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plugwork(sfnet) PlugWork PlugWork is an framework for development of plu...
vcake(sfnet) VCAKE VCAKE is a genetic sequence assembler capable o... DOWNLOAD
thevibe(sfnet) thevibe A sensory-substitution software to convert in r... DOWNLOAD
jgameai(sfnet) JGameAIFramework Ein Projekt der Java-Universität JGame stellt e... DOWNLOAD
comicscollector(sfnet) Collector Collector is a comics' collection manager writt... DOWNLOAD
commander4j(sfnet) Commander4j Commanderj4 is a Java based application for Pro... DOWNLOAD
grub2editor(sfnet) Grub2 Editor This program is for setting easy and intuitive ... DOWNLOAD
searchduplicatefile(sfnet) SearchDuplicateFile Search Duplicate File is an Android Application DOWNLOAD
twittercrm(sfnet) twittercrm TwitterCRM is a web based CRM application, whic... DOWNLOAD
osm2svg(sfnet) OSM2SVG This Programm gets the Data from Openstreetmap ... DOWNLOAD
securewebejb(sfnet) securewebejb HI All, Here is a code attached which has a web... DOWNLOAD
mindreframerpackages(sfnet) mindreframer-packages DOWNLOAD
mpay24zencartxt(sfnet) mPAY24 zen cart, modified, gambio GX2 With this plug in you are able to make payment ... DOWNLOAD
seker(sfnet) SeKer A .NET password safe, which utilizes Windows en... DOWNLOAD
tase(sfnet) TASE: Illumina Solexa annotation A bioinformatics tool for the annotation and ta... DOWNLOAD
phpexhibition(sfnet) phpexhibition PHP eXhibition is a PHP/MySQL Visual Art Publis... DOWNLOAD
taskrel-core(sfnet) taskrel-core Core of Task releases applications. Used to ope... DOWNLOAD
eromutils(sfnet) eRom Utils This was a project/task I had to do at my unive... DOWNLOAD
jampongclient(sfnet) jampongclient rss client. DOWNLOAD
unapi(sfnet) unapi MSX UNAPI is a standard procedure for defining,... DOWNLOAD
mmserver(sfnet) MassMatrix Server This project is to host all distributions of Ma... DOWNLOAD
deskwizchange(sfnet) DesktopWiz Changer View current state, and deactivate "Deskto... DOWNLOAD
mp-project(sfnet) multi platform project Multi platform project is a program for making ... DOWNLOAD
yancond(sfnet) Yanoff Java Conduit The Yanoff Java Conduit is a Java-based conduit... DOWNLOAD
backlinkchecker(sfnet) Backlinkchecker The Backlinkchecker is used to analyze how many... DOWNLOAD
wraplog(sfnet) WrapLog WrapLog is a tiny Java logging package that can... DOWNLOAD
network-config(sfnet) network-config Simple and easy to use program that helps confi... DOWNLOAD
aipuzzle(sfnet) AI puzzle game a puzzle game for any picture and play with AI DOWNLOAD
spooler(sfnet) Spooler Spooler is a tool that monitors jobs of any kin... DOWNLOAD
lmarks(sfnet) Linux KernelBR Compilation of kernel linux with many improveme... DOWNLOAD
selena(sfnet) selena The SELENA and RISe software tools are two pac... DOWNLOAD
xchataqua(sfnet) X-Chat Aqua X-Chat Aqua is X-Chat with an Aqua interface fo... DOWNLOAD
odf-better(sfnet) Validator for ODF Accessibility A tool to validate the accessibility of .odt fi... DOWNLOAD
stepcore(sfnet) Step Step is an interactive physical simulation prog... DOWNLOAD
jajahfunambol(sfnet) Funambol Jajah Plug-in The Jajah PIM plug-in Funambol enables to synch... DOWNLOAD
strstat(sfnet) STRStat STRStat is a statistical package to calculate v... DOWNLOAD
radixpro(sfnet) RadixPro A general purpose program for astrology. The pr... DOWNLOAD
algoritmosiitp(sfnet) Algoritmos II - TP DOWNLOAD
ironlab(sfnet) IronLab *Project home now moved to Google Code.* Numeri... DOWNLOAD
pjss2br(sfnet) Projeto System Shock 2 Brasil Projeto System Shock 2 Brasil agora no SourceFo... DOWNLOAD
laxkit(sfnet) The Laxkit A window toolkit in the form of a C++ Xlib wrap... DOWNLOAD
wofvk(sfnet) wofvk Desktop Application for Vkontakte "WorldOf... DOWNLOAD
clusternfs(sfnet) ClusterNFS ClusterNFS allows diskless clients to share a s... DOWNLOAD
gpfilm(sfnet) gpfilm 3gp filmler indirebilirsiniz DOWNLOAD
escuelajcarvaja(sfnet) La Escuela Feliz - jcarvaja Sistema abierto de registro de profesores para ... DOWNLOAD
catsgenerationquickfixes(sfnet) CATS Generation Quickfixes Eclipse update site: http://master.dl.sourcefor... DOWNLOAD
kpvault3importer(sfnet) KeePass Vault3 XML Importer This is a plugin to KeePass <http://www.KeeP... DOWNLOAD
hashinclude(sfnet) #include for Java HashInclude is an ANT task that embeds blocks o... DOWNLOAD
buildqt(sfnet) buildqt build tool: DOWNLOAD
emailextractor(sfnet) Email Extractor -This software will extract email from Google's...
lookupphone(sfnet) Lookup Phone Directory Lookup Phone Directory For Android DOWNLOAD
anyedit(sfnet) AnyEdit AnyEdit is a highly customizable Development En... DOWNLOAD
mpmgimp(sfnet) MPM-GIMP MPM-GIMP is a parallelized implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
e-1(sfnet) E1 A totally web based erp system powered by Java ... DOWNLOAD
serpent(sfnet) Serpent Serpent is a real-time scripting language inspi... DOWNLOAD
fastsync(sfnet) fastsync Leightweight client/server tool to synchronize ... DOWNLOAD
rlimit(freshmeat) rlimit rlimit is a program that lets you run processes... DOWNLOAD
shannon(freshmeat) Shannon Shannon is a general purpose stream-oriented pr... DOWNLOAD
sysprof(freshmeat) sysprof Sysprof is a statistical whole-system profiler ... DOWNLOAD
velocitoro(freshmeat) Velocitoro Velocitoro converts HTML templates to final pag... DOWNLOAD
snes9express(freshmeat) snes9express snes9express is a graphical front-end for snes9... DOWNLOAD
shanidom(freshmeat) ShaniXmlParser ShaniXmlParser is an XML/HTML DOM/SAX parser. ... DOWNLOAD
warsow(freshmeat) Warsow Warsow is a standalone, eSports-oriented FPS ga... DOWNLOAD
ldif2dot(freshmeat) ldif2dot ldif2dot is a simple Python script to convert L... DOWNLOAD
moinupdate(freshmeat) moinupdate moinupdate allows you to update a remote MoinMo... DOWNLOAD
sqlcipher(freshmeat) SQLCipher SQLCipher provides fully transparent encryption... DOWNLOAD
psnewscms(sfnet) psnewscms a php news system. from and persiancript... DOWNLOAD
pimg(sfnet) pimg This package can be used to process images usin... DOWNLOAD
niggle(sfnet) Niggle web application framework The Niggle web application framework is a java ... DOWNLOAD
lensprofiles(sfnet) lensprofiles Lens profiles for use in Adobe Lightroom 3.x an... DOWNLOAD
py-cee-fer(sfnet) py-cee-fer this project provides a Glue to Access GOFER Fu... DOWNLOAD
googlepicasa(sfnet) Google Picasa Portable (Auto Update) Google Picasa Portable (with Auto Update) is fu... DOWNLOAD
fat-walker(sfnet) FAT Walker Extracts Directory Table Entries from the FAT f... DOWNLOAD
vcfhacks(sfnet) vcfhacks (relatively) Simple to use commandline tools fo... DOWNLOAD
dados-p(sfnet) Dados Prospective Web application to perform data collection wher... DOWNLOAD
batchcsv(sfnet) Batch CSV Relying on the GnuWin package Gawk, these simpl... DOWNLOAD
imgconvert(sfnet) Image Converter The utility can convert several common image fo... DOWNLOAD
jasbt(sfnet) jasbt A really simple bug list tool, made in .Net Fra... DOWNLOAD
javaconio(sfnet) javaconio Java Conio is wrapper for Turbo C conio, used t... DOWNLOAD
brenonetdownloa(sfnet) Brenonet Downloads brenonet downloads, o melhor site de downloads! DOWNLOAD
soundssharp(sfnet) soundssharp A .NET 3.5 (CLR) sounds engine based on FMODex. DOWNLOAD
gonmonkey(sfnet) gonmonkey This is the space devoted to the development of... DOWNLOAD
optitracktutorials(sfnet) OptiTrack tutorials OptiTrack tutorials. How to develop your own ap... DOWNLOAD
malaysiasms(sfnet) malaysiasms This is an API for sending sms in Malaysia. Usi... DOWNLOAD
akaiutil(sfnet) akaiutil akaiutil: access to AKAI S1000/S3000 image file... DOWNLOAD
mssqlunitest(sfnet) MSSQLUNITEST DOWNLOAD
tcploadechoclient(sfnet) TCPLoadEchoClient TCPLoadEchoClient is a tool that can easily sta... DOWNLOAD
armasm(sfnet) ARM Assembler Assembler examples for ARM Primecell Color LCD ... DOWNLOAD
virtualruby(sfnet) RailsBox Customizing Lubuntu for Ruby on Rails Developme... DOWNLOAD
dumbstub(sfnet) The Dumb Stuburn bot My very first attempt at making something i wil... DOWNLOAD
task-stalker(freshmeat) Task Stalker Task Stalker provides visual process monitoring... DOWNLOAD
sim-monster(sfnet) sim monster Un piccolo programma per aiutare il master a ge... DOWNLOAD
iralarmcontrol(sfnet) IR Alarm Control DOWNLOAD
rgn2(sfnet) rgn2 Crossplatform GUI for MeetMe and ConfBridge Ast... DOWNLOAD
easyarticles(sfnet) Easy Articles Permet à un webmaster d'intégrer des articles d... DOWNLOAD
glogin(sfnet) glogin interactive grid utility establishes an interac... DOWNLOAD
wiiab(sfnet) wiiab Alien Breed clone for the Wii console (and Linu... DOWNLOAD
dgnr(sfnet) DGNR Manager File manager using the GTK library, designed to... DOWNLOAD
jron-editor(sfnet) jron-editor powerful Java editor withe capability of runnin... DOWNLOAD
pacecalc(sfnet) pacecalc Pace Calculator is a tool for calculating a run... DOWNLOAD

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