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wmweatherplus(freshmeat) wmweather+ wmweather+ will download the National Weather S... DOWNLOAD
cssh(freshmeat) cssh A Perl program that uses Net::SSH::Perl that al... DOWNLOAD
jacksformmail_php(freshmeat) Jack's FormMail.php Jack's FormMail.php is a generic WWW form-to-em... DOWNLOAD
slatepp(freshmeat) Slate++ Slate++ is a vector/matrix package for C++. Bas... DOWNLOAD
radiocap(freshmeat) Radiocap Radiocap is a GUI frontend to sox, oggenc, and ... DOWNLOAD
imtask(freshmeat) ImTask ImTask is a set of Ant tasks for sending Instan... DOWNLOAD
kavmailcheck(freshmeat) KAVmailcheck KAVmailcheck is a sendmail filter that uses the... DOWNLOAD
pifaq(freshmeat) piFAQ piFAQ is a simple script that will help you to ... DOWNLOAD
ecd(freshmeat) Enhanced cd Enhanced cd (ecd) combines the functinionality ... DOWNLOAD
fastdep(freshmeat) fastdep fastdep is a preprocessor which generates depen... DOWNLOAD
pslange(freshmeat) pslange pslange is a small console-based clone of an ol... DOWNLOAD
openquasar(freshmeat) OpenQuasar OpenQuasar is an object-relational persistence ... DOWNLOAD
xnap(freshmeat) XNap XNap is a plugin-based filesharing client. It c... DOWNLOAD
crosssum(freshmeat) crosssum crosssum is a puzzle game to design and play cr... DOWNLOAD
blinkenserv(freshmeat) BlinkenServ The BlinkenServ (or BlinkServ) is a project aim... DOWNLOAD
sddyn(freshmeat) Sddyn Sddyn allows the addition or removal of a non-b... DOWNLOAD
xpexeso(freshmeat) xpexeso xpexeso is a game with pictures for the X Windo... DOWNLOAD
regionset(freshmeat) regionset regionset allows you to check and set the regio... DOWNLOAD
kartouche(freshmeat) Kartouche Translation of .po files for localisation proje... DOWNLOAD
opensshsecurid(freshmeat) OpenSSH SecurID patch This patch integrates SecurID authentication se... DOWNLOAD
labrea(freshmeat) labrea labrea is a program that creates a "sticky... DOWNLOAD
check_httpperf(freshmeat) check_httpperf check_httpperf is a Nagios Web server performan... DOWNLOAD
rlabels(freshmeat) Eclipse Resource Labels Eclipse Resource Labels is a plugin provides a... DOWNLOAD
jopendocument(freshmeat) jOpenDocument jOpenDocument is a pure Java library for manipu... DOWNLOAD
elca(freshmeat) elca Elca (Extended Line Calculator) is a real-time ... DOWNLOAD
lufs(freshmeat) LUFS Userland Filesystem LUFS is a hybrid userspace filesystem framework... DOWNLOAD
cljl(freshmeat) Common Lisp Jpeg Library Common Lisp JPEG Library implements JPEG lossy ... DOWNLOAD
gridsolver(freshmeat) grid grid is a solver of nonogram puzzles (or griddl... DOWNLOAD
integrity(freshmeat) Integrity Integrity is a simple but robust file integrity... DOWNLOAD
emergencycd3(freshmeat) Emergency CD 3 GE Emergency CD 3 GE is a live Linux CD console i... DOWNLOAD
pilottemplateforpalmos5(freshmeat) Pilot Template for PalmOS 5.x pilot-template will generate the skeleton code,... DOWNLOAD
mod_log_reqh(freshmeat) mod_log_reqh mod_log_reqh is an Apache 1.x module for loggin... DOWNLOAD
smyle(freshmeat) Smyle SMYLE (Storage that Makes Your Life Easier) is ... DOWNLOAD
froi(freshmeat) froi || fs-fast region of interest froi (FS-FAST ROI) is a suite of Perl scripts a... DOWNLOAD
pardalcms(freshmeat) Pardal Content Management System Pardal CMS is a simple and small PHP weblogging... DOWNLOAD
fvwmthemes(freshmeat) FVWM Themes FVWM Themes is the configuration framework from... DOWNLOAD
javabdd(freshmeat) JavaBDD JavaBDD is a Java library for manipulating BDDs... DOWNLOAD
rtprof(freshmeat) rtprof rtprof is a profiling tool that uses GCC's func... DOWNLOAD
lowlife(freshmeat) lowlife Lowlife is a documentation project which tells ... DOWNLOAD
worldpay-junior(freshmeat) Business::WorldPay::Junior Business::WorldPay::Junior is a Perl module to ... DOWNLOAD
okayrpclib(freshmeat) okayrpclib okayrpclib is a Python module for making !okay/... DOWNLOAD
jabberokayrpclib(freshmeat) jabberokayrpclib jabberxmlrpclib is a Python module for making !... DOWNLOAD
enscript(freshmeat) enscript GNU enscript is a free replacement for Adobe's ... DOWNLOAD
compiler-tests0(freshmeat) compiler-tests0 compiler-tests0 is a set of compiler tests for ... DOWNLOAD
magicbuild(freshmeat) MagiCBuild MagiCBuild is a configuration and build system ... DOWNLOAD
nsirc(freshmeat) nsirc nsirc is a tiny console-based IRC client, based... DOWNLOAD
socks4nemho(sfnet) socks4nemho socks4nemho è una libreria basata su jsocks. Vi... DOWNLOAD
fontpack(freshmeat) FontPack FontPack is a utility for packing and rendering... DOWNLOAD
magicserver(freshmeat) MagiCServer++ MagiCServer++ is a framework for implementing e... DOWNLOAD
zshell(freshmeat) The Zope Shell ZShell is an external Zope method which allows ... DOWNLOAD
online_php(freshmeat) online.php online.php analyses /var/log/ppp-usage and disp... DOWNLOAD
gewels(freshmeat) Gewels Gnome version of Jewels with multiplayer deadma... DOWNLOAD
hamilcar(freshmeat) Hamilcar Hamilcar is an XML application server inspired ... DOWNLOAD
corendalfm(freshmeat) Corendal Framework Corendal Framework is a Java framework for Web ... DOWNLOAD
mserv(freshmeat) Mserv Mserv is a jukebox-style music server designed ... DOWNLOAD
canvas(freshmeat) Canvas Widget The Canvas Widget is a EiffelVision2 widget tha... DOWNLOAD
gallerygenerator(freshmeat) makes picture galleries consisting o... DOWNLOAD
ggproject(freshmeat) Graphics Generator The Graphics Generator Project implements a rea... DOWNLOAD
muddleftpd(freshmeat) Muddleftpd Muddleftpd is an FTP server designed to overcom... DOWNLOAD
geoirc(freshmeat) GeoIRC GeoIRC is intended to be a stable, customizable... DOWNLOAD
myuptime(sfnet) MyUptime MyUptime is a web-based uptime comparison utili... DOWNLOAD
wmmemload(freshmeat) wmmemload wmmemload is a simple dockapp for WindowMaker t... DOWNLOAD
generguide(freshmeat) Generguide Generguide extends Modular Docbook to allow use... DOWNLOAD
prizm(freshmeat) prizm prizm is a simple tool to colorize xterm sessio... DOWNLOAD
trafficwatch(freshmeat) TrafficWatch TrafficWatch is a system for accounting Interne... DOWNLOAD
turck-mmcache(freshmeat) Turck MMCache for PHP Turck MMCache is a free PHP accelerator, optimi... DOWNLOAD
kavclient(freshmeat) KAVClient KAVClient is a C language interface to the Kasp... DOWNLOAD
dotgnu(freshmeat) DotGNU DotGNU provides software for implementing appli... DOWNLOAD
cfg-thinkpad(freshmeat) configure-thinkpad configure-thinkpad is a GNOME IBM ThinkPad conf... DOWNLOAD
klt(freshmeat) Kyro Linux Tools Kyro Linux Tools allows owners of the Kyro 1/2 ... DOWNLOAD
bm2html(freshmeat) bm2html bm2html is a Perl script that converts a Netsca... DOWNLOAD
savget(freshmeat) SAVget SAVget is a Bash script which is a clone of the... DOWNLOAD
phpwscontacts(freshmeat) phpwsContacts phpwsContacts is a module for the phpWebSite CM... DOWNLOAD
config-apacheformat(freshmeat) Config::ApacheFormat Config::ApacheFormat is a Perl module used to a... DOWNLOAD
soundmosaic(freshmeat) soundmosaic Soundmosaic constructs an approximation of one ... DOWNLOAD
xot(freshmeat) XML Object Transport XML Object Transport (XOT) is an XML-based dist... DOWNLOAD
wv(freshmeat) wv wv (formerly known as MSWordView or wvware) is ... DOWNLOAD
ce(freshmeat) CE The CE editor has one goal: to be very easy to ... DOWNLOAD
ozradio(freshmeat) OZradio OZradio is a Linux GUI application that provide... DOWNLOAD
jdi(sfnet) Jade Application Infrastructure Collects common utility classes together. DOWNLOAD
hpoj(freshmeat) HP OfficeJet Linux driver The HP OfficeJet Linux driver provides printing... DOWNLOAD
rcoaster(freshmeat) rcoaster rcoaster is an advanced playlist manager and pl... DOWNLOAD
webscanphoto(freshmeat) WebScanPhoto WebScanPhoto is a tool that accept scans of ima... DOWNLOAD
anteater(freshmeat) Anteater Anteater is a log analyser for MTA logfiles (su... DOWNLOAD
dwcal(freshmeat) DWcal DWcal is a script to perform miscellaneous conv... DOWNLOAD
dbperceptor(freshmeat) dbPerceptor dbPerceptor generates HTML forms for editing My... DOWNLOAD
rngpack(freshmeat) RngPack RngPack is a psuedo-random number generation p... DOWNLOAD
scylla-charybdis(freshmeat) Scylla Charybdis Scylla Charybdis lets you get a data odyssey do... DOWNLOAD
dvb(freshmeat) DVB Driver Project The DVB Driver Project has very good drivers fo... DOWNLOAD
ipchanger(freshmeat) Bind IP Changer Bind IP Changer is for people who run servers b... DOWNLOAD
basn(freshmeat) Better ASN Better ASN is a Java ASN.1 API that focuses on ... DOWNLOAD
mimd(freshmeat) mimd mimd is a tool for streaming MP3 and MPEG media... DOWNLOAD
mozquery(freshmeat) Mozquery Mozquery is a Mozilla/Firebird extension for RD... DOWNLOAD
gnomadic(freshmeat) Gnomadic Gnomadic is a graphical user interface to trans... DOWNLOAD
nautilus-thumbnailers(freshmeat) nautilus-thumbnailers Nautilus-thumbnailers provides scripts that ge... DOWNLOAD
directorysynchronizer(freshmeat) DirsSync DirsSync is a python tool to synchronise 2 dire... DOWNLOAD
miniwiki(freshmeat) Apache::MiniWiki Apache::MiniWiki is a simplistic Wiki for Apach... DOWNLOAD
linux-wildo(freshmeat) Linux-Wildo Linux-Wildo is an initiative to create somethin... DOWNLOAD
smtp-benchmark(freshmeat) smtp-benchmark smtp-benchmark is a benchmarking suite to measu... DOWNLOAD
saulot(freshmeat) Saulot Saulot creates an NPC for White Wolf's Vampire ... DOWNLOAD

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