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Moriguchi, Hirokazu's History

Setting of list 'pukiwiki-announce' was updated.
#11425697 (pukiwiki/umorigu) public [mail(93)] reset_pass
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: 55321e805dfe66482b536baaa7bed98c21434cbb)
BugTrack2/2: merged with r1_4_7. cvs up -j r1_4_6 -j r1_4_7
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: c1f5807c0f0239e47c91c67dabb83ee60c6f0749)
It's time to release PHP4/PHP5-enabled PukiWiki 1.4.4 :)
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: 2db697874d4a218707af024292c1883b5b23bb31)
BugTrack2/62: Do remove the whole design, 'Showing TrackBack-ping list by html'. This part sugget...
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: 882c567062ea4ed00c4ab084bc1ae4fcebf679d0)
Administrator's default password is now always fail. It prohibits tricking anything to default Wi...
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: 70fa3802880f914bd6b33bb3bae465a06a62151a)
BugTrack2/354: Implement RFC 6266 to support non-ASCII filename of Attach * RFC 6266: Use of the...
[Git] push commits to 'pukiwiki' (current: bbfe5cf82d48ca5dadfb5884314b8b24a56c3d02)
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'r1_4_7_notb'.