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qfeed-delphi(sfnet) Delphi binding for QFeed Delphi language binding for the QFeed... DOWNLOAD
gasteroids(sfnet) Gasteroids Gasteroids is inspired in classic Asteroids gam... DOWNLOAD
geditchangelog(sfnet) GeditChangelog This is a plugin for the famous text editor &qu... DOWNLOAD
hostedwlan-gui(sfnet) Windows Hosted-WLAN-Network GUI Benutzeroberfläche für das gehostete WLAN-Netzw... DOWNLOAD
transmission-footprint(sfnet) Transmission Footprint WSN DOWNLOAD
lookmediaplayer(sfnet) player multi-media LookMediaPlayer is a multimedia player video an... DOWNLOAD
itp(sfnet) ITP Students project on Subject Virtual Systems and... DOWNLOAD
beetlestatsutil(sfnet) beetlestatsutil BeetleStatsUtil is a Perl script that reads the... DOWNLOAD
amplicongenerator(sfnet) AmpliconGenerator The program is written in Java and provides add... DOWNLOAD
digabi(sfnet) Digabi Digabi OS is live-Linux distro for The Matricul... DOWNLOAD
neshla(sfnet) NESHLA: High Level 6502/NES Assembler NESHLA is an assembler for the Nintendo NES whi... DOWNLOAD
yagra1960(sfnet) yagra1960 No description DOWNLOAD
cssbean(sfnet) CSS Bean CSS Bean provides utilties for simplifying the ... DOWNLOAD
skywatch(sfnet) Remote Telescope Project it will be client-server based web application ... DOWNLOAD
jbackupwithzip(sfnet) JBackupWithZip JBackupWithZip is a java program for backing up... DOWNLOAD
mt-blacklist(sfnet) MT-Blacklist MT-Blacklist is the number one comment and Trac... DOWNLOAD
tustbioinfor(sfnet) tustbioinfor bioinformatics DOWNLOAD
spyps(sfnet) spyps A "visual" process tracing utility ca... DOWNLOAD
tcpxtract(sfnet) tcpxtract Tcpxtract is a tool for extracting files from n... DOWNLOAD
ear(sfnet) Executed Audio Repository A website using PHP and SQLite that allows for ... DOWNLOAD
lin-chat(sfnet) Lin Chat A simple real time chat program that will have ... DOWNLOAD
palmspell(sfnet) Palmspell Palmspell, A free thirteen month calendar for y... DOWNLOAD
wickedphpforms(sfnet) Wicked PHP Forms Presenting a new concept leveraging the power o... DOWNLOAD
jazmyn(sfnet) Jazmyn - A 32-bit Operating System Jazmyn is a 32-bit, Protected mode, Multitaskin... DOWNLOAD
gtkbook(sfnet) A Journey Through GTK+ GtkBook project wants to build a free documenta... DOWNLOAD
raw2bmp(sfnet) RAW to BMP It always frustrated me that almost NO image to... DOWNLOAD
opentestbr(sfnet) TestKase Presents a proposal to employ use cases to esti... DOWNLOAD
drawingutlity3d(sfnet) Drawing Utlity 3d DOWNLOAD
c-cramp(sfnet) C-Cramp C-Cramp is a tool for a mysql database with dat... DOWNLOAD
juleos-dynamite(sfnet) JuleOS Dynamite JuleOS Dynamite is a simple operating system (O... DOWNLOAD
duke3dmp(sfnet) Duke3D Multiplayer Setup Duke3D Multiplayer setup - VatVit 2005. This p... DOWNLOAD
j2memods(sfnet) J2ME MODS Midlet Obfuscated Delivery Sys J2ME MODS, MIDLet Obfuscated Delivery System, i... DOWNLOAD
ellargo(sfnet) Ellar Go Game Game of Go application with standard feature su... DOWNLOAD
vs-chess(sfnet) VS Chess Java implementation of chess rules. No GUI DOWNLOAD
habbozcms(sfnet) Habboz CMS Um cms para habbo inspirado no phpretro DOWNLOAD
wpmanager(sfnet) Wpmanager WPmanager est un CMS PHP/MySQL qui à vu le jour... DOWNLOAD
glsp(sfnet) GLStereoPlayer GLStereoPlayer is an OpenGL-based stereoscopic ... DOWNLOAD
spinnything(sfnet) SpinnyThing SpinnyThing is a python module for displaying t... DOWNLOAD
pamtester(sfnet) pamtester pamtester is a tiny utility program to test the... DOWNLOAD
mdbadmin(sfnet) MDB Admin Create and manage MDB Databases (MSAccess versi... DOWNLOAD
lidegw(sfnet) Lidegw The gateway between chat and IRC client... DOWNLOAD
rbgl(sfnet) REALbasicGL High level OpenGL framework and game engine for... DOWNLOAD
ibulk(sfnet) ibulk iBulk is a front-end for FFmpeg used to convert... DOWNLOAD
somplenodejsserver(sfnet) somple node js server DOWNLOAD
all41rms(sfnet) All41RMS The goal of this project is to create an open, ... DOWNLOAD
tbud(sfnet) TBUD MUD Engine [Text-Based User-Driven MUD Engine] An Object-... DOWNLOAD
projectnet(sfnet) projectnet Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM... DOWNLOAD
ipexpunge(sfnet) IPExpunge IPExpunge is a nonintrusive program which will ... DOWNLOAD
wavetomidi(sfnet) WavetoMidi audio to midi conversor WavetoMidi converts from audio,wav,mp3,etc to m... DOWNLOAD
v-webmail(sfnet) V-webmail V-webmail is a powerful PHP based webmail appli... DOWNLOAD
fhat(sfnet) Fachhochschul Audio-Toolkit FHAT eigenerオーディオプラグイン、 eine graphis... DOWNLOAD
bfacs(sfnet) Blowfish Advanced CS (deprecated) DOWNLOAD
dvbtv(sfnet) dvbtv Dvbzap is a frontend for mplayer/xine and dvbst... DOWNLOAD
gelltermlinux(sfnet) gellterm Terminal server images of Linux system completl... DOWNLOAD
reversi(sfnet) Reversi Reversi is a simple board game for 2 players. DOWNLOAD
bf2sc(sfnet) phpMyBf2Stats PHP class for fetching Battlefild 2 player stat... DOWNLOAD
gammastudio(sfnet) Gamma Studio This program lets you to edit all your Ports/Wr... DOWNLOAD
spreadshcompare(sfnet) Spreadsheet Compare Spreadsheet Compare (Excel compare) is a Micros... DOWNLOAD
pumipd(sfnet) pumipd pumipd is a daemon for dynamic configuration of... DOWNLOAD
travellermappi(sfnet) travellermappi A Web based real time Traveller Experience Mapp... DOWNLOAD
simplenodejsserver(sfnet) simple node js server you can get full documentaion here http://webr... DOWNLOAD
trainee(sfnet) Trainee 研修生地区国連outilニュースstagiaires補助faisan... DOWNLOAD
dynamicloader(sfnet) dynamicloader "loader" is a Java Script object. Whi... DOWNLOAD
chooseyoureownadventure(sfnet) Choose You're Own Adventure This is a very basic, and retro game coded in J... DOWNLOAD
rotatefox(sfnet) RotateFox Instant Image Rotation can now be done on Firef... DOWNLOAD
possoft(sfnet) POSSoft This Application is being created with Access D...
mysqlconnectus(sfnet) MySQLConnectus MySQLConnectus is a simple graphical client for... DOWNLOAD
qcreatevob(sfnet) QCreateVOB QCreateVOB is a easy vob creator using transcod... DOWNLOAD
jbibliography(sfnet) JBiblio JBiblio catalogs your books easily in a MySQL D... DOWNLOAD
waveboxremote(sfnet) wavebox.remote Fernsteuerung der Siemens Gigaset M740 AV Box m... DOWNLOAD
euluie(sfnet) EULUIE Easily Usable Lisp Utilized Interface and Edito... DOWNLOAD
spamboard(sfnet) Spam Board Spam Board is a forum software (or bulletin boa... DOWNLOAD
sw-library(sfnet) swLibrary swLibrary is a DLL framework for the swShader s... DOWNLOAD
quickdev4php(sfnet) QuickDev 4 Php CMS written in php oriented to Website or Intra... DOWNLOAD
rvngofthe5kngdm(sfnet) Revenge of the Five Kingdoms A long and winding yet thrilling game involving... DOWNLOAD
gygax(sfnet) Gygax Gygax is a C# application that offers users an ... DOWNLOAD
pterraineditor(sfnet) PTerrainEditor DOWNLOAD
crusaderkings2matchmaker(sfnet) Crusader Kings 2 Matchmaker This program lets you find the nobles of intere... DOWNLOAD
oscsta(sfnet) oscsta October 2009 - this month the code will be re-r... DOWNLOAD
cryptographic(sfnet) Cryptographic The Cryptographic Hash Functions UNO Component ... DOWNLOAD
xbmc-ecp(sfnet) XBMC eMule Control Panel XBMC eMule Control Panel... control eMule from ... DOWNLOAD
nthtesting(sfnet) nthtesting Testing nothing nothing at alllll DOWNLOAD
jablod(sfnet) jablod jablod is a monitoring daemon for the Jablotron... DOWNLOAD
ftpsynchronizer(sfnet) FTPSynchronizer FTPSynchronizer is a synchronizing Software tha... DOWNLOAD
easypassgen(sfnet) PassGen PassGen is a simple password generator that cre... DOWNLOAD
pasdel(sfnet) PasDel Interpreter Pascal in Delphi DOWNLOAD
swishd(sfnet) Swishd Cluster System Swishd cluster system is an application that wi... DOWNLOAD
skilospirateboxthemes(sfnet) Piratebox Themes A collection of piratebox themes DOWNLOAD
jrouter(sfnet) jRouter jRouter is a Web-based Linux router management ... DOWNLOAD
rrdsharp(sfnet) RRDSharp RRDSharp is a 100% managed implementation of rr... DOWNLOAD
lacopyer(sfnet) GS2GE As you know, we can search KML files on Google ... DOWNLOAD
jackit(sfnet) Jack Audio Connection Kit JACK, the Jack Audio Connection Kit, provides l... DOWNLOAD
surungosokoban(sfnet) surungosokoban Surungo Sokoban, game Sokoban javascript DOWNLOAD
herbbrochure(sfnet) Herb Brochure DOWNLOAD
hadrongnulinux(sfnet) Hadron Project ハドロンGentooのですがlpmsパッケージ管理ツール... DOWNLOAD
pilarlinux(sfnet) Pilar Linux: sistema de gestión Sistema informático de gestión en lenguaje clip... DOWNLOAD
onesource(sfnet) OneSource OneSource wants to be a play ground where previ... DOWNLOAD
procollections(sfnet) Provisio.Collections Provisio.Collections brings STL like iterator-b... DOWNLOAD
java-player(sfnet) Javaclient for Player/Stage A Java client for the Player/Stage robot platform. DOWNLOAD
egwsec(sfnet) eGW install and security howto The "Install and Security Howto" desc... DOWNLOAD

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