet) GBPVR Widget Library A widget library of reusable data structures an... DOWNLOAD
clangonwin(sfnet) ClangOnWin The clang binary release Windows-based DOWNLOAD
research5thwheel(sfnet) 5th Wheel A towable wheel that trails behind a vehicle lo... DOWNLOAD
sama(sfnet) SAMA SAMA is a Java Applet interface to the AIM TOC ... DOWNLOAD
mtdld(sfnet) MTDownload A crossplatform MultiThread Download manager. DOWNLOAD
gmof(sfnet) Great Malls of Fire Great Malls of Fire is a crowd simulation in a ... DOWNLOAD
ipnet(sfnet) iPortalU2net An internet-portal app, meant for people that h... DOWNLOAD
dvdrectool(sfnet) dvdrec tool This ist a small text based tool for recording ... DOWNLOAD
virtualcatalog(sfnet) Virtual Catalog Virtual Catalog manages primary or high school ... DOWNLOAD
slagz(sfnet) Slagz - Slackware Package Manager Slagz is a frontent of two package management t... DOWNLOAD
replicatecheck(sfnet) ReplicateChecker ReplicateChecker is a small application allowin... DOWNLOAD
collidinggalaxi(sfnet) Colliding Galaxies SDL Simulate gravity inside a virtual universe and ... DOWNLOAD
coldestgame(sfnet) Coldest An online multiplayer mech combat game for Linu... DOWNLOAD
cvsuser(sfnet) cvsuser Tool to allow easy management of user accounts ... DOWNLOAD
conchecklist(sfnet) ContentChecklist Allows webmasters to ensure pages served on the... DOWNLOAD

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