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[ 3...
[Ticket] Close date #34514: 2014-10-20 22:05
[Ticket] Change Status of #34514: Open -> Closed
[Ticket] Change Resolution of #34514: None -> Fixed
[Ticket] Change Component of #34514: (None) -> GanttCalendarPlugin
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Ok. That code is introduced in r844 by me. I'm wrong. I just fixed in r858. Please try latest.
[SVN] Commit revision 859
GanttCalendarPlugin: bumped up the version to 0.6.4
[SVN] Commit revision 858
GanttCalendarPlugin: fixed an `TypeError` while comparing `due_assign` and `due_close` values (cl...
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #34514
I searched `if row['due_assign'] > row['due_close']` in latest code. I cannot find it. Please rei...
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #34214
> This is a simple patch about title of table. Good catch! Thanks for the reporting. Fixed in r857.
[SVN] Commit revision 857
GanttCalendarPlugin: fixed wrong label in table of the gantt view
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[Ticket] Change Resolution of #34327: None -> Invalid