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musound(freshmeat) MuSound MuSound provides better audio capabilities to J... DOWNLOAD
slogcxx(freshmeat) slogcxx slogcxx is a simple C++ logging library for deb... DOWNLOAD
sdl_net(freshmeat) SDL_net SDL_net is a thin API layer over sockets which ... DOWNLOAD
opn(freshmeat) OpenPHPNuke OpenPHPNuke is a Web Content Management System ... DOWNLOAD
hftp(freshmeat) hftp hftp is an extended FTP client supporting stand... DOWNLOAD
configppp(freshmeat) configppp configppp is a very simple script to setup all ... DOWNLOAD
jawflow(freshmeat) Jawflow JawFlow is a workflow engine that partially con... DOWNLOAD
ircz(freshmeat) IRC Z Z is a modular security service for IRC network... DOWNLOAD
triceps(freshmeat) Triceps Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Eve... DOWNLOAD
stratagus(freshmeat) Stratagus Stratagus is a cross-platform real-time strateg... DOWNLOAD
clu(freshmeat) Community Linux Updater CLU is an installation, removal, and upgrade ma... DOWNLOAD
fuse1pl(freshmeat) is a nontrivial demonstration of Fuse.... DOWNLOAD
movemetafs(freshmeat) movemetafs movemetafs is a searchable filesystem metadata ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-fltk(freshmeat) Ruby/FLTK Ruby/FLTK is a Ruby binding for the FLTK (Fast ... DOWNLOAD
tonic-chess(freshmeat) Tonic Chess Tonic is a graphical interface for playing onli... DOWNLOAD
visprint(freshmeat) visprint Visprint makes cool fractal fingerprint PNG ima... DOWNLOAD
libutempter(freshmeat) libutempter libutempter provides a library interface for te... DOWNLOAD
karra(freshmeat) Karra Karra is a flexible, Web-based, multi-lingual s... DOWNLOAD
krickscore(freshmeat) krickscore krickscore is a simple score ticker for KDE tha... DOWNLOAD
asciipacman(freshmeat) ASCII Pacman ASCII Pacman is a simple clone of the Pacman ga... DOWNLOAD
livejournalparser(freshmeat) LiveJournal parser LiveJournal parser is a simple parser of the XM... DOWNLOAD
virt-factory(freshmeat) virt-factory Virt-Factory is a framework for managing a larg... DOWNLOAD
libh(freshmeat) LIBH LIBH is a general purpose C library consisting ... DOWNLOAD
gnuski(freshmeat) GNUSki GNUSki is a clone of Skifree, the old Windows g... DOWNLOAD
nvbase(freshmeat) NVBase NVBase is an information retrieval system that ... DOWNLOAD
sortdir(freshmeat) sortdir Sortdir is an LD_PRELOAD library which sorts di... DOWNLOAD
guikachu(freshmeat) Guikachu Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical e... DOWNLOAD
john-mpi(freshmeat) John The Ripper MPI John The Ripper MPI is an updated version of Ry... DOWNLOAD
freemat(freshmeat) FreeMat Freemat is an intepereted, matrix-oriented dev... DOWNLOAD
tvtime-web(freshmeat) tvtime-web tvtime-web is a simple Web interface for contro... DOWNLOAD
cwbot(freshmeat) CWBot CWBot is an IRC bot to provide online services ... DOWNLOAD
tftpgrab(freshmeat) TFTPgrab TFTPgrab is a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Proto... DOWNLOAD
kmush(freshmeat) KMush KMush is a simple MU* client for the K Desktop ... DOWNLOAD
jackal(freshmeat) Jackal Jackal is a debugger for client-side JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
tf(freshmeat) Thick Fighter Thick Fighter is a game in which you play a sma... DOWNLOAD
mediatomb(freshmeat) MediaTomb MediaTomb is a UPnP media server with a nice We... DOWNLOAD
epm(freshmeat) EPM The ESP Package Manager (EPM) is a simple tool ... DOWNLOAD
libhtp(freshmeat) LibHTP LibHTP is a security-aware parser for the HTTP ... DOWNLOAD
nethorus(freshmeat) NetHorus NetHorus is an Network Management System writte... DOWNLOAD
dbengine(freshmeat) DBengine DBengine allows administrators to administer Po... DOWNLOAD
minisfv(freshmeat) minisfv minisfv is a graphical file checksum manager fo... DOWNLOAD
scheme-asteroid(freshmeat) scheme-asteroid scheme-asteroid is a real-time asteroid-like ga... DOWNLOAD
umit(freshmeat) UMIT UMIT is a network scanning frontend meant to be... DOWNLOAD
xmlb(freshmeat) XML Construction Kit The XML Construction Kit is a library for gener... DOWNLOAD
libgsf(freshmeat) GNOME Structured File Library The GNOME Structured File Library is a utility ... DOWNLOAD
tomboy(freshmeat) tomboy Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for... DOWNLOAD
raidmon(freshmeat) raidmon Raidmon is a shell script which runs as a daemo... DOWNLOAD
nxtvepg(freshmeat) nxtvepg nxtvepg is a decoder and browser for Nextview, ... DOWNLOAD
sakeyproject(sfnet) sakeyproject DOWNLOAD
gail(freshmeat) GAIL GAIL is a GTK+ module that provides accessibili... DOWNLOAD
xzgv(freshmeat) xzgv xzgv is a GTK+/Imlib-based picture viewer for X... DOWNLOAD
cv8me(freshmeat) CV Aid Me cv8me creates a Web site to host any number of ... DOWNLOAD
visual-db(freshmeat) visual-db visual-db is a tool for the visualization of a ... DOWNLOAD
sharkie(freshmeat) sharkie sharkie provides command line and GUI interface... DOWNLOAD
geoctool(freshmeat) geoCtool geoCtools manipulates geo-data in CSV or KML fi... DOWNLOAD
nemesi(freshmeat) NeMeSI NeMeSI is a streaming client that allows user t... DOWNLOAD
bost(freshmeat) bost bost is a DNS diagnostic tool for resolving IPs... DOWNLOAD
fatrat(freshmeat) FatRat FatRat is a download manager that is rich in fe... DOWNLOAD
selador(freshmeat) Selador Selador is a browser-based fantasy game. The ga... DOWNLOAD
log4bash(freshmeat) log4bash log4bash facilitates creating easy to read and ... DOWNLOAD
webkbd(freshmeat) WebKBD WebKBD is a browser-based keyboard layout switc... DOWNLOAD
skd(freshmeat) skd skd is a small daemon which binds to a UDP, TCP... DOWNLOAD
fv(freshmeat) Fv Fv is a general-purpose graphical FITS file edi... DOWNLOAD
automa-bot(freshmeat) Automa Bot Automa Bot is a modular bot written in Python. DOWNLOAD
qpimd(freshmeat) qpimd qpimd aims to implement a PIM (Protocol Indepen... DOWNLOAD
alchitect(freshmeat) Alchitect Alchitect helps you build Web sites and Web app... DOWNLOAD
gemvt(freshmeat) GemVT GemVt is the GNU Emulator of a Virtual Terminal... DOWNLOAD
qtk(freshmeat) Qtk Qtk is an attempt to create a Qt-like API that ... DOWNLOAD
dbf2pos(freshmeat) dbf2pos Dbf2pos converts database DBF files into SQL co... DOWNLOAD
mpr(freshmeat) mpr mpr finds malloc/realloc memory leaks and memor... DOWNLOAD
cavalry(freshmeat) Cavalry Cavalry is a Just-In-Time translator (compiler)... DOWNLOAD
freefem(freshmeat) freefem Freefem provides a language and a solver for th... DOWNLOAD
easy-backup(freshmeat) easy-Backup Easy Backup is a shell script for doing increme... DOWNLOAD
ccte(freshmeat) CCTE CCTE is a small utility to provide a way to run... DOWNLOAD
ctm_pl(freshmeat) is a Perl script which generates Apache ... DOWNLOAD
gbrctl(freshmeat) gbrctl gbrctl is a GNOME utility to configure the Linu... DOWNLOAD
lcalc(freshmeat) Lcalc A simple 4-operation calculator for Linux. DOWNLOAD
mr(freshmeat) mr mr is a colorful mailreader. It supports MIME, ... DOWNLOAD
nannie(freshmeat) Nannie Nannie's basic purpose is to watch system files... DOWNLOAD
nitfol(freshmeat) nitfol Nitfol is a portable interpreter for Z-machine ... DOWNLOAD
nuni(freshmeat) nuni nuni is a boot loader for Linux that uses the e... DOWNLOAD
paw(freshmeat) Paw Paw (Perl ASCII Widgets) is a widgetset for gen... DOWNLOAD
ptkdb(freshmeat) ptkdb ptkdb is a debugger for Perl with a Tk GUI. Fea... DOWNLOAD
qui-ne-faut(freshmeat) Qui-ne-faut This is the first alpha release of Qui-ne-faut,... DOWNLOAD
settrans(freshmeat) settrans This program will allow you to view ANSI images... DOWNLOAD
sldraw(freshmeat) Slidedraw Slidedraw is a presentation graphics program fo... DOWNLOAD
titano(freshmeat) Titano Titano is an IDE for GNOME. DOWNLOAD
topdrop(freshmeat) Topdrop Topdrop is a mail delivery agent for maildir wh... DOWNLOAD
utcpdump(freshmeat) utcpdump utcpdump is a stripped-down version of tcpdump ... DOWNLOAD
yarec(freshmeat) yarec Yarec is yet another sample recorder/player. It... DOWNLOAD
gcdb(freshmeat) gcdb gcdb is an aesthetically pleasing MySQL/PHP bil... DOWNLOAD
lamesocks(freshmeat) LameSocks LameSocks connects people to an IP you choose. ... DOWNLOAD
ecstazy(freshmeat) Ecstazy Ecstazy is a CLI-based tool (with some ncurses)... DOWNLOAD
xexweb1_0(freshmeat) A Web Scanner A Web Scanner is a scanner for known Exploits, ... DOWNLOAD
pruby(freshmeat) pRuby pRuby is the ultimate glue code between PHP and... DOWNLOAD
gexpr(freshmeat) Gexpr Gexpr is a shell calculator with floating point... DOWNLOAD
jonas_opentool(freshmeat) Kelly Kelly is a JBuilder 4 & 5 plugin that makes... DOWNLOAD
yapbb(freshmeat) Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board (YapBB) allows y... DOWNLOAD
mugu(freshmeat) The MUGU Project The MUGU Project is creating an multiplayer gra... DOWNLOAD
startany(freshmeat) Start Anything Start Anything attempts to open files, programs... DOWNLOAD

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