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htdataripper(sfnet) HTML Data Ripper Allow your JSP's/servlets/programs to display s... DOWNLOAD
www-sms(sfnet) www-sms A Perl framework for sending SMS messages. DOWNLOAD
dcrteam(sfnet) dcrteam Suite of diverse free tools under the platform ...
jfastpong(sfnet) JFastPong JFastPong is an amusing pong game written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
phpdagger(sfnet) PHPDagger A clan/member management system, developed to w... DOWNLOAD
rirca(sfnet) rirca rirca is yet another java IRC client with an ad... DOWNLOAD
matrix14-se-audio-power-amp(sfnet) MATRIX 1.4 S.E Free Audio PA Platform The Second Edition of MATRIX 1.4 Audio Power Am...
lrquicktools(sfnet) LrQuickTools Useful tools for real world problems
conjugnu(sfnet) ConjuGNU Grammar Checking ConjuGNU is a GNU verb conjugation program. It... DOWNLOAD
nstag-template(sfnet) Nstag Namespaced Template Engine (PHP extension) - An... DOWNLOAD
osinspectcontrol(sfnet) OSIC DOWNLOAD
scene-max(sfnet) SceneMax - 3D script language SceneMax - 3D scenes language DOWNLOAD
nexcel(sfnet) NExcel The NExcel library allows a .NET application to... DOWNLOAD
monkeymidi(sfnet) MonkeyMIDI MonkeyMIDI is a Mac OS X driver that converts y... DOWNLOAD
beclsmto(sfnet) bEcls Météo bEcls Météo est un logiciel de présentation mét... DOWNLOAD
wpccmdqueue(sfnet) wpcCmdQueue wpcCmdQueue is a CLI which allows a developer t... DOWNLOAD
yamoon(sfnet) YAMOON YAMOON - Yet Another Monitoring Tool using OO w... DOWNLOAD
jr-connect(sfnet) Reliance Mobile Internet Connectivity Software to provide Internet Connectivity for R... DOWNLOAD
hacburn(sfnet) HacBurn HacBurn is a gtk2 based frontend for the cdrtoo... DOWNLOAD
demonicagamelib(sfnet) Demonica GameLib for GP32 A game developement library for the Gamepark32 ... DOWNLOAD
visiblenetwork(sfnet) Visible Network Client The "Visible Network" is CarnivorePE ... DOWNLOAD
torque-ide(sfnet) torque-ide (TorqueSCRIPT Editor) This project will be written in C++. It will us... DOWNLOAD
x86mph(sfnet) x86mph x86mph is an optimized library with vector, mat... DOWNLOAD
pascalscanvas(sfnet) Pascal's Canvas Alg entry is simplified by being able to choose... DOWNLOAD
feyntoolfare(sfnet) FaRe FaRe is a Mathematica package for tensor reduct... DOWNLOAD
i2p(sfnet) I2P I2P is an anonymous overlay network - a network... DOWNLOAD
looktxt(sfnet) Looktxt - a numerical block reader Search and export numerics from any text/ascii ... DOWNLOAD
kmenc15(sfnet) Kmenc15 An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend. Mostly us... DOWNLOAD
jaglogog(sfnet) JagLog RuneScape Drop Logger DOWNLOAD
icite(sfnet) the iCite net nuggets the iCite net project on SourceForge encompasse... DOWNLOAD
joesnewssystem(sfnet) Joe's News System Joe's News System is a unique CMS because, unli... DOWNLOAD
orlaweb(sfnet) Orla Web Orla-Web is a web site that allow the graduatio... DOWNLOAD
xdc(sfnet) XDC XDC is a program that generates HTML documentat... DOWNLOAD
armcontrol(sfnet) Robotic Arm Control A java/swt application that can control up to a... DOWNLOAD
mammcad(sfnet) MammCAD MammCAD is a tool suite for performing rapid co... DOWNLOAD
antspaces(sfnet) AntSpaces AntSpaces provides the capability to run Ant ag... DOWNLOAD
twstech(sfnet) Translational Web Service Technology This project provides an easy-to-use graphical ... DOWNLOAD
jdhtuq(sfnet) jdhtuq jDHTUQ is a peer-to-peer DHT system based in Ch... DOWNLOAD
lidiplu(sfnet) LrDevSettingsCompare A Lightroom3 Plugin that compares the developme...
johnnyvon(sfnet) JohnnyVon Self-replicating automata in continuous two-dim... DOWNLOAD
tp4cell(sfnet) tp4cell This is a port of the GDB Tracepoints extension... DOWNLOAD
j2mem2m(sfnet) M2MXML for J2ME M2MXML parser for J2ME devices. DOWNLOAD
ezirr(sfnet) EZirr - irrLicht and irrKlang made easy EZirr is an extension in to the irrLicht graphi... DOWNLOAD
noneaddedolb(sfnet) Outlook Sidebar Control A Complete Implementation Of The MS Outlook 200... DOWNLOAD
fairdj(sfnet) Fair DJ Fair DJ is an Mserv compatible music server des... DOWNLOAD
wikitools(sfnet) Wikipedia Tools for Firefox This Firefox extension helps you navigate Wikip... DOWNLOAD
openmcq(sfnet) OpenMCQ OpenMCQ will permit you to create and correct a... DOWNLOAD
purpleznchelper(sfnet) purpleznchelper PLEASE NOTE: We moved to! https:/... DOWNLOAD
friendlyp2p(sfnet) Friendly Gaim plug-in for P2P filesharing with Buddies. DOWNLOAD
phalanx(sfnet) phalanx Phalanx is a chess engine which understands the... DOWNLOAD
acerhk(sfnet) Acer Hotkey driver for Linux Acer Hotkey driver for Linux - a gently way of ... DOWNLOAD
rosenkoenig(sfnet) Rosenkoenig Rosenkoenig is a small board game for two playe... DOWNLOAD
juzzle(sfnet) Juzzle Juzzle is an puzzle game, written in Java. DOWNLOAD
aspbookmng(sfnet) AspBookMng AspBookMng is a asp-based system which provides... DOWNLOAD
flexiblog(sfnet) FlexiBlog FlexiBlog is a very flexible blogging system be... DOWNLOAD
decaldev(sfnet) Decal Decal - a plugin framework for Asheron\'s Call DOWNLOAD
ann-clisp(sfnet) Artificial Neural Network (CLisp) A general and small implementation of an artifi... DOWNLOAD
ain(sfnet) Ain Ain is a relatively simple 2D spacecraft fighti... DOWNLOAD
uscvprogs(sfnet) USCVprogs USCVprogs is a project developing a collection ... DOWNLOAD
hcovert(sfnet) hcovert - HTTP Payload Covert Channel hcovert is a steganographic communications tool... DOWNLOAD
sistemaop2268(sfnet) Sistema OP 2.2.68 Una manera rápida y sencilla de diseñar Product... DOWNLOAD
nextra(sfnet) Nextra Nextra is a NES Emulator based on the (apparent... DOWNLOAD
java-slt(sfnet) Pojo Load Test POJO Load Test is a utility library to help loa... DOWNLOAD
mailmonitor(sfnet) MailMonitor++ Mail Monitor++ POP3 monitor. DOWNLOAD
phpmybf(sfnet) PHPmyBF PHP class wich tracks live game statistics bein... DOWNLOAD
eduexpressions(sfnet) Edu Expressions Edu Expression is open source php mysql based o... DOWNLOAD
routerboss(sfnet) RouterBoss Manage Your Router and perform network test all... DOWNLOAD
map66(sfnet) MAP66 IPv6 to IPv6 Address Mapping Linux Kernel Modul... DOWNLOAD
dpsys(sfnet) Dynamic Presentation System (DPS) DPS, the Dynamic Presentation System, is a util... DOWNLOAD
socketclass(sfnet) Simple BSD sockets classes This project try to permit a very simple use of... DOWNLOAD
anddos(sfnet) AnDDoS The classic DDoS! Overload the server. It is si... DOWNLOAD
cdsagenda(sfnet) CDSAgenda Conference CMS CDSAgenda is a CMS dedicated to Conferences, Se... DOWNLOAD
huangjian(sfnet) Chinese Patch Of Linux Distribution Chinese patches of linux distribution. Make it ... DOWNLOAD
anca(sfnet) Anca Anca is a H.323 client for Qt 3.x. It means tha... DOWNLOAD
maza(sfnet) Maza Advanced calculator for devices that has J2ME s... DOWNLOAD
perlfms(sfnet) PerlFMS Form Management System is similar to "Cont... DOWNLOAD
jim(sfnet) Jim - Java Image Manager The Java Image Manager is a tool for managing c... DOWNLOAD
midwayproject(sfnet) Midway Project A Battleships game for mobile phones. Made in J... DOWNLOAD
nurbana(sfnet) Nurbana 3D NURBS Modeler This is a complete 3D NURBS modeling system cap... DOWNLOAD
gsmile(sfnet) gSmile - emoticon manager gSmile is an open-source emoticon manager, with... DOWNLOAD
php-scripts(sfnet) PHP Scripts By JL(C) WebMaster DOWNLOAD
initialtap(sfnet) Initial TAP Initial TAP is a program for manipulating TAP f... DOWNLOAD
lito(sfnet) LitO Manages your bibliographic data and files. Easy... DOWNLOAD
movietheque(sfnet) Movietheque Movietheque is application for storing informat... DOWNLOAD
zeusengine(sfnet) The Zeus Engine The Zeus Engine (TZE) is open-source 3D engine ... DOWNLOAD
ibanfuncs(sfnet) IBAN Functions Classes to create and validate an International... DOWNLOAD
lius(sfnet) lius The development of this project has ended. Plea... DOWNLOAD
mqbench(sfnet) MQbench - graphical mpi benchmark MQbench is a graphical message passing (mpi, mp... DOWNLOAD
accessbuild(sfnet) AccessBuild A developer utility to rip an Access mdb into m... DOWNLOAD
howto(sfnet) HOTWO A howto database application used to store tech... DOWNLOAD
libagi(sfnet) libagi AGI is the scripting interface for the Asterix ... DOWNLOAD
dvi2bitmap(sfnet) dvi2bitmap Convert TeX DVI files directly to bitmaps -- XB... DOWNLOAD
ltamer(sfnet) Lambda Tamer A collection of tools for formalizing programmi... DOWNLOAD
problemset(sfnet) ACM ProblemSet Programm-shell for building electronic books of... DOWNLOAD
webwidgets(sfnet) Web Widgets Toolkit This is a set of classes that allows the buildi... DOWNLOAD
crctcl(sfnet) crc.tcl, an IRC script for XiRCON crc.tcl, a full featured TCL script for the IRC... DOWNLOAD
quantumlogic(sfnet) QuantumLogic 2D scrolling action game (like FlashBack, Princ... DOWNLOAD
lots(sfnet) LOTS (Leipzig Online Test System) LOTS is a web-based, fully integrated E-learnin... DOWNLOAD
odc(sfnet) Open Direct Connect Open Direct Connect is a multi-protocol file sh... DOWNLOAD
skedario(sfnet) skedario Skedario is a perl/tk graphical tool / cgi perl... DOWNLOAD

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