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dolcms(sfnet) dolcms dolcms application built using CodeIgniter PHP... DOWNLOAD
yali(sfnet) Yet another LCN interface Yali is "Yet Another LCN Interface". ... DOWNLOAD
gmail-otp(sfnet) gmail-otp gmail-otp consists of simple scripts to allow u... DOWNLOAD
bkdar(sfnet) bkdar Written in bash, is a very simple backup tool d... DOWNLOAD
sernafree(sfnet) Serna Free Serna Free XML editor is an easy-to-use open so... DOWNLOAD
massmultisys(sfnet) massmultisys MMS is an xmms2 client application that aim to ... DOWNLOAD
cronosii(sfnet) Cronos II Cronos II is a MUA (or Mail Client) written fro... DOWNLOAD
alldap(sfnet) Simple ldap user admin tool DOWNLOAD
phemadb(sfnet) phemadb PheMaDB is a web-based data management system t... DOWNLOAD
thonsew(sfnet) thonsew Thonsew闘争は、Wesnothのプロジェクトのための戦... DOWNLOAD
rsitemapgen(sfnet) rsitemapgen Remote Sitemap Generator can scan your entire w... DOWNLOAD
texlipse(freshmeat) TeXlipse plugin The TeXlipse plugin adds LaTeX editing support ... DOWNLOAD
rt-mobfr(sfnet) RT-MobFr This projects aims at the development of a code... DOWNLOAD
wc3maps(sfnet) WC3Maps You do not need to know anything about the proj... DOWNLOAD
osmosisestimate(sfnet) Osmosis Estimation Osmosis Estimation Tool DOWNLOAD
modauthgdbm(sfnet) mod_auth_gdbm It allows Apache to use the GNU database manage... DOWNLOAD
gns3workbench(sfnet) GNS3 WorkBench GNS3 WorkBench is a collection of approximately... DOWNLOAD
cxnavideogame(sfnet) 1999 C# && XNA Video Game This is a video game completed by Dacoda Nelson... DOWNLOAD
autodl-irssi1(sfnet) autodl-irssi DOWNLOAD
hardeningmoodle(sfnet) hardeningmoodle Hardening Moodle Project of Fachhochschule Gieß... DOWNLOAD
docbook-utils(sfnet) DocBook Publishing Utilities The DocBook Publishing Utilities tools, which m... DOWNLOAD
kindelligenz(sfnet) kindelligenz An interactive learning toy for children aged 3... DOWNLOAD
mamb2b(sfnet) MamB2b DOWNLOAD
scmc(sfnet) scmc This is a free, simple concept map creator for ... DOWNLOAD
wozniaktutorial(sfnet) wozniaktutorial aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DOWNLOAD
ezdirectory(sfnet) ezDirectory ezDirectory is an web application written in Pe... DOWNLOAD
xul-wizard-crud(sfnet) xul-wizard-crud Xul Crud Wizard is a tiny web GUI like "Vi... DOWNLOAD
zpoker(sfnet) ZoiaPoker Poker game type "JACKS OR BETTER" DOWNLOAD
piifunctionalpr(sfnet) piifunctionalpr Functional Programming for Python. Provides a s... DOWNLOAD
mossawir(sfnet) mossawir Mossawir Network Messenger is a LAN messaging a... DOWNLOAD
browservision(sfnet) BrowserVision Turn Firefox into a Virtual TV See More info @ ... DOWNLOAD
addonspub(sfnet) addons public DOWNLOAD
bzeeet(sfnet) Bzeeet Discontinued lightweight Desktop-Files/SMB/FTP ... DOWNLOAD
fusuite(sfnet) fu-suite DOWNLOAD
nucleotideseque(sfnet) nucleotideseque Detection and reporting of specific nucleotide ... DOWNLOAD
propertypp(freshmeat) propertypp propertypp adds Objective-C-like properties to ... DOWNLOAD
tomld(freshmeat) tomld Tomld (tomoyo learning daemon) is an extension ... DOWNLOAD
ifull(sfnet) ifull ifull project is here DOWNLOAD
mpegend(freshmeat) mpegend Mpegend is a command line utility for fixing MP... DOWNLOAD
ufpdfsms(sfnet) UFPDF SMS This is a PHP content management system written... DOWNLOAD
plugingm(sfnet) plugingm No description DOWNLOAD
thelostlegion(sfnet) thelostlegion The Lost Legion (Li-Chien), Programs written in... DOWNLOAD
srnmedia(sfnet) Online Masaüstü Nerede olursanız olun pc'nize sahip olun. Siz n... DOWNLOAD
raidmap(sfnet) RAIDmap RAIDmap (for Research Activity Information Deve... DOWNLOAD
avge(sfnet) Advanced Video Game Emulator AVGE is the Advanced Video Game Emulator, which... DOWNLOAD
apios(sfnet) Astral Projection Astral Projection is a testing tool for iOS app... DOWNLOAD
usebbspanish(sfnet) usebbspanish UseBB Spanish Language Translation DOWNLOAD
adiprocessorsw(sfnet) ADI processor software Collection of embedded software for the Blackfi... DOWNLOAD
browsergame(sfnet) Browsergame my first try 2 make a browsergame DOWNLOAD
glazedmaps(sfnet) Glazed Maps Extension of the Glazed Lists library to suppor... DOWNLOAD
kluk(sfnet) kluk KLUK is a scripting language. A KLUK compiler a... DOWNLOAD
oldrunner(freshmeat) oldrunner Oldrunner is a remake of Broderbund's Loderunne... DOWNLOAD
mtsconv(freshmeat) MTSconv MTSconv is a bash script to automate the conver... DOWNLOAD
smbackup(sfnet) smbackup Backup your laptop or desktop, to another compu... DOWNLOAD
bsr(sfnet) bsr bsr bla bla bla bla bla teste.... DOWNLOAD
lssrtoolkit(sfnet) LSSR Toolkit Large Scale Surface Reconstruction Toolkit DOWNLOAD
bagi(sfnet) Bagi Bug tracker system DOWNLOAD
wvwhackers(sfnet) wvwhackers DOWNLOAD
fixture(sfnet) fixture DOWNLOAD
graphergpa(sfnet) Grapher v1.4 functiondrawer and analyzer It's a simple program, that can draw and analys... DOWNLOAD
textanalyser(sfnet) textanalyser Analyses a given text string and reports the am... DOWNLOAD
redshift(sfnet) RedShift A hybrid system simulation language similar to ... DOWNLOAD
lsmproject(sfnet) lsmp (Linux System management project) LSMP is "linux system management project&q... DOWNLOAD
speedcodebox(sfnet) speedcodebox Speedcode Box, a light PHP toolbox mid road bet... DOWNLOAD
rgs(sfnet) Right GSM Subscription Selecto A program which calculates the best GSM subscri... DOWNLOAD
conformalshrink(sfnet) conformalshrink The shrink library provides a single API into s... DOWNLOAD
setupmaker(sfnet) setupmaker 本程序是一款Windows平台下的安装包... DOWNLOAD
fswatcher(sfnet) File System Watcher A File System Watcher build on .Net platform fo... DOWNLOAD
visolate(sfnet) visolate Generate efficient gcode to mill PCBs using vor... DOWNLOAD
image2(sfnet) image2 IMAGE stands for Iterative Mapping and Assembly... DOWNLOAD
itislinux(sfnet) itislinux Itis Linux OS dove sono condivisi tutti i files... DOWNLOAD
sort2dev(sfnet) sort2dev This is use to sort numbers and send the result... DOWNLOAD
bobcat-izzy-boo-com(sfnet) bobcat
i-nex(sfnet) i-nex I-Nex is an application that gathers informatio... DOWNLOAD
punkipbcpunk(sfnet) punk ip bc DOWNLOAD
copen(sfnet) Copen Copen is the new version of Copenhagen. Due to ... DOWNLOAD
weblogmon(sfnet) Weblogmon Weblogmon shows current users and other usage i... DOWNLOAD
parserfunction(sfnet) libParserFunction This is a hevely modified parser for function, ... DOWNLOAD
endskin(sfnet) endskin DOWNLOAD
busearch(sfnet) Binghamton University Search (BUS) Linux Desktop Search, is an open source project... DOWNLOAD
evilwm(sfnet) evilwm A minimalist window manager for the X Window Sy... DOWNLOAD
websquirrelsql(sfnet) websquirrelsql Web-based Squirrel SQL client. it allow you to ... DOWNLOAD
jbubblebreaker(sfnet) jBubbleBreaker An (extensible) open source java clone of the p... DOWNLOAD
pdate(sfnet) pDate pDate is a free open source analog of the unix ... DOWNLOAD
xmlsd(sfnet) xmlsd xmlsd is a library that wraps expat in order to... DOWNLOAD
pluginyahoo(sfnet) pluginYahoo Yahoo scraper program DOWNLOAD
grats(sfnet) GRaTS GRaTS - Senior Project 2009 - Wentworth Institu... DOWNLOAD
wvwproject(sfnet) wvwproject DOWNLOAD
sngplatzierung(sfnet) Sng_Platzierung Kleines OpenSource Programm zum Tracken von ges... DOWNLOAD
lotsrpg(sfnet) lotsrpg A mini role play game based on the story and ch... DOWNLOAD
bjs2(sfnet) BJS The project is dedicated to providing a free ma... DOWNLOAD
irobotsimulator(sfnet) irobotsimulator L’objectif de ce projet de fin d’étude intitulé... DOWNLOAD
pameps(sfnet) pam ssh module pam_eps enables you to authentify users against... DOWNLOAD
stockexplorer(sfnet) stockexplorer A small C# Winforms application exploring xIgni... DOWNLOAD
sbreakout(sfnet) SBREAKOUT II SBREAKOUT II is a simple breakout clone (with a... DOWNLOAD
knproxy(freshmeat) KnProxy KnProxy is a small PHP based Web proxy that mak... DOWNLOAD
workman-pkl(sfnet) workman-pkl Workman keyboard layout and Workman-P (Workman ... DOWNLOAD
bermudatexttospeech(sfnet) Bermuda Text-to-Speech See TTS demo at: DOWNLOAD
sasylf(sfnet) SASyLF SASyLF (pronounced "Sassy Elf") is an... DOWNLOAD
lwba14(sfnet) Leonic Web Browser Advanced 1.4 Leonic Web Browser Advanced is Made in VB.NET 2... DOWNLOAD

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