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khd(sfnet) Karlan's HTTP API Main focus of the project is the HTTP server-si... DOWNLOAD
ioe(sfnet) IOE a C/C++ library of assorted functions for XML a... DOWNLOAD
creader(sfnet) Comic Reader Comic reader is a comic book reader written in ... DOWNLOAD
soes(sfnet) SOES -Shell On Every Server SOES - Shell On Every Server Soes is an Intell... DOWNLOAD
knotes(sfnet) KNotes KNotes provides a comprehensive suite of new fu... DOWNLOAD
hds(sfnet) HDS - HelpDesk System HDS will manage your TroubleTickets e.g. within... DOWNLOAD
mim-blocks(sfnet) MIM Blocks A set of blocks games (sokoban, taquin and vari... DOWNLOAD
kolabsyncml(sfnet) Syncsource for Kolab A Sync4j Syncsource for the Kolab groupware ser... DOWNLOAD
gallery4all(sfnet) Gallery4All Gallery4All is a simple and rapid dynamically g... DOWNLOAD
fileappender(sfnet) File Appender NET File Appender NET is a Windows Forms applicatio... DOWNLOAD
cedar(sfnet) Cedar Framework The Cedar Framework is a project the aim of whi... DOWNLOAD
webtime(sfnet) WebTime WebTime is a Perl/ASP web-based timesheet that ... DOWNLOAD
wlan-chooser(sfnet) Wlan Chooser wlan-chooser lets you choose and join an availa... DOWNLOAD
sitefuel(sfnet) Site Fuel Site Fuel, as it currently stands, is a set of ... DOWNLOAD
physics2d(sfnet) Physics 2D Physics 2D is 2 Dimensional Rigid Body Physics ... DOWNLOAD
altinbpm(sfnet) Altin BPM Altin Business Process Management - simple kern... DOWNLOAD
openstrsecii(sfnet) Open StreamSec Tools 2.1.x StreamSec Tools 2.1 is collection of cryptograp... DOWNLOAD
realmconqueror(sfnet) realmconqueror 3D Strategy game coming soon :) DOWNLOAD
modchm(sfnet) mod_chm mod_chm is an apache2 module that gives you pos... DOWNLOAD
zpplication(sfnet) Zpplication Zpplication - An Infocom Z-Engine Java Interpreter DOWNLOAD
motionmodeling(sfnet) Motion Modeling Motion Modeling is a developers centric modelin... DOWNLOAD
fsr-routing(sfnet) FSR Routing Module This project deals with the implementation of a... DOWNLOAD
sgui(sfnet) Slackware GUI Package Manager A Slackware GUI package management system writt... DOWNLOAD
siv(sfnet) Simple Image Viewer (SIV) A small program to display and list images in a... DOWNLOAD
cistoms(sfnet) CISTOMS MudOS mudlib CISTOMS is a mudlib written in LPC for a modifi... DOWNLOAD
film(sfnet) fILM The fILM is an Information Lifecycle Management... DOWNLOAD
schronydownload(sfnet) schronydownload Shooting Chrony Data Downloader, a program that... DOWNLOAD
bmplsb(sfnet) bmpLsb DOWNLOAD
rss2php(sfnet) rss2php rss2php is a library of php scripts to parse an... DOWNLOAD
phight(sfnet) Phight Phight - a phylogeny tree building program Cur... DOWNLOAD
bdd-tree(sfnet) Binary Decision Diagram produce full software package using the binary ... DOWNLOAD
tech(sfnet) tech development Projects by me released under GPL. http://tech.... DOWNLOAD
mayiwork(sfnet) mayiwork DOWNLOAD
taoscript(sfnet) Tao Language Tao is an object-oriented scripting language wi... DOWNLOAD
apservicebox(freshmeat) APServiceBox APServiceBox provides dependency injection for ... DOWNLOAD
oghamcms(sfnet) Ogham Ogham is a simple wiki-like CMS with a rich Jav... DOWNLOAD
churchcms(sfnet) ChurchCMS ChurchCMS is the software to place on your chur... DOWNLOAD
lightbackupcreatorbeta(sfnet) Light Backup Creator BETA Light Backup Creator BETA is a light weight and... DOWNLOAD
jmisc(sfnet) Miscellaneous Java Utilities A collection of small Java classes that do not ... DOWNLOAD
ticsg(sfnet) TiCheatSheetGenerator This program allows you to, very easily, genera... DOWNLOAD
esperanto(sfnet) Esperanto Esperanto is a API that hides the underlying pr... DOWNLOAD
sitehelm(sfnet) SiteHelm Web Site Management System SiteHelm is a web site management system and CM... DOWNLOAD
easyfoldermorpher(sfnet) Easy Folder Morpher Easy Folder Morpher is an open source tool for ... DOWNLOAD
tfdpo(sfnet) Tf Calculator for Pervoskites Tolerance factor calculator for Perovskite Oxid... DOWNLOAD
side(sfnet) sIDE (simple IDE) sIDE is a crossplataform (Linux/Win32) made in ... DOWNLOAD
dbatsol(sfnet) DB@SoL DB@SoL intends to fill the lack of most of the ... DOWNLOAD
wpac(sfnet) WPAC WPA stands for Wassink PA - It\\\'s a Planetari... DOWNLOAD
pitchfork(sfnet) Pitchfork Open Source 3D Real-time Strategy Game Engine DOWNLOAD
cyplib(sfnet) cyplib - documents generation system cyplib is a php-based library of classes provid... DOWNLOAD
orb-orb(sfnet) ORB ORB is the core module for ORBS, ORCS, OACS, IR... DOWNLOAD
backup(sfnet) remote backup Handles automatic backup of files by compressin... DOWNLOAD
clanlite(sfnet) ClanLite ClanLite est un portail php/mySQL pour tout typ... DOWNLOAD
cgipan(sfnet) CGIpan Perl-CGI-Script for installing CPAN modules on ... DOWNLOAD
evrebot(sfnet) evrebot Open source bot for the massive multiplayer onl... DOWNLOAD
ifp-gnome(sfnet) iFP-Gnome Gnome-based GUI front-end for file management o... DOWNLOAD
iprocgui(sfnet) iProcGUI iProcUI is a generic UI which allows 1-n comman... DOWNLOAD
galileodas(sfnet) Galileo-DAS Galileo-Data Acquisition System is a data acqui... DOWNLOAD
image2docinfo(sfnet) Image2DocInfo Image2DocInfo has been made to quickly tag digi... DOWNLOAD
jstatchartist(sfnet) Jvmstat Chartist Jvmstat Chartist is a GUI application for simpl... DOWNLOAD
phproject(sfnet) PHProject PHProject is a system written in PHP to manage ... DOWNLOAD
languagesys(sfnet) LanguageSys LanguageSys is a class/libary for international... DOWNLOAD
mfar(sfnet) MFAR File manager for MenuetOS DOWNLOAD
knmp(sfnet) KNMP KNMP is a software wich can be used to open and... DOWNLOAD
momail(sfnet) momail - - - Momail is a clever little php script that... DOWNLOAD
toothmote(sfnet) toothmote Toothmote is an application that allows remote ... DOWNLOAD
rarcrack(sfnet) rarcrack This program uses a brute force algorithm to gu... DOWNLOAD
maumau(sfnet) Mau Mau Mau Mau is a famous german card game. You can p... DOWNLOAD
macmavericksv3(sfnet) Mac Mavericksv3 DOWNLOAD
subvertaudio(sfnet) Subvert Audio A sound synthesis system, the main aim of which... DOWNLOAD
osmap(sfnet) The Osmap Project Osmap is a way of putting map data into XML tag... DOWNLOAD
dash42(sfnet) Dash42 Dash42 is a win32 application that copies files... DOWNLOAD
nrd(sfnet) Network Raw Device Network Raw Device provides a lan-mirroring raw... DOWNLOAD
wilma-indexer(sfnet) Wilma Wilma is a program for quickly finding text lur... DOWNLOAD
secpwgen(sfnet) Tiny Secure-Password-Generator Tiny Secure-Password-Generator - Creates 5 &quo... DOWNLOAD
cppsh(sfnet) cppsh cppsh is a utility for compiling C++ program fr... DOWNLOAD
musicplayer(sfnet) XSPF Web Music Player XSPF Web Music Player is a flash-based web appl... DOWNLOAD
trackwebvisitorswithlivechat(sfnet) Track Web Visitors With Live Chat Live chat is most significant invention in comm... DOWNLOAD
netleak(sfnet) Network Leak Finder netleak is a collection of small perlscripts th... DOWNLOAD
cheatsender(sfnet) Keysender Cheatcodeedition This Program is designed to send Cheatcodes thr... DOWNLOAD
nmeayacht(sfnet) The Yacht Instumentation Project The Yacht Instrumentation Project is a flexible... DOWNLOAD
minecraftquiz(sfnet) Minecraft Quiz! I'm new to python and decided to try and make a... DOWNLOAD
outlookmapispy(sfnet) OutlookMAPISpy OutlookMAPISpy provide display of MAPI properti... DOWNLOAD
domsafexml(sfnet) DOMSafeXML DOMSafeXML is an XML database platform based on... DOWNLOAD
dctos(sfnet) DCTOS Standard linux distributions are not very optim... DOWNLOAD
plotlib(sfnet) JStatPlot A documented, maintained, and easy to use java ... DOWNLOAD
vcpu-64bit(sfnet) The 64 bit Virtual CPU Project Project to create 64bit virtual CPU in Gambas, ... DOWNLOAD
uiwidgetstags(sfnet) UI Widgets Tags Deliver JSP tags for common UI widgets (for ins... DOWNLOAD
hebdokuwiki(sfnet) HebDokuWiki HebDokuWiki is a working out-of-the-box Hebrew ... DOWNLOAD
plrpg(sfnet) paperlessRPG plrpg or paperlessRPG is a script to create and... DOWNLOAD
tipi(sfnet) Tools in Perl for iCalendar iCalendar tools in Perl DOWNLOAD
andresprogs(sfnet) André's collection of some programs Collection of programmes i have programmed for ... DOWNLOAD
mp3elf(sfnet) MP3elf The MP3elf is a low-cost ethernet connected MP3... DOWNLOAD
kavu(sfnet) kavu sources A patchset for the linux 2.6 kernel tree based ... DOWNLOAD
splotchplus(sfnet) SplotchPlus This is a project based on Splotch, posted by o... DOWNLOAD
chesseditor(sfnet) Chess Editor Chess Editor is a pure Java tool to create, edi... DOWNLOAD
hula(sfnet) Hula Hula is a servlet-based framework for developin... DOWNLOAD
mxwiki(sfnet) mxWiki (development codename) mxWiki is an integrated community-based content... DOWNLOAD
dndgallery(sfnet) Drag'n'Drop Gallery Our Drag'n'Drop Gallery is a free, simple galle... DOWNLOAD
potree(sfnet) Persisted Object Tree Persitancy api simaler to Prevailer but with mo... DOWNLOAD
smbcms(sfnet) Intelligent CMS Intelligent CMS is ment for developers and comp... DOWNLOAD

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