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upgrade-oldest(sfnet) Upgrade Oldest Upgrade oldest Debian packages. This python scr... DOWNLOAD
libjlm(sfnet) The libjlm and JLM development project libjlm is a library to create and manipulate jl... DOWNLOAD
tvinfotools(sfnet) TVInfoTools Easy to use set of shell-scripts to search on t... DOWNLOAD
chartfactory(sfnet) ChartFactory ChartFactory is a free, open-source Java API fo... DOWNLOAD
ice-prefer(sfnet) ice-prefer Small Xdialog-based tools to configure icewm's ... DOWNLOAD
cpsmon(sfnet) Centralize Process Monitor Process Monitor uses web interface to view syst... DOWNLOAD
coopn(sfnet) Co-opn The Concurrent Object-Oriented Petri Nets (CO-O... DOWNLOAD
rubus(sfnet) Rubus A collection of software and tools for the Rasp...
caghanscot(sfnet) SCOT Secure instant messaging chat program written i... DOWNLOAD
controllertester(sfnet) ControllerTester Copyright 2014 Alvin Stanescu, Software Enginee... DOWNLOAD
pysvg(sfnet) pySVG - Python SVG module pySVG provides a Python module for manipulation... DOWNLOAD
quemadoravrs(sfnet) quemadorAVRs Programador SPI de MicroControladores AVR. AVR ... DOWNLOAD
gimmick-tetris(sfnet) Gimmick Tetris A "Tetris" clone with a twist... each... DOWNLOAD
theexceptiondetection(sfnet) The exception detection We are release the exception detection module. ...
bloxx(sfnet) Bloxx Display Ingenuity! Bloxx is a general-purpose ... DOWNLOAD
sts(sfnet) Starboard Tack Scoring Starboard Tack Scoring is a desktop program for... DOWNLOAD
alfandega(sfnet) Alfandega Firewall Alfandega is a strong and Modular IpTables Fire... DOWNLOAD
sbs-linux(sfnet) Smart Battery System for Linux Linux kernel & ACPI support for the Smart B... DOWNLOAD
jdautoshut(sfnet) AutoShut AutoShut is an easy, simple tool to schedule a ... DOWNLOAD
unischeduler(sfnet) University Scheduler Engine An extensible college/university course schedul... DOWNLOAD
imperialrealms(sfnet) Imperial Realms Standard Client imperial_realms is the standard client for the ... DOWNLOAD
handgenerator(sfnet) Contract Bridge Hand Generator A Contract Bridge JAVA Based Hand Generator. De... DOWNLOAD
stat4j(sfnet) stat4j Stat4j is a simple lightweight extension to the... DOWNLOAD
albummer(sfnet) albummer A Java photo slideshow tool. Includes old websi... DOWNLOAD
gtmadmin(sfnet) GTMAdmin A desktop app to manage an osCommerce shop with... DOWNLOAD
rbpsgroove(sfnet) rbpsgroove A simple user intarface for PSGroove installati... DOWNLOAD
tgicl(sfnet) tgicl A software solution for clustering large EST/mR... DOWNLOAD
telioinfo(sfnet) TelioInfo TelioInfo is a program written for the Microsof... DOWNLOAD
irlp-lcd(sfnet) IRLP-LCD IRLP-LCD is a client for LCDproc to display the... DOWNLOAD
eikodiary(sfnet) EikoDiary A simple multi user diary written in php, to he... DOWNLOAD
l2rib(sfnet) l2rib l2rib is a utility for converting Lego LDraw mo... DOWNLOAD
szremote(sfnet) StreamZap PC Remote lirc USB driver A linux kernel driver for lirc (http://www.lirc... DOWNLOAD
videotrans(sfnet) Video/AVI to DVD transcoder The videotrans project is a set of scripts that... DOWNLOAD
skdtbs(sfnet) ShiKai DataBase This Project is written with Borland Delphi (7)... DOWNLOAD
easybmp(sfnet) EasyBMP Cross-Platform Bitmap Library EasyBMP is an easy cross-platform C++ library f... DOWNLOAD
vani(sfnet) Vani- A MultiLingual Text To Speech VANI is Vernacular Attempt to National Integrat... DOWNLOAD
diffr(sfnet) Diffr file comparer Diffr compares two source files and graphically... DOWNLOAD
gnormalize(sfnet) gnormalize gnormalize is a front end to normalize, ripper,... DOWNLOAD
mesam(sfnet) MESAM propose a support for defining mappings between... DOWNLOAD
j2eeml(sfnet) J2EEML J2EEML is a tool for modeling Enterprise Java B... DOWNLOAD
openretsclient(sfnet) Open RETS Client The Open RETS Client (ORC) is an application de... DOWNLOAD
dent(sfnet) dent Dent is a project focused upon network modeling... DOWNLOAD
fathom(sfnet) XML parser generator A generic XML parser generator. With a DTD inpu... DOWNLOAD
kaze(sfnet) Kuroi Kaze Collection of tools and applications employing ... DOWNLOAD
gtkslocate(sfnet) Gtkslocate gtkslocate si a frontend to the slocate program... DOWNLOAD
emuz(sfnet) emuz Eclipse plugin. Codegeneration for Spindle. DOWNLOAD
adialer(sfnet) ADialer (PPP dial-out) ADialer is a Perl script for modem dialout. It ... DOWNLOAD
verbos(sfnet) VerbOS VerbOS allows viewing, searching, editing and t... DOWNLOAD
filmshrink(sfnet) FilmShrink FilmShrink is a DVD-Video backup software for W... DOWNLOAD
wmpmanager(sfnet) wmp_manager small program to manage the casio wmp-1 wrist w... DOWNLOAD
freakzz(sfnet) freakzz DOWNLOAD
puttywincrypt(sfnet) puttywincrypt PuTTY smart card and windows crypto support. C... DOWNLOAD
zort(sfnet) Zort Zort is yet another server-based (PHP) RSS/Atom... DOWNLOAD
lsf-pam-module(sfnet) PAM MODULE LSF Pam module for Load Sharing Facility (LSF) DOWNLOAD
jpair(sfnet) jpair Jpair is a pure Java Implementation of bilinear... DOWNLOAD
vairux-ego(sfnet) EgO Workfolio, Blog and General CMS EgO is a PHP script that makes easier the set u... DOWNLOAD
tfh-bt-tracker(sfnet) Tin Foil Hat BitTorrent Tracker A PHP/MySQL BitTorrent tracker originally based... DOWNLOAD
vcs-graphics(sfnet) Atari VCS (2600) Graphics Editor A cross-platform Java Application for creating,... DOWNLOAD
solaitra(sfnet) Solaitra SeraseraCMS - A Content Manager using PHP/MySQL... DOWNLOAD
bsaextractor(sfnet) BSAExtractor I present to you BSA extractor. I know a lot o... DOWNLOAD
lomovision(sfnet) Lomovision Lomovision - an open source software project fo... DOWNLOAD
evilposter(sfnet) EvilPoster EvilPoster is a PHP program developed as a plug... DOWNLOAD
easygo(sfnet) Easy Go game This package contains code for the game of Easy... DOWNLOAD
surrogate(sfnet) Surrogate testing framework Surrogate is a complimentary unit testing frame... DOWNLOAD
rlocate(sfnet) rlocate rlocate is an implementation of the "locat... DOWNLOAD
wpi(sfnet) Word Picture Insert WPI (Word Picture Insert) provides a rich GUI t... DOWNLOAD
toddlergame(sfnet) A Toddler Game A game for Toddlers (ages 1-4) that teaches let... DOWNLOAD
agentx4j(sfnet) Agent.X implementation for Java AgentX4J is a Java based implementation of SNMP... DOWNLOAD
simback(sfnet) simback simback is to generally cover the daily backup ... DOWNLOAD
gengine2004(sfnet) gEngine 2D/3D Engine for easy game developing and other... DOWNLOAD
fluxbox-mm(sfnet) fluxbox-merge-menu Fluxbox-mm (Flufbox-merge-menu) create a menu f... DOWNLOAD
atitd2ca(sfnet) ATITD2 Cooking Assistant Cooking Assistant is a tool to help players mak... DOWNLOAD
jintilla(sfnet) Jintilla - Source Editing Control Java SWT and AWT port of Scintilla, a free sour... DOWNLOAD
rssframework(sfnet) RSS Framework for PHP This framework written in object oriented PHP4 ... DOWNLOAD
girder2wamp-pls(sfnet) Girder to Winamp Playlist connector "Girder to Winamp Playlist connector"... DOWNLOAD
njstream(sfnet) Creative Nomad JukeBox Music Streamer Want to play your Creative NJB (or other libnjb... DOWNLOAD
grosgabarie(sfnet) Le Gros Gabarie Ce programme est pour afficher la phrase de la ... DOWNLOAD
isltinxprs(sfnet) Installation Express Installation Express est un programme comme &qu... DOWNLOAD
matrixmaker(sfnet) MatrixMaker Create custom substitution matrices for BLAST p... DOWNLOAD
hamda(sfnet) hamda Frontend to administration radius server using ... DOWNLOAD
cybook102(sfnet) Cybook 1.02 DOWNLOAD
darkpatches(sfnet) dark/sk sources Dark/sk sources are kernel patchset projects cr... DOWNLOAD
juggalosubuntu(sfnet) JuggalOS-Ubuntu Features MATE Desktop with default MATE-Black h... DOWNLOAD
adhtml(sfnet) Another Dynamic HTML API Not just another DHTML API, the ADHTML API does... DOWNLOAD
hptterrier(sfnet) hptterrier HPC layer for Terrier Information Retrieval Pla... DOWNLOAD
gridp(sfnet) gridp The GRI Discovery Platform is a framework for r... DOWNLOAD
modu(sfnet) modu MODU is a linux oriented textual dialup toolkit... DOWNLOAD
toendacms(sfnet) toendaCMS - Your ideas ahead toendaCMS - Your ideas ahead is a publishing sy... DOWNLOAD
wrapread(sfnet) WrapRead for wasabi.player WrapRead is a wasabi.player component. It detec... DOWNLOAD
ewriter(sfnet) eWriter - on-line documentaion creator eWriter - easy On-line Documentation Management... DOWNLOAD
jrcaf(sfnet) JRCAF Java Rich Client Application Faces JRCAF (Java Rich Client Application Faces) is a... DOWNLOAD
character-gen(sfnet) CharacterGen CharacterGen is designed to be a tool for write... DOWNLOAD
lli(sfnet) Linux Localisation Initiative To translate all HOWTOs and documentation avail... DOWNLOAD
steno(sfnet) Steno Steno is a lightweight web application that all... DOWNLOAD
bootpdnis(sfnet) bootpd_nis This is a really simple BOOTP server, which use... DOWNLOAD
tkmp3(sfnet) Tk-mp3 A simple Perl/Tk interface to mpg123. Provides... DOWNLOAD
siteloader(sfnet) Siteloader This Application Lets You Download Any Website ... DOWNLOAD
phptoolkit(sfnet) phpToolkit PTK is a comprehensive OO Toolkit written in PHP5. DOWNLOAD
nantreloaded(sfnet) Nant Reloaded NantReloaded is a Visual Studio .Net 2005 Add-i... DOWNLOAD
shmallocator(sfnet) ShmAllocator STL allocator, implements shared memory allocat... DOWNLOAD

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