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olivevoxel(sfnet) OliveVoxel OliveVoxel is a realtime, voxel-based terrain g... DOWNLOAD
mdl2soc(sfnet) mdl2soc Stand alone utility to convert a Rational Rose ... DOWNLOAD
btmule(sfnet) BTMule BTMule is a powful multi-protocol & multi-s...
btsim(sfnet) btsim BT-Sim is a BlueTooth simulator on a HCI level.... DOWNLOAD
jconstraints(sfnet) JConstraints JConstraints is a Java Framework that enables i...
sircl(sfnet) Simple IRC Library sircl is an irc library in C. The major feature... DOWNLOAD
magic(sfnet) Magic VLSI "Magic" VLSI layout tool and various ... DOWNLOAD
linuxwacom(sfnet) Linux Wacom Tablet Project This project manages the libraries, configurati... DOWNLOAD
phpamavisstats(sfnet) phpAmavisStats phpAmavisStats shows you a short statistic of t... DOWNLOAD
myphpexplorer(sfnet) MyPhpExplorer Complete PHP web-based script of a file or dire... DOWNLOAD
hibernex(sfnet) Hibernex A connector to integrate XMLBeans with Hibernat... DOWNLOAD
gtksysinfo(sfnet) GtkSysinfo GtkSysinfo is a perl-Gtk2 software for Linux wh... DOWNLOAD
testesitel(sfnet) testesitel
jjam(sfnet) PyJflash Moved to Cross-platform Ja... DOWNLOAD
biniax2apple(sfnet) Biniax 2 Apple port This is the port to Mac OSX and iPhone OSX of t...
storeproyect(sfnet) StoreProyect
rpg-xml-parser(sfnet) RPG XML Parser The RPG XML Parser is a set of RPG sub-procedur... DOWNLOAD
u-b-t(sfnet) Inoffizielles Unity3d Backup Tool
loic-js(sfnet) JS Loic
wxget(sfnet) W(x)get W(x)get is a graphical frontend to GNU wget, wr... DOWNLOAD
bucos(sfnet) BUsiness COntrol System Web Based System for managing Inventory, Sales,... DOWNLOAD
cfxoops(sfnet) eXtensible OO Portal System For CF CF:XOOPS (eXtensible "Object-Oriented"... DOWNLOAD
mppascal(sfnet) MPPascal - HTTP Server and components MP Pascal is a Multi-Purpose library and applic... DOWNLOAD
utapan-3d(sfnet) Utapan Utapan is a 3D OpenGL based RPG using GLScene f...
oxml(sfnet) OXml OXml is the most versatile XML library in the P...
codemagictinymce4(sfnet) CodeMagic Tinymce4 An advanced HTML editor with code formatting, c...
addfstab(sfnet) addfstab mit diesem Programm kannst du per Befehl eine e...
sys7-simplebook(sfnet) Sys.7 Simple Addressbook A simple address book based on PHP/MySQL that i... DOWNLOAD
qtswaret(sfnet) QtSwaret. The Swaret Interface. QtSwaret is a Swaret ( F... DOWNLOAD
qsquidclassroom(sfnet) QSquidClassRoom QSquidClassRoom was designed to make teacher's ...
mtimer(sfnet) mtimer "mtimer" is a small racing timer appl... DOWNLOAD
gaim-sip(sfnet) gaim-sip The project based on phonegaim from http://www.... DOWNLOAD
macrocoinmacqt(sfnet) Macrocoin-Mac QT
trucking-world(sfnet) Trucking World A simulation of economy. DOWNLOAD
ch2r(sfnet) Ch2r Project Ch2r. A common Halo 2 reverse-engineeri... DOWNLOAD
iky-container(sfnet) Iky Container Java IoC Container Framework. Provides construc... DOWNLOAD
infodepot(sfnet) infodepot This is a PIM written to help users manage info... DOWNLOAD
tometools(sfnet) tomeTools
php5mono(sfnet) mPHP5Mono This is the new beta of PHP4Mono development.
cs-case(sfnet) CS-CASE CASE C#, This is a software that generates prog... DOWNLOAD
joomla-onstartups-flair-module(freshmeat) Joomla! OnStartups Flair Module Joomla! OnStartups Flair Module displays your u... DOWNLOAD
smartynomicon(sfnet) Smartynomicon Book about Smarty for PHP-Developers. DOWNLOAD
stracker(sfnet) Simple Issue Tracker Simple Issue / Incident Tracker targeted at IBM... DOWNLOAD
merode(sfnet) Enterprise Modeling Aid MERMAID is an object-oriented domain modeling t... DOWNLOAD
mygrid-uk(sfnet) myGrid e-science toolkit myGrid: an e-Science toolkit for bioinformatici... DOWNLOAD
locator(sfnet) Uniform postcode locator を特定し、オランダの地図上の正確な位置を表示、... DOWNLOAD
metawars(sfnet) MetaWars MetaWars will be an network game based on the f... DOWNLOAD
migfinancial(sfnet) MiG Financial MiG Financial is a collaborative web based acco... DOWNLOAD
pythonpalmdb(sfnet) Python PalmDB Pure Python library to read/write/modify Palm P... DOWNLOAD
htpc-menu(sfnet) Home Theator Personal Computer Menu htpc-menu is a frontend to mplayer for use on l... DOWNLOAD
subcheck(sfnet) subcheck Subcheck is a Perl script which checks srt subt... DOWNLOAD
flamedeluge(sfnet) Flame Deluge Flame Deluge is a hex based 4X game based vague... DOWNLOAD
cryptoboot(sfnet) cryptoBoot Set of tools needed to setup and maintain encry... DOWNLOAD
personalbackup(sfnet) PersonalBackup Personalbackup a company-wide solution for back... DOWNLOAD
vbscript(sfnet) VBScript Code Catalog The VBScript Code Catalog will produce a librar... DOWNLOAD
phlips(sfnet) PHLIPS The PHLIPS project is a PHP extension for CLIPS... DOWNLOAD
vanilla(sfnet) Vanilla Vanilla is an Open Source realtime rendering en... DOWNLOAD
efxmms(sfnet) EFXmms EFXmms is a standard xmms effect plugin adaptio... DOWNLOAD
ybcctv(sfnet) 宜宾盛量电子有限公司
rrd(sfnet) Report Requirement Documenter (RRD) Used to gather and store business/technical req... DOWNLOAD
delta-boards(sfnet) Delta Boards Delta Boards was a PHP board that aimed for acc... DOWNLOAD
subtle(sfnet) SubtleStatus iTunes song display in unobtrusive transparent ... DOWNLOAD
wavi(sfnet) WAVI Wavelet Video Compression Fast MMX/SSEx wavelet-based lossy video codec f... DOWNLOAD
plaga(sfnet) La Plaga "Plaga" is a board game based on tile...
tangramlite(sfnet) TangramLite TangramLite is an Application Development Frame...
bigfish(sfnet) BigFish Firewall The BigFish Firewall is a suite PHP5 scripts fo... DOWNLOAD
nhost(sfnet) NHost .NET Remoting Host NHost is a universal server for DotNet objects.... DOWNLOAD
rfpydicomsorter(sfnet) RFPY DICOM Sorter Written in Python 2.7, compiled for Windows. S...
j-mode(sfnet) j-mode an emacs mode for the j-programming language DOWNLOAD
vbsyntaxhighlight(sfnet) VbSyntaxHighlight VbSynaxHighlight is a lightweight text editor w...
clitdb(sfnet) Command Line Interface To Database Command Line Interface To Database: written in ... DOWNLOAD
spxii(sfnet) Sula PrimeriX A programmable IRC client for X, including Guil... DOWNLOAD
formproc(sfnet) FormProc - Form Processing API FormProc is an form processing and validation A... DOWNLOAD
hidratelnet(sfnet) HidraTelnet HidraTelnet is a remote administration system, ... DOWNLOAD
cartelle(sfnet) Cartelle Tombola A java program to create cartelle (sheets) for ... DOWNLOAD
rb-libtorrent(sfnet) rb_libtorrent
acetoolkit(sfnet) ACE Autonomic Toolkit A platform for setting up autonomic services in...
telephonyxscode(sfnet) Telephony::CountryDialingCodes for Perl Perl module / class Telephony::CountryDialingCo... DOWNLOAD
umlinuxcc(sfnet) UMLinuxControlCenter UMLinuxControlCenter lets you create virtual ne... DOWNLOAD
yanself(sfnet) first project my first project,i test it
libputio(sfnet) libputio libputio provides a Java API to access the put....
abc-shell(sfnet) Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell abc shell - Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell. This... DOWNLOAD
world-time(sfnet) WorldTime A C# desktop application running on Microsoft's...
jdatev(sfnet) JDatev JDatev 、スイング財務会計は、 Javaアプリケーシ... DOWNLOAD
netcl(sfnet) Networking .NET Class Library A Networking Class Library written in C#. It ca... DOWNLOAD
obrt(sfnet) OpenSource Backup Report Tool OBRT (Opensource Backup Report Tool), LAMP proj... DOWNLOAD
majorspot(sfnet) MajorSpot AI SDK An Java artificial intelligence platform compri... DOWNLOAD
stuwis(sfnet) STUWIS STUWIS is a tool to organize and administrate y... DOWNLOAD
hessiancsharp(sfnet) HessianCsharp "HessianCsharp" is a C# library for t... DOWNLOAD
beancomponents(sfnet) BeanComponents Java classes developed at MERL for building and... DOWNLOAD
trychess(sfnet) TryChess A multiplayer online chess game. Simple but alm... DOWNLOAD
fmdb(sfnet) fmDB fmDB is a web tool to configure HTML forms incl... DOWNLOAD
jengineering(sfnet) JEngineering JEngineering will hopefully be an expanded calc... DOWNLOAD
ccython(sfnet) ccython Tool for Cython aimed to provide a functionalit...
toolkit-eforms(sfnet) Toolkit e-formulieren Toolkit e-formulieren is een opensource toolkit...
jbnt(sfnet) Java Backus-Naur Test API A Java based Backus-Naur test API DOWNLOAD
embossgui(sfnet) EMBOSS explorer EMBOSS explorer is a web-based graphical user i... DOWNLOAD
enumerations(sfnet) Enumerations Enumerations is a collection of C, C++ and Pyth... DOWNLOAD
bookdb(sfnet) BooKDB This is a project to create a simple system to ... DOWNLOAD
mptbox(sfnet) MPT MPT is a toolbox that supplies cross-platform l... DOWNLOAD

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