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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
dudie(sfnet) dudie No description DOWNLOAD
spritefight(sfnet) Sprite Fight Created with my Z macro language for Flat Assem... DOWNLOAD
banckle-js-lib(sfnet) Banckle JavaScript Library The Collaborative & Social Apps offered by ... DOWNLOAD
squawk(sfnet) squawk Squawk - a pupil/student report assistant for e... DOWNLOAD
deadlock(sfnet) Deadlock Dungeons A simple MUD with an experimental Scheme - stru... DOWNLOAD
galactusmodn7000(sfnet) GalactusMOD_N7000 GalactusMOD is a custom TW ROM with additional ... DOWNLOAD
word-predictor(sfnet) word-predictor This project consists of two modules Word compl...
brainyhung(sfnet) brainyhung tai lieu web DOWNLOAD
recomizer(sfnet) recomizer Recommender system framework
jointnees(sfnet) JOINT Ontologias desempenham um papel fundamental no ... DOWNLOAD
open-d2(sfnet) open-d2 Free Disciples II game engine & tools.
eq-proj(sfnet) eq-proj This small project is acounting software for ac...
microchat(sfnet) MicroChat MicroChat is a very minimal and very limitet In... DOWNLOAD
tanhungyen(sfnet) tanhungyen document for learning DOWNLOAD
alphaomegaco(sfnet) AlphaomegA & Co DOWNLOAD
novafluxlibrary(sfnet) Nova Flux Library This Library gives you support to deal with you... DOWNLOAD
wesnoth(sfnet) Battle for Wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth is a Free, turn-based ta... DOWNLOAD
lazy-mofo-datagrid(freshmeat) Lazy Mofo PHP MySQL Datagrid Lazy Mofo Datagrid is a single class data grid... DOWNLOAD
olivyaspnet(sfnet) OlivyOne Prueba Técnica ASP.NET DOWNLOAD
wye(freshmeat) wye wye is a pipe multiplexer. It works by copying ... DOWNLOAD
earthmapper(sfnet) ConSof Google Earth Mapper Website plugin that plots visitors counts from ...
osforus(sfnet) osforus We are working on interactive examples for C Pr...
oumer(sfnet) oumer Une question apparemment innocente, nous avons ...
kddgz(sfnet) kddgz Kddgz is aimed to be a KDE application to make(... DOWNLOAD
apanel(sfnet) apanel Kernel device driver to support the Application... DOWNLOAD
struts2nbplugin(sfnet) Netbeans Struts2 Plug-in Repack of "Struts2 Support" plug-in a... DOWNLOAD
xiaojun(sfnet) cmp xiaojun DOWNLOAD
bcsmdinfo(sfnet) BCS Master Detail Information Control Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer BCS Master D...
visualpaint(sfnet) Visual Paint DOWNLOAD
compactdatabase(sfnet) Compact Database for J2ME Compact databae for J2ME
shabalabadingdong(sfnet) Shabalabadingdong DOWNLOAD
dircleaner(sfnet) Directory Cleaner DirClean is a solution to rapidly delete files ...
simplejcoms(sfnet) x:einfach simple java components x:einfach simple java components is a library f... DOWNLOAD
jlibris(sfnet) jLibris eBook Reader jLibris is a plain-text e-book reader which aim...
mediastorm(sfnet) MediaStorm A music player written in C# supporting latest ...
onesurvivor(sfnet) One Survivor One Survivor: Horror game showcasing the Aleph ...
cymothoa(sfnet) cymothoa Cymothoa is a backdooring tool, that inject bac...
jarsigner(sfnet) Eclipse JAR Signer Plugin Eclipse Plugin for exporting signed Jars simila...
winguides(sfnet) Guides The Guides application is designed to provide g... DOWNLOAD
hex2bin(sfnet) Hex2bin Converts Motorola and Intel hex files to binary... DOWNLOAD
shareitfornt(sfnet) shareitfornt Share your XML item logs form NT bot to your we... DOWNLOAD
maar(sfnet) Maar Maar (command-line software) locks / unlocks fi...
bbb-ilias-plug(sfnet) BigBlueButton Ilias Plugin Ilias is an opensource Learning Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
badchannel(sfnet) BadChannel BadChannel.dll is a user-configurable plugin fo... DOWNLOAD
ecmall-english-version(sfnet) ECMall_English_version This project already exists here on this url : ... DOWNLOAD
generateenglish(sfnet) English Generator (英文生成软件) Generates English passages for Chinese users wh... DOWNLOAD
caperna(sfnet) CAPE RNA CAPE RNA is package of command-line tools for i... DOWNLOAD
seeders(sfnet) Genome-wide SNP calling for NGS data DOWNLOAD
angelotony(sfnet) angelotony DOWNLOAD
sal-vis-tool(sfnet) sal-vis-tool Tool for detecting bad visibility and resolving...
apostrophe(sfnet) apostrophe NetBuilder' is a tool for building, visualizing... DOWNLOAD
winusb(sfnet) WinUSB WinUSB is Windows Portable. WinUSB can install ... DOWNLOAD
rpmfoster(sfnet) rpmfoster rpmfoster will help you get rid of packages obs... DOWNLOAD
myterrain(sfnet) myterrain Terrain Rendering Project DOWNLOAD
fcdosutilities(sfnet) FCDOS DOS ME DOS, pequenas(small) utilidades para FCD...
synfig-studio(freshmeat) Synfig Studio Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vect... DOWNLOAD
oraclerman(sfnet) Open Source Oracle RMAN Backup Solution Package consists of 3 scripts (Perl+Bash) highl... DOWNLOAD
ltris(sfnet) LTris A tetris-like game written in Java using JOGL. ... DOWNLOAD
jsdemo(sfnet) jsdemo test public description
healthglob(sfnet) healthglob Health Glob : distributed database DOWNLOAD
hellomedia(sfnet) hellomedia A personal media server that runs on your own c...
svvmsgbot(sfnet) SVV Messenger Bot a system for sending messages to a list of subs... DOWNLOAD
cyclonev110(sfnet) Cyclone V11.0 Cyclone, a safer alternative to Firefox. Based ... DOWNLOAD
wpforcelogin(sfnet) WP Force Login Except IP Range Wordpress Plugin. Forces all anonymous users to...
libctemplate(sfnet) C HTML Template Library HTML template library written in C inspired by ...
ydroid(sfnet) ydroid An Android appication which allows you to chat ... DOWNLOAD
carbon(sfnet) Carbon Carbon is a lightweight component model for the... DOWNLOAD
lovesu(sfnet) love DOWNLOAD
jrgp(sfnet) Java rapid genetic programming jrgp is a strong-typed Genetic Programming syst... DOWNLOAD
jjsoft(sfnet) jjsoft DOWNLOAD
superenal8check(sfnet) superenal8check per controllare i tuoi numeri e confrontarli co... DOWNLOAD
fc-appzt(sfnet) FlagCrosser app.ZT Warcraft 3 TFT Map by app.ZT Game of the antien...
hnadds(sfnet) HostiNova Addons Addons para HostiNova
midcms(sfnet) MidCMS - CMS Mini Indonesia MidCMS is a free Mini CMS that designed for min...
eabc(sfnet) eABC eABC is an activity based costing system that a...
password-chest(freshmeat) Password Chest Password Chest is a simple password management ... DOWNLOAD
nwgaugeasp(sfnet) Nextwave Gauge for ASP .Net Nextwave Gauge for ASP .Net enables developer t...
iqma(sfnet) iqma IQMA stands for International Quidditch Manager... DOWNLOAD
lincom-linux(freshmeat) Lincom Linux Lincom is a Linux distribution created by volun... DOWNLOAD
arcticserv(sfnet) ArcticServ ArcticServ is an universal channel service for ... DOWNLOAD
iso2repo(freshmeat) iso2repo iso2repo is a script that mounts Debian ISO ima... DOWNLOAD
terminal-etch-n-sketch(freshmeat) Terminal Etch 'n Sketch Terminal Etch 'n Sketch is a tiny "Etch 'n... DOWNLOAD
hellband(freshmeat) Hellband Hellband is a Rogue-like game in which you desc... DOWNLOAD
animail(sfnet) Animail POP3, APOP and IMAP4 (with or without SSL) MDA ... DOWNLOAD
projectvalorcommandlinerpg(sfnet) Project Valor: Command Line RPG This is a command Line RPG created using python... DOWNLOAD
xposed-additions(sfnet) XPosed Additions DOWNLOAD
dirtylab(sfnet) dirtylab DLAB ( Dirty little assist boxer) is a programa...
esperando(sfnet) Aguarde No description DOWNLOAD
l2legion(sfnet) l2legion DOWNLOAD
delaycut(freshmeat) delaycut delaycut is a tool that cuts and corrects delay... DOWNLOAD
mabis(sfnet) MABIS MABIS or Milsim and Airsoft Base Information Sy... DOWNLOAD
softgaa21(sfnet) Softgaa DOWNLOAD
harfnotum(sfnet) Harfnotum Türkiye'de bulunan ünversitelerin birçoğunda ha... DOWNLOAD
centosasterisk(sfnet) centos-asterisk DOWNLOAD
yatoctocue(sfnet) Yet Another TOC To CUE Converter Converts a toc generated by cdrdao (or similar)...
tunaep(sfnet) tunaep Simple server framework using http protocol. Pe...
xoopsdemo(sfnet) xoopsdemo Traducciones de módulos de Xoops, instalados en...
spine(sfnet) Spine Spine is a mod_perl webbased content management... DOWNLOAD
mbravo12(sfnet) mbravo12 DOWNLOAD
eclipseopener(sfnet) Eclipse Opener It is a launcher of Eclipse and help to launch,... DOWNLOAD

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