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braincracks(sfnet) braincracks Braincracks acts like a continuous snapshoting ... DOWNLOAD
papad(sfnet) Publicly Available PAssworDs Program to capture cleartext passwords from the... DOWNLOAD
lyricstagger(sfnet) Lyrics Tagger Automatically Attempts To Tag Any MP3 File With... DOWNLOAD
jjjmpd(sfnet) JJJMPD An incomplete Java MPD client which uses JavaMP... DOWNLOAD
purrpackage(sfnet) PurrPackage Extends Cobertura to measure and report on code... DOWNLOAD
mikbobsccodeproject(sfnet) mikbob's C Code Project DOWNLOAD
thisara(sfnet) Thisara GA optimized Nearest Neighbor Classifier Framework DOWNLOAD
vnaccount(sfnet) Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts Vietnamese Chart Of Accounts v. 2.50a for OB DOWNLOAD
hkgo(sfnet) hkgo a blog for my friends. DOWNLOAD
drtopo(sfnet) Dr. Topo Dr. Topo NEW, videojuego de plataformas program... DOWNLOAD
gtksourcecomple(sfnet) GtkSourceCompletion This library adds completion support to GtkSour... DOWNLOAD
linkonavt(sfnet) LinkOnAvt - бесплатен; - интеграция с sape и xtool; - а... DOWNLOAD
gtk-mui(sfnet) GTK-MUI A GTK+ to Zune/MUI (Magic User Interface) wrapp... DOWNLOAD
sitehoster(sfnet) sitehoster ABK SiteHoster is aLEHNS (a Lightweight Extensi... DOWNLOAD
sef(sfnet) sef SEF is a framework for server applications base... DOWNLOAD
routeplanner(sfnet) RoutePlanner RoutePlanner is a highway trip planning program... DOWNLOAD
antaean(sfnet) Antaean Two layer project consisting of the PDB, a OODB... DOWNLOAD
aparefman(sfnet) APA Reference Manager Application written in C# to store references f... DOWNLOAD
witicket(sfnet) wiTicket Help Desk Front-End Help Desk front-end window for Sharepoint, DotN... DOWNLOAD
hessianphp(sfnet) hessianphp Implementation of the Hessian binary protocol f... DOWNLOAD
gvhidrastack(sfnet) gvHIDRA Development Stack Stacks para la instalación rápida de aplicacion... DOWNLOAD
electrispayroll(sfnet) Electris Payroll an ajax lamp payroll sotware. mostly based on D... DOWNLOAD
scripturescript(sfnet) scriptures script An effort to provide a freely available, versat... DOWNLOAD
lohimedia(sfnet) Lohimedia Lohimedia is a wiki based on the open source mo... DOWNLOAD
monsoon(sfnet) Monsoon Monsoon is a JFC Task List Manager. DOWNLOAD
datalog(sfnet) datalog The Datalog package contains a lightweight dedu... DOWNLOAD
benderwebviewer(sfnet) Bender Webviewer Webviewer Bender is a small program that can in... DOWNLOAD
snakeskin(sfnet) Snake Skin Bean Breaker The Snake Skin Bean Breaker converts Python syn... DOWNLOAD
glftpdadministr(sfnet) glftpdadministr A open-source management tool for glFTPd server... DOWNLOAD
jarrodsgame(sfnet) jarrods game 3d game DOWNLOAD
switchminer(sfnet) Switch Miner Switch Miner analyzes Cisco switches. Using SNM... DOWNLOAD
setborder(sfnet) setborder This program control keyboard language indicati... DOWNLOAD
shellfire(sfnet) Shell Fire Purpose of this project is to develop 2D cannon... DOWNLOAD
asrsetup(sfnet) ASR Setup Tool [318] Developed by 318 Inc., ASR Setup Tool is an app... DOWNLOAD
hscp(sfnet) HSCP HSCP (Hybrid scp) is developing to transmit the... DOWNLOAD
javacscn(sfnet) javacs javacscn is a web site for java developer to chat DOWNLOAD
seedgame(sfnet) SEED SEED will be a aimed to create a game experienc... DOWNLOAD
episloader(sfnet) episloader Episloader is a shortcut for "Episode Load... DOWNLOAD
raja(sfnet) Raja Raja stands for "Ray-Tracer in Java".... DOWNLOAD
tsunami-3d(sfnet) Tsunami Rendering Interface Tsunami is a Univesal Render Engine Interface a... DOWNLOAD
qpfloat(sfnet) QPFloat A mixed mode VC++/CLI library for software emul... DOWNLOAD
dixie-flatline(sfnet) Dixie Flatline IRC Bot We are working to create an easy to manage, fle... DOWNLOAD
freesubtitleplayer(sfnet) Free Subtitle Player Player that displays only subtitles. Supports o... DOWNLOAD
nika-s300-rom(sfnet) Acer Iconia Smart S300 ROM's DOWNLOAD
lush(freshmeat) Lush Lush is a Lisp dialect with extensions for obje... DOWNLOAD
popword(freshmeat) popword Pop Words is an application that logs text of i... DOWNLOAD
jpcx(freshmeat) JPCX JPCX is a Java package that provides a way to e... DOWNLOAD
minig(freshmeat) MiniG MiniG (Mini Gmail) is an AJAX Webmail for the O... DOWNLOAD
gpdftext(freshmeat) gpdftext gPDFText is a text editor that opens PDF docume... DOWNLOAD
cryptkeeper(freshmeat) Cryptkeeper Cryptkeeper is a (KDE, Gnome, X... DOWNLOAD
config-dhcpd(freshmeat) config-dhcpd config-dhcpd is a graphical DHCP daemon configu... DOWNLOAD
check_multi(freshmeat) check_multi check_multi is kind of a Nagios wrapper plugin ... DOWNLOAD
pathvisio(freshmeat) PathVisio PathVisio is a bioinformatics tool that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
mdl-flashvideo(sfnet) FlashVideo for Moodle FlashVideo - distribute (Streaming) video conte... DOWNLOAD
tigr-panda(sfnet) Protein And Nucleotide Data Archive PANDA (Protein And Nucleotide Data Archive) uni... DOWNLOAD
memsl2(sfnet) MemSL2 The MemSL for C and C++ includes a complete dat... DOWNLOAD
aptclone(sfnet) ghettoCOMMUNITIES An online community which allows users there ow... DOWNLOAD
tpmtagger(sfnet) tpmtagger a mp3 flac wma mp4 ogg tagger DOWNLOAD
speedymidi(sfnet) speedymidi Speedy MIDI is an editor designed for choirs an... DOWNLOAD
hexxnet(sfnet) x DOWNLOAD
nasdvr(sfnet) NASDVR Make a full functioning, low cost DVR system us... DOWNLOAD
yhs(sfnet) MultiSlice RTP Environment MultiSlice RTP Environment is an IRIX based sof... DOWNLOAD
licq-forwarder(sfnet) ICQ Forwarder Plugin for Licq ICQ Forwarder, allowing incoming messages/urls/... DOWNLOAD
diphonemarker(sfnet) Diphone Marker This tool helps the user to create a diphone da... DOWNLOAD
qcost(sfnet) QCost QCost is a cost estimating software designed fo... DOWNLOAD
state(sfnet) State Programming Language State is a programming language for automation ... DOWNLOAD
simpleton(sfnet) simpleton DOWNLOAD
icmpreboot(sfnet) ICMP Reboot The icmpreboot package consists of a serverside... DOWNLOAD
powercambr(sfnet) PowercamBR Brazilian IPTV Viewer client DOWNLOAD
subdroid(sfnet) subdroid svn log viewer for android DOWNLOAD
dictsestardict(sfnet) Dictionaries for EstarDict Dictionaries for EstarDict DOWNLOAD
carbogrid(sfnet) CarboGrid A PHP datagrid using the CodeIgniter framework DOWNLOAD
taraguri(sfnet) taraguri a is for atom which is really small b is for bu... DOWNLOAD
airlcd(sfnet) airLCD airLCD is a C++ frontend for amarok, allowing u... DOWNLOAD
dpythos(sfnet) Distributed Python Host Management OS DPytHOS is a means for administrators of large ... DOWNLOAD
wpascm(sfnet) wpascm Python script to help manage wpa_supplicant con... DOWNLOAD
tomi4ada(sfnet) TOMI_4_Ada Text-Oriented Messaging Interfaces for Ada. Wra... DOWNLOAD
qgama(sfnet) QGama Multiplatform and extensible GUI for the GNU Ga... DOWNLOAD
comos(sfnet) Fernando's Corner @ SF This was originally an OSdev group, but since a... DOWNLOAD
webturnos(sfnet) WebTurnos Web Tickets and Reservation system DOWNLOAD
palmsecure(sfnet) palmsecure PalmSecure (pSecure for short) is the opensourc... DOWNLOAD
iesustitute(sfnet) iesustitute This application is a lighter substitute to IE,... DOWNLOAD
netcontroller(sfnet) netcontroller Remotely monitor and control a network. DOWNLOAD
ptis(sfnet) ptis Interface web que facilita la automatización so... DOWNLOAD
bnf4ooo(sfnet) BNF4OOo The goal of this project is to create a BNF par... DOWNLOAD
justforfun(sfnet) justforfun My first project just for fun! DOWNLOAD
promptcast(sfnet) promptcast PromptCast is a dead-simple teleprompter intend... DOWNLOAD
nexplorer(sfnet) Nexplorer Nexplorer is a web-based phylogenetic browser, ... DOWNLOAD
ticketreservati(sfnet) ticketreservati Air ticket reservation web project DOWNLOAD
vladtestproject(sfnet) VladTestProject This project is to test workflow capability of ... DOWNLOAD
javalog(sfnet) JavaLog A Java class library for logging, tracing, warn... DOWNLOAD
vacation(sfnet) Vacation Mail Responder This is the port of the 386bsd vacation program... DOWNLOAD
improcess(sfnet) Image Processing Library for Students This is a small Java based library and a softwa... DOWNLOAD
steeltower(sfnet) SteelTower Project devoted to game CounterStrike 1.6 DOWNLOAD
menube(sfnet) Menube Menube is a Restaurant Content Management Syste... DOWNLOAD
ptwitter(sfnet) ptwitter ptwitter server for Parallel and Distributed Co... DOWNLOAD
xmacroj(sfnet) XProjectJ XMACROJ is an XML based macro language used to ... DOWNLOAD
kisscms(sfnet) KISS CMS This is it, the silver bullet. A general algori... DOWNLOAD
unwind(sfnet) Unwind Library Project The Unwind Library Project aim at developing ... DOWNLOAD
ohmyreg(sfnet) ohmyreg Kernel Extension for Mac OS X, allowing the use... DOWNLOAD

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