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ndslib(sfnet) ndslib ndslib is a set of libraries, tools, and associ... DOWNLOAD
netclasses(sfnet) netclasses Asynchronous networking framework for GNUstep a... DOWNLOAD
talksoup(sfnet) TalkSoup Extensible graphical IRC client for GNUstep and... DOWNLOAD
aresrpg(sfnet) Ares Ares stands for Aural RPG Experience System. It...
yellowleaf(sfnet) YellowLeaf This is a small web based software for demostra... DOWNLOAD
jgradebase(sfnet) GradeBase GradeBase is a open source class management sof...
dsilvers(sfnet) Image Grabber (PHP) PHP script that allows a user to input a url wi... DOWNLOAD
hamster(sfnet) Hamster A tool for the capturing and visualisation of i... DOWNLOAD
ipacco(sfnet) ipacco IPACCO: a package for network admins to coll... DOWNLOAD
hostdeny(sfnet) Host.Deny- Your Fast Track Security Reso A HOST.DENY file is a file that, when loaded to... DOWNLOAD
leitnerbox(sfnet) LeitnerBox This project moved to Dana: ...
akldj(sfnet) 好多好多 快接啊立刻飞机看见反对立刻就受到法律框架的司法...
gserve(sfnet) G-Serve G-SERVE is a file serving BOT for users (of Lin... DOWNLOAD
tasklist(sfnet) Tasklist Project Management Software Tasklist is a multi-user task management system... DOWNLOAD
bozzbin(sfnet) BozzBin An office jukebox system, with a simple web int... DOWNLOAD
nrv(sfnet) NRV NRV extends the viewer from jasperreports,it de... DOWNLOAD
infern0(sfnet) infern0 infern0 is an IRC Bot written entirely in Perl ... DOWNLOAD
tmx-dr-api(sfnet) Timex Data Recorder API APIs to allow developers to access the HRM and ... DOWNLOAD
panwa(sfnet) Panwa Panwa is a framework based on the Qt toolkit fo... DOWNLOAD
grevv(sfnet) GRE Verbal word-learning software. Interactive program to assist you in learning a... DOWNLOAD
ljloader(sfnet) LJLoader Java program to extract postings and comments f... DOWNLOAD
ceemedia(sfnet) CeeMedia Movie Catalog CeeMedia is a program for cataloging your movie... DOWNLOAD
cdimagetools(sfnet) CD Image Tools Development of tools for converting various CD ... DOWNLOAD
nennius(sfnet) Nennius Application Engine Nennius, an advanced, object-oriented applicati... DOWNLOAD
dreamgate(sfnet) Dreamgate MUD Client Dreamgate aims at providing MUD players with sc... DOWNLOAD
apvision(sfnet) APVision APVision is a LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,Perl) ap... DOWNLOAD
ejtools(sfnet) EJTools Collection of WEB-based and GUI-based tools rel... DOWNLOAD
echocore(sfnet) EchoCore echo-core is a core library used to build Echo2...
weige1234(sfnet) weige1234
exportosttopstfile(sfnet) Export OST to PST file How to Export OST to PST File? By use of OST Ex...
jnbds(sfnet) Java Network Block Device Server A Java Network Block Device server with various... DOWNLOAD
midi2chord(sfnet) Midi2Chord This perl-script takes a midi-file as input and... DOWNLOAD
t-ogame-multi(sfnet) Ogame-Multitool The Ogame-Multitool provides tools and informat... DOWNLOAD
pybuzz(sfnet) PyBuzz PyBuzz is a machine plugin for the Buzz Modular... DOWNLOAD
pylibneural(sfnet) Python Lib Neural A neural net module written in python. The aim ... DOWNLOAD
codeshare-addin(sfnet) CodeShare Addin for Visual Studio.NET CodeShare Addin is a Visual Studio.NET plugin f... DOWNLOAD
gsystem7(sfnet) gsystem7 gSystem7 is a project to bring the beauty, simp... DOWNLOAD
pywebgal(sfnet) PyWebGal - a web gallery generator PyWebGal is a command line web gallery generato... DOWNLOAD
distort(sfnet) Distort (distro tweaking) Distort is a set of unix shell scripts that fac... DOWNLOAD
rtai-uml(sfnet) RTAI Emulator A fully functional emulator for RTAI Linux, for... DOWNLOAD
jcq-lan-chat(sfnet) JCQ - "ICQ Like" chat system for LAN JCQ is an "ICQ-Like" chat tool for Lo... DOWNLOAD
cm2020(sfnet) Conrad Charge Manager 2020 - CM2020 Software for the Conrad/Voltcraft Charge Manage... DOWNLOAD
bluescan(sfnet) BlueScan A Bluetooth scanner and message sender. Scans f... DOWNLOAD
mobile-recovery-for-ios(sfnet) Jihosoft Mobile Recovery for iOS Deleted or lost important files on your iPhone,...
jlogik(sfnet) JLogiK - board logic game LogiK is a board game of logic. Player has to p... DOWNLOAD
mymas(sfnet) myMAS myMAS is a framework for writing distributed, a... DOWNLOAD
bcbhexcontrols(sfnet) BCB Hex Controls Components "Hex" components for Borland C++ Buil... DOWNLOAD
tasktimer(sfnet) tasktimer Time your work to charge out or just to track. ...
mobileprototype(sfnet) MUIPrototyper An interactive mobile prototyping aid using dec... DOWNLOAD
kmfl(sfnet) Keyboard Mapping for Linux KMFL is a keyboarding input method currently be... DOWNLOAD
opencmsarticles(sfnet) OpenCms Article Management Module This module provides a framework for adding adv... DOWNLOAD
corsaac(sfnet) cure oriented restaurant corsaac: is a intranet application for restaura... DOWNLOAD
scriptor(sfnet) Scriptor Scriptor is meant as an easy-to-use, low thresh... DOWNLOAD
secureshredder(sfnet) Secure Shredder Simple application which replaces the lower-lev...
libstrutil(sfnet) libstrutil libstrutil is a library of string conversion ro...
tabular(sfnet) Tabular Language A self-supporting compiler for a Table-Oriented... DOWNLOAD
guatu(sfnet) GUatu GUatu is a really, really fast (hardware accele... DOWNLOAD
ffxi-stat-calc(sfnet) FFXI Statistics Calculator This is a small cgi script, written in perl, wh... DOWNLOAD
jstatus(sfnet) JStatus JStatus is a automated instant message client t... DOWNLOAD
xhsiwithradios(sfnet) XHSI with Radio Panel Clone of the awesome project XHSI. But I added ...
cvsclogd(sfnet) cvs changelog daemon Perl script which automates the process of crea... DOWNLOAD
zntpdate(sfnet) zntpdate zntpdate is a tool that allowes you to modify d...
wrapt(sfnet) Wrapt: Synaptic-Icewm menu wrapper Wrapt is a program which can be used to easily ... DOWNLOAD
pyini(sfnet) PyINI : Cross-Platform INI Parser PyINI is a cross-platform INI file parser libra... DOWNLOAD
gflashcards(sfnet) GFlashCards GFlashCards is a self-teaching aid for Gnome. I... DOWNLOAD
rastertrace(sfnet) RasterTrace for Windows RasterTrace is a Windows .Net GUI front-end to ... DOWNLOAD
bugsappender(sfnet) BugReport Appender BugReport appender is a Log4j appender that log... DOWNLOAD
malwareblocker(sfnet) Malware Blocker Malware-Blocker blocks communication from your ... DOWNLOAD
mochastudiocafe(sfnet) Mocha Studio Cafe The goal of the Mocha Studio Cafe project is to... DOWNLOAD
vscmstwo(sfnet) Very Simple CMS (VSCMS) VSCMS is a content management system that consi...
xiange-gpkg(sfnet) gpkg light and powerful gpkg! every programmer shoul...
ezsubtitleagent(sfnet) Easy Subtitle Agent A subtitle agent, which developed on Java, help... DOWNLOAD
kiside(sfnet) KIside KIside is a message digest computing and displa... DOWNLOAD
libfbcpp(sfnet) libfb++ libfb++ is an Open Source project supporting C+... DOWNLOAD
samogon(sfnet) samogon This is a utility for monitoring different syst... DOWNLOAD
reecon(sfnet) Reecon This is a simple bash script that uses nikto, n...
colabora(sfnet) COLABORA COLABORA project provides a tool for creating c... DOWNLOAD
midp-calc(sfnet) MIDP Calculator Scientific Java Calculator for cell-phones and ... DOWNLOAD
tanstaafl(sfnet) tanstaafl Fidonet Technology Network (FTN) Client with in... DOWNLOAD
pakay(sfnet) Pakay - OpenPGP compliant app This proyect is an implementation of OpenPGP (R... DOWNLOAD
little-testunit(sfnet) little.TestUnit little.TestUnit is the first module of the litt... DOWNLOAD
reefcontrol(sfnet) Reef controller Open source windows based reef controller and d...
tasche(sfnet) Tasche - System tasks scheduler System tasks scheduler for configuring cron and... DOWNLOAD
tnc(sfnet) TnC - The Next Coming TnC (The Next Coming) is a set of C++ classes t... DOWNLOAD
eph-trivia(sfnet) Williams Trivia Software A web site for running Williams College's biann... DOWNLOAD
miranda-vqchat(sfnet) Miranda VypressChat/QuickChat plugins Miranda-IM plugins for Vypress Chat and QuickCh... DOWNLOAD
slaktool(sfnet) Slackware Package Tools Extended Slackware package management tools, ad... DOWNLOAD
jdpanda(sfnet) Joyful Download Panda Site-download extension for Firefox DOWNLOAD
plum(sfnet) PLUM PLUM is a flexible and extensible PHP5 framewor... DOWNLOAD
quitmeter(sfnet) quitmeter quitmeter - javascript to display since when yo... DOWNLOAD
ovi(sfnet) Open Visual Integrator OpenVI - Open Visual Integrator, a visual softw... DOWNLOAD
botnetdetectorscomparer(sfnet) Botnet Detectors Comparer Compares botnet detection methods by computing ...
modulemaker(sfnet) ModuleMaker ModuleMaker is an addon to PHP-Nuke which allow... DOWNLOAD
lanpartyadmin(sfnet) phpLAN-Party phpLAN-Party is a set of PHP pages and a MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
sft(sfnet) Simple Feedback Trainer The Simple Feedback Trainer is designed to allo... DOWNLOAD
pygrid(sfnet) Pygrid Engine Pygrid is an open-source cross-platform pygame/...
modmgr(sfnet) ModMgr ModMgr is a (Windows) tool that manages and aut... DOWNLOAD
noisyhandling(sfnet) NoisyHandling
trainingos(sfnet) TrainingOS Training OS - simple protected mode based opera...
libverify(sfnet) libVerify A PHP5 Library class for interfacing with the V... DOWNLOAD

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