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Jun Omae's History

[SVN] Commit revision 855
GanttCalendarPlugin: show datepicker for text field of holiday if Trac 1.0 or later
[SVN] Commit revision 854
GanttCalendarPlugin: follow-up to r852, fixed missing `pkg_resources`
[SVN] Commit revision 853
GanttCalendarPlugin: removed compiled message catalogs
[SVN] Commit revision 852
GanttCalendarPlugin: fixed a `KeyError` if locale directory doesn't exist, e.g. egg file built wi...
[SVN] Commit revision 851
GanttCalendarPlugin: bumped up the version to 0.6.3
[SVN] Commit revision 850
GanttCalendarPlugin: tweaked `` and make it executable
[SVN] Commit revision 849
GanttCalendarPlugin: refactored `` and use Trac db api since 0.12
[SVN] Commit revision 848
GanttCalendarPlugin: use iso8601 format for `` column
[Ticket] Close date #34214: 2014-08-27 15:20
[Ticket] Change Status of #34214: Open -> Closed
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #34214
I've improved for that. Closing....
[Ticket] Change Owner of #34214: none -> jun66j5
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #34214
In r847, allow sorting with any field in gantt chart. Please try the latest of http://svn.sourcef...
[SVN] Commit revision 847
GanttCalendarPlugin: allow sorting with any field in gantt chart ( #34214)
[SVN] Commit revision 846
GanttCalendarPlugin: file names of template have `ganttcalendar_` prefix
[SVN] Commit revision 845
GanttCalendarPlugin: simplify verbose code
[SVN] Commit revision 844
GanttCalendarPlugin: cleanup `ganttcalendar/`
[Ticket] Add Comment on ticket #33835 で報告されているやつです。また、代替案は特にないと思います....
[Ticket] Change Status of #33824: Open -> Deleted
[Ticket] Change Owner of #33701: none -> jun66j5